‘Within hours of donating my kidney, I found out my boyfriend was married’ – Mary Claire Magazine

Maria Jose Lara donated a kidney to her boyfriend and found out he had been cheated on (Photo: Private Archive)

“I met Matthias in 2016 via Facebook. He lived in Coatzacoalcos, about two hours from Acayucan, where I live, in Mexico, and he often visited me. I was so happy, at least I didn’t have to travel to see him, or spend money on it. Matthias always offered to come and see me. I didn’t know much about him, just what he told me. We’ve been dating for six months and started dating.

‘I fell in love with the doctor who took care of me in ICU’

We were about a year away planning a wedding. Our relationship was still beautiful, lots of peace and lots of love. She said she fell in love with me. I met her mother and sister via video call, which somehow made me feel more secure. When he would come to see me, we would go everywhere holding hands, he would take me to work, we would go to dinner, we would go around town. He did not hide me from anyone. For so many, I never thought anything could be hidden in his life.

Matthias is a handsome, attractive and quite attractive man. I was so in love. Until he told me he was sick. At first we didn’t know what it was. I was sorry for him and very worried. I offered to go to her town to go with her to the exams, but she said she didn’t need to, her mother and sister would go with her.

A few days later, the diagnosis came out: he had kidney failure and urgently needed a kidney transplant. And since I loved him so much, I didn’t think twice, and I had already offered to donate a kidney, if we were compatible.

“My family was against the grant, but I was already ready. I will not go back. I was willing to do anything for love.”

Maria Jose Lara

We had plans to get married, that is, for me, our love was real, it was true. That’s what it looked like to me. We loved each other, I felt it. So I told her: ‘My dear, don’t worry, you don’t have to look for another donor, because I’m going to give you my kidney. I love you and I can be a giver. He celebrated and was very happy with my attitude.

I had tests that proved I could be a donor. I was happy with my life, because I was going to give my great love something of my own and make her live longer. A week later, we plan surgery because her case was urgent. My family was against the grant, but I was made up earlier. I don’t have to go back. I was willing to do everything for love.

“I fell in love with my fake husband”

I went to the town of Matthias. As the doctors explained everything to us about the procedure, I noticed that it already looked a little strange. I believed it could be pre-surgery nervousness. I liked being in me and didn’t want to say anything.

My surgery lasted three hours and 20 minutes. His was almost the same. After that, they took me to a hospital room, where I stayed with my ‘mother-in-law’. I was still a little annoyed by the anesthesia when I suddenly saw a woman walking into my room. He looked very happy, smiling in his ears. ‘You are an angel. Thanks. You saved my husband’s life, ‘she told me. Matthias’ mother’s eyes widened and he fainted.

Maria Jose Lara donated a kidney to her boyfriend and found out he had been cheated on (Photo: Private Archive)

Maria Jose Lara donated a kidney to her boyfriend and found out he had been cheated on (Photo: Private Archive)

At first, I thought I was dreaming, because I was still dizzy. But I understood what was happening. Quickly, her mother disappeared from my house, leaving me alone with that woman. My blood pressure dropped and they had to stabilize it.

No one from my family came to accompany me. I was alone, and I thought a lot about what happened to me. I was deceived. When I calmed down a bit, I heard her sister waiting in the hospital hallway and I told her to come inside.

My ‘grandma’ tried to hide it, saying the woman had the wrong room and I was hallucinating. I knew what I was hearing, but when he kept saying I was crazy and talking nonsense, I came to question myself. Was I really hallucinating?

Still a little upset, I picked up my cell phone and saw a huge message thanking me for saving my brother-in-law’s life. Then I calmed down a bit and calmed down. Her whole family knew about my existence, so I was really her girlfriend and that was fine. I think deeply I wanted to deceive myself, that’s true.

I lost my kidney, there was a huge scar on the side of my stomach, but I am proud that I saved my boyfriend’s life. Eight days later, and the transplant medical team told us that Matthias would have to stay close to the hospital to be in full care for at least three months. Since his mother had an apartment, I stayed there for a few days after my kidney was rejected. Then I had to go back to my house.

I came back to my town and noticed that things were starting to get a little weird. He moved farther away from me. It was as if he had already gotten what he wanted and now I have no more importance or use. I thought so too. Cancel when we talked on the phone, he was very rude, he just answered my messages and I didn’t know what was going on: if I was crazy, if I was anesthetized after so long surgery, or if I really wanted to fool myself around them As the saying goes – the worst blind person is the one who does not want to see.

“When I took him into the room next to mine, Matthias turned pale. He didn’t understand why the two of us were there, me and his wife.”

Maria Jose Lara

Matthias made excuses for not making video calls. He was always tired or sleepy because of the drugs he was taking. It was always at the same time when we talked: from 3:45 pm to 4:10 pm, no more than a minute. Thus two months passed. But I decided to find out what was happening. So I went to see him in the hospital where he was still under observation.

When I arrived, I was met at the door of Matthias’ room by the woman who was in my room on the day of the surgery. Coincidentally or not, I thought it was even more bizarre. She was the same woman who was present during my anesthesia. This time, without the effects of anesthesia, I was able to observe him better. She looked older than me, she had black, long, black hair and eyes. She looked and looked like a victimized woman.

I approached and said I would test Matthias. Very nice, she told me to come in and make myself comfortable. As I entered the room with him by my side, Matthias turned pale, seemingly stunned. He asked what I was doing there. Of course, he didn’t understand why the two of us were there, me and his wife together. He did not know who to look to.

The woman called him ‘My Love’ and said he was coming back for lunch as usual. That’s when I realized again how much I wanted. That’s why he could only talk to me at that limited time, when he was going to have lunch.

I introduced myself to her: ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Maria Jose, Matthias’ girlfriend.’ ‘How can you be his girlfriend when I’m his wife?’ He replied. Immediately, we both looked at him and asked what was going on. Less than before, Matthias seemed stunned.

I didn’t build a hut, I stayed ‘thin’ in myself. He, who seemed to be in disbelief, did nothing. It seemed that no one was daring to do anything at that moment. Super embarrassed and wanted to run out of there, I turned around and walked back. I was devastated, very sorry and took an immense pain in my heart. I feel cheated, used, thrown away … a real rubbish.

I returned to my city without believing everything in my experience. We’ve been together for about a year and I never thought Matthias was a married man. I never doubted anything. I thought I was the only one, the priority for him.

“Today I think everything was part of Matthias’ plan that I fell in love with him and donated my kidney.”

Maria Jose Lara

Four days later I went back to her mom’s apartment to get some things and the house was completely empty. I mean, I knew absolutely nothing about this guy. As if the world had swallowed him and his whole family. I never heard from him again. I was upset with this guy, his mother, his sister. A bunch of liars.

My conscience is clear, because I have voluntarily donated my kidney. No one forced me to do anything. A while ago, I accidentally went to her sister on social media and texted her. As soon as he saw the message, he blocked me. Today I think that everything must have been part of Matthias’ plan to fall in love with her and donate my kidney.

Now, almost six years after the incident, I have been able to lead a healthy life, both spirit and body. I think it doesn’t matter what happened or what he did to me. Because I have saved a life, all the adventures I have done are worth it. At least I knew I had a small part inside Matthias. It took a long time to forget him for good. But passed. Today I feel independent and ready to live a new love, real and true. “

* Name was withheld at the request of the interviewer.


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