With the help of BRDE, Curitiba projected inclusive musical creations and adolescents.

With the help of BRDE (Banco Regional de Desnevolvimento Extremo Sul), there are 3 million cranes and adolescents that have passed through Projeeto Vida and Arte, which are also known as Portrait and Uberaba, in Curitiba. It was a new process in the abortion process at Campo Largo, in the Metropolitan City of Curitiba, and not in Parolin, also in Capital.

The project of sociocultural activities with artistic music has the objective of inculcating culturally creative and adolescent curiosities and the potential of creating bona fide conceits and social convictions. Founded by Pastor Paulo Davi, offering instrumental and musical theoretical exercises with the instrumental escolido pelo aluno.

It is possible to take a preparatory course for Belas Artes, which teaches you to participate in the project itself after graduation, which should be done professionally in a very musical way. As a matter of fact, the professors formalized a method that would not allow apenas to be found in music, but if it were to be accepted, it would guarantee its development as a family, with a family.

This work was done in support of the BRDE for its Lei de Incentive culture 8.313 of 23/12/1991. The resource auxiliary to project management, not to mention new instruments and remuneration of professors. The first edit to inspect projects from the Fisheries Incentives is prevalent to be finalized in June.

“This is a banquet at a political institute, because for the sake of the public champion the school bons projects and cultures for the most supportive of our incentives. This form we are developing à a society that has resulted in a lot of money and a lot of fun with this social promotion for everyone ”, explained the president of BRDE, Wilson Bley Lipski.

Looking for the program administrator, Hélcio Pimentel, or BRDE is one of the two biggest initiators of Projeeto Vida and Art. “Those professors dedicate practically or temporarily to no project, and this is just a reminder. The project is very gratifying to our incentives and doctoral dissertations of fictional subjects. .

The Coordinating Pedagogical and Musical Instrument of Projeto Vida e Arte, Douglas Silva, which also includes the orchestra of the program and the release of his professional career as a professional producer of no integral projections crianças.

“A person entering a project is totally demotivated by the fact that we live, a situation in which he encounters, and we are not clearly roasted and there is no one who can change or motivate him. We come to feel the caps, we come to see a different future that we know where we are going. Elas são transformadas pela arte ”, afirmou.

Orchestra realiza dois concertos por ano. The first half of the 30th of June, and 20 hours later the Primera Igreja Batista de Curitiba (PIB). The entries for recital, with the theme “Trem da Vida”, are available for purchase. To participate in the project, or to enter into contact with a contact device (41) 998851313, redesign social (@projetovidaearteoficial) or pelo electronic communication.

Since 2010, the project Life and Art has taught us all the technical form of a complete musical instrument, with individual instrumental instruments, musical theory, collegiate practice, alumni form an orchestra with alumni and young graduates. The participants are rehearsing three times a week, for the sake of a matrix of the day and night, as alumni enter into the program without being too much of a musician, even though they are approximately several times for the first time.

“The project is contradictory, just like your form. Aluno permanece no projeeto, podendo participant da orquestra e dos concertos musicais. Muitos deles se tornam monitors do próprio projeto, para ajudar os novos alunos ”, said Hélcio Pimentel.

Secondly, one of the proprietors of Projeto Vida and Art é tirar crianças e adolescentes de asreas mais vulneráveis. “For the sake of the children, we are not here to make sure the people have an instrument. We are the two beneficiaries who enjoy music, humor, love the opticians, but the ideals port give us the best quality of life, the horizons. We have already mentioned these two very close relationships, which are still very rare. We are not motivated to listen to music, but we have an opportunity to transform life, ”he said.

LEIS DE INCENTIVO FISCAL – In 2021, the BRDE destined R $ 4.6 million, due to its fiscal incentive, evenly distributed between Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. No paraná, 37 projeb receibram apoio no valor de aproximadamente R $ 1.8 million. For those who want to register their project to receive support for the part of BRDE, the cadastre in the beginning and the end electronic communication.

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