World Sports Day brings together about 400 children on the Suburbio 360

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The activity was promoted by the Government Secretariat’s (SEGV) Early Childhood Special Assistance Center. May 28, 2022 | 19:45

World Sports Day brings together about 400 children on the Suburbio 360

Celebrated this Saturday (26), World Sports Day brings together about 400 children and adolescents during a program packed with musical performances and artistic workshops at the Suburbio 360 in Coutus. The activity was promoted by the Government Secretariat (SEGV) Early Childhood Special Assistance Center in Salvador’s Play Week programming and is part of Mayo Laranga – a campaign to combat child sexual abuse.

Movimento Erê na Praça, a social organization based in the neighborhood of Cidade Nova, started a children’s band’s drums, captivating the audience with Afro songs. Then, parental counselor Vivian Peixoto, in a humorous way, described the forms of violence and abuse against children, as a child character identified as a doll with a wig, dress, and orange makeup. Adolescents .. There was interaction of children on the stage of the local theater.

“We have to deal with resistance in this regard. Many children, for lack of guidance, are sexually abused and cannot talk to their parents. So this method helps them to understand that there is no such thing as a good attitude in the guise of affection, ”said the parent counselor, who works in the Suburbio / Ilhas area.

He believes that educating children and youth from an early age is essential for tackling vital issues. “Two-, three-year-olds can start learning together with their parents, no genitals can be touched. This sex education work will make these boys and girls enlightened teenagers and adults, ”says Vivienne.

Workshops and games

Several artistic activities occupy the rooms of the Suburbio 360. The children present had the opportunity to participate in a painting, capoeira and percussion workshop. In the first, Gauche paints, brushes and sulfite paper served as instruments for child artists to apply their imagination. In Capoeira, there were those who risked the swing of the movement. For creative percussion workshops, even recyclable materials like PET bottles were used to create sound.

“Everything we do today, on Sports Day, is to show children that they can be what they are, even in the face of adversity. And we adults should not accelerate this process as we usually do. The role of art is to educate, to create perspectives, to open minds and to show that we are capable of doing anything, “said Madalena Gomez, one of the coordinators of the movement. The organization was responsible for the schedule of the day.

Children’s games, such as jumping rope and hopscotch, in addition to distributing gifts and toys, create a children’s party. Iraci Pereira de Jesus, 37, a resident of Alto de Coutos, took her son, Iuri, 7, to have fun at Suburbio 360. “It’s a different Saturday morning নিয়ে a fundamental opportunity for him to develop his ability to play freely with other teammates,” he celebrated.

For the coordinator of the Special Assistance Center for Early Childhood, Simone Cafe, Sports Day activities have recently ceased with the improvement of these biased activities.

“It was a great pleasure to end Play Week with the participation of many children and their parents who accepted our invitation to play together with their children. And to share knowledge and stimulate new discoveries. All in a free and spontaneous way, as the game should be, “he highlighted.

Lots of activity

Last Wednesday (25), the first action, “From a Drama That Teaches,” was marked by the visit of 20 children, who were welcomed by Lar Parolas de Cristo, in Parip, dope dinosaurs in the park of the steppe. The theme of the second action on Thursday (26) was “Playing close to nature”, where children assisted by the Mirim Community Center for Protection and Civil Defense (Nupdec) visited the Sao Marcos Botanical Garden and participated in recreational activities and educational activities.


World Sports Day was created in 1999 by the International Toy Library (ITLA) Association of Toy Libraries to celebrate and emphasize the importance of play for children. The date was first commemorated in 2000 and was recognized by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Since then, it has been celebrated in more than 40 countries.

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