Yankees 18, Children 4: That was embarrassing, he continued

Some of you may remember “Breaking Madden,” Jon Bois’ SB Nation series on how they do all sorts of things on NFL video games to produce amazing results. It worked. (If you have never seen this, you should, it’s amazing.)

The Loss of Children 18-4 Sunday for the Yankees was like that. It would have been if someone had entered the MLB video game and turned all the Yankees ‘stuff into “very good” and the Cubs’ stuff into “very bad.” It was like an MLB team playing an A-ball team. It was like a split Spring Training team with a team of junior players playing defensive World Series. It was like … well, you get the idea.

In short, it was a complete and utter disgrace for the Chicago Cubs franchise, and yes I mean anyone agreeing with it, from chairman Tom Ricketts to office interns for sports staff, though most of the last two teams had nothing to do. and set the permit to the bottom of the Major League baseball.

I’m not doing very well either. Check out what I said in a sports video:

Thompson has never met the Yankees. The only Yankee he ever met was Matt Carpenter (0-for-3). Maybe I jinxed Thompson then, right?

Not only did I jinx Keegan Thompson, who didn’t make it out in the first inning and who walked the Carpenter with the underwear full, I obviously jinxed the little kids pitching the whole staff. Carpenter came back twice and doubled and ran in the top seven games. Who do you think had seven other RBI games? Obviously, you shouldn’t think, you know they were Little Kids on July 20, 2018 at Wrigley Field. In that game, after Carpenter went 5-for-5 with four innings and seven RBI, Cardinals manager Mike Shildt – who only oversees his third St. Louis game. Louis – released him when he had a chance to hit the fourth house in the game.

It’s like Carpenter sees the Cubs in a blue uniform and becomes a Hall of Fame talent. Even before the game Carpenter had 23 homers against the Cubs, more than any other team. He hasn’t been good since 2018 and was released from a minor league contract with Rangers. The Yankees sign him and he does well – he has hit six times in his first 10 games as a Yankee. No other Yankee ever did that. Then you are welcome, Yankees.

I will leave the rest of you dead. The Cubs had a 1-0 lead in the game when Ian Happ came out with two in the first inning. [VIDEO].

So … well, as I said, I don’t go through all of that. You have suffered enough.

Happ picked up again three times and was on the train when PJ Higgins came close to finishing the game, which only ends the game with the Chicago Cubs season. Cubs’ rounds in the 14th loss would have been fun, but we don’t find it. Instead, we found Frank Schwindel doing the following:

Add numbers:

  • The Cubs won 28-5 in the series
  • The Cubs won 37-8 on the road trip, in which they lost all four games
  • Cubs can’t hit the RISP, as shown here:

(The 1996 giants lost 94 games, FWIW.)

This includes RISPs that had already failed before the series. More on this:

  • Overall, the Cubs have now lost six games in a row, losing the longest in 2022, and won 49-15 as they won the final game (the first two games on June 4 against the Cardinals).

I have a lot more ideas about the Chicago Cubs baseball team, but I’m saving the news for tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it. It won’t be pretty.

The youngsters return home to start seven games on Monday, starting with three games against the Padres. With an 11-20 record at Wrigley Field, it should be fun, shouldn’t it? Justin Steele kicks off at the Cubs on Monday and our former friend Yu Darvish has received a call from the Padres. The game time is 7:05 pm CT and the TV broadcast will be via the Marquee Sports Network.

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