Would the 24-year-old lawsuit against Deshaun Watson eventually allow Brown to end his affidavit?

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Perhaps the most important development since Monday in the case of Deshaun Watson was not development at all. In particular, the non-response of Watson’s team to case 24 could have serious consequences for Watson and the league and / or team.

Attorney Rusty Hardin issued a statement Monday declaring that he was unable to answer the 24th charge because “our legal team has not had time to investigate his case and has not heard his name to date.”

There is a big difference between not hearing his name and not knowing what to say. At the beginning of the trial against Watson there was a fictional and confusing game of who the singers were, because they initially filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe. Efforts to identify potential prosecutors also include a man named Watson who does not know or remember who would have the allegations recorded in a lawsuit filed on Monday. Hardin’s statement simply states that he did not hear the man’s name until Monday; it is possible that he knew, by angrily asking their client, that there was a 24-degree interaction that would make him say.

This is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, if this person whose name has not been disclosed to Watson’s legal team is now filing a criminal complaint, the claim may be referred to another high court. And the details found in complaint 24, if they are referred back to the high court and approved by the high court, can lead to controversy. (Although I tried to avoid repeating the details, the 24-year-old plaintiff alleges that, after he tried to get the defendant to grab his penis and ask him “where do you want me to put it?”

Second, if Watson is suspended for 24 counts, Brown will be able to cancel his guarantees and withdraw from him, and possibly repay a large portion of the signing bonus.

As mentioned earlier in April, upon receipt of Watson’s full book, the contract does not have a definite permanent / non-valid guarantee that the league was established in early April in 2022 or 2023 NFL League Years. “

In Article 42 of the contract, Watson “stands for and with the consent (other than those disclosed to the club in writing), from the present date, that (i) the player has not been charged, convicted, found guilty or otherwise stated. or misconduct, (ii) The Player has not committed an act that would incriminate, accuse him or be convicted of an offense, and (iii) there are no circumstances that could prevent the presence of the Player. Club during the entire period of this Contract. “

Written disclosure was not included with the agreement. The source of the information in the document which we expect in April to be a “correct idea” referring to 22 criminal cases.

The question now seems to have been written deep enough to include people who have never attended, whether it is a lawsuit, a complaint, or other public statements. The complainant who filed a lawsuit last week, for example, was identified in Watson’s camp because he interviewed a podcast last August. According to Hardin, he did not know the name of the man who filed the 24-day trial until Monday.

Continuing the question as to whether the 24-year-old’s claim could go beyond a non-permanent language in Watson’s contract is a fact that Watson could be suspended temporarily after 2022 and 2023. August 1 to March 1 out of all cases), if the league can delay the full penalty until the cases are over. (not possible) or the initial suspension here and leaving the door open to re-suspend depending on the outcome of the proceedings (appropriate central location), Watson could be suspended in 2024 or beyond.

Then there is the possibility that the NFL cannot be ignored to change its position on paid leave. Although Commissioner Roger Goodell canceled paid pay on the table at the end of March, recent events could be revived. When we asked the league a well-known question Monday – a question that the Commissioner openly answered in March – the league had no comment.

Then we’ll see how everything goes. For the first time since the charges were filed in 2021, however, there will be a case of anonymity at Watson Prison. This could (not be, but) could cause serious problems for Watson, in a number of ways.

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