Without evidence, private school teachers are not charged with child abuse

A teacher, who is currently away from a private children’s school on a high ground in Campo Grand, has not been charged with rape or abuse by a vulnerable person following allegations by the students’ families. Evidence of the alleged crime was first found, which reached the civil police in May this year.

At a press conference hosted by Depca (a police station specialized in the protection of children and adolescents), Fernanda Mendes and Marcello Damasceno, the deputy chief of staff, it was made clear that no indication of rape of a vulnerable person had been identified. In all, 5 complaints have been lodged by parents of 3 and 4 year old children, three girls and two boys.

Correspondents Marcelo and Fernanda – Photo: Stephanie Dias, MediumX

Nevertheless, in a special statement at the police station, in the follow-up of a psychologist, the children did not confirm any abuse. Only one child will report a possible case of abuse in June 2021, depending on the judiciary whether to file a complaint against the teacher.

In certain cases, the teacher would force the child to sit on a chair and pull his hair.

Images have been analyzed

Depka confiscated pictures from the school’s camera, alleging abuse when the teacher took the children to the bathroom. The 15-day imaging was analyzed by the Civil Police, who did not detect any change in the behavior of the teacher or assistant.

It was also identified that those who took the children to the bathroom were support staff. In addition to filming, an analysis of the electronic devices collected from the teacher and her husband, cell phones and notebooks was performed. Again, nothing was found.

Representative Fernanda Mendes made it clear that the abuser has a profile, a person who typically uses pornographic material, pedophilia or even other types. It could not be detected in the teacher.

Also, according to the police authorities, in almost all cases of rape of a vulnerable person, it is possible to identify the crime from the special evidence given at the police station. In this case, however, the children did not confirm the alleged abuse.

School lawyer Bruno Resina said the teacher would be away indefinitely until he could return to work.

Suspicion of school abuse

Complaints from the mothers of the students have been received MediaMax May 12, when families go to Depkar. One of the statements collected was of a 42-year-old business woman who was at the police station with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. She reported that her daughter described a situation consistent with sexual abuse by a teacher. At the same event, other mothers also reported abuse and abuse of children by women.

In an emotional report, the woman said her daughter had reproduced an unwanted work at home, which the journal Mediamax chose not to detail in order to protect the victim. The mother then asked who had done this to the child and even asked if it was anyone in the family.

However, the child’s reaction would be that the teacher would repeat the gesture with him. The girl still reported other forms of abuse. Trembling, the mother took the girl to a psychologist where she was undergoing therapy, from where she received a referral from a pediatric therapist. The baby was also taken to a gynecologist.

It will be Mother’s Day that the businesswoman has found a friend at school. The girl studied with the 3-year-old girl and commented on what happened to the woman, as the baby will repeat the task again on Saturday. The businesswoman’s friend then reported that the same thing was happening to her daughter.

In the conversation with the child, the mother discovered that the teacher would practice the tasks on vacation. The friend of the businessman said that the girl did not want to take off her clothes for bathing anymore and she felt discomfort in her genitals. So far, 5 police reports have been lodged in Depka and the case is under investigation.

Excited, the mother said that she was the first to go to the police station. “I do not want to hurt anyone, but I do not want them to hurt anyone. For My daughter. I hope it was a lie, that it wasn’t true, but it’s happening in my family. I did not ask For That will happen to us, “he declared.

He added that he was feeling sick. “It simply came to our notice then. I don’t know what to do, ”he said of the response to the case.

The names of schools, teachers and mothers will not be disclosed in order to preserve the identity of children recommended by the ECA (Statute of Children and Adolescents).

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