With a CCL competition in hand, the Sounders have joined a football team around the world

The Sounders came up with a lot of graphics, and their fans poured in, a staggering 70,000, for them.

In the wake of the vigorous expansion of Wednesday night’s show at Lumen Field, no one tried to undermine the final need for the CONCACAF Champions League. The Sounders have won two MLS trophies, four US Open Cups and Supporters’ Shield since 2009, but saw the show against Pumas UNAM, the sixth in Seattle under coach Brian Schmetzer, as a final test. And the one with the biggest and far-reaching benefits – “immortality,” according to general manager Garth Lagerwey, is the “big (nonsensical) club alliance” in Schmetzer’s temporary review.

The Sounders then came out and grabbed it, defeating the Pumas, 3-0, in a tough and tough game to achieve what seems to be a major breakthrough in the club and MLS history. In doing so, it is suspected that the power of CONCACAF, which has been heavily burdened for the interests of Mexican groups for many years, has not stopped the sea change.

While the two MLS Cupers ’Sounders were successful in special ways, the title, with a 5-2 lead in both legs, crosses the league’s glorious limit. Being the first MLS team to win the CCL title, and breaking the list of Liga MX teams that have won each year since 2008 – and the final loss to MLS – has tarnished MLS’s international reputation. . And they separated themselves from their MLS brethren with a victory that suddenly pushes the Sounders to the top of the world.

This may sound like hyperbole – and the critics have provided a “hype” segment featuring promotional videos that lead to the performance of two Seattle sports stars, Marshawn Lynch and Ken Griffey Jr. – But consider the spoils of this victory. The Sounders have now joined the FIFA Club World Cup, which brings together experts from international organizations – Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and Europe including CONCACAF, which represents the Confederation of North, Central. America and the Caribbean Association Football.

In other words, Seattle will be one of the best and brightest teams in football. For example, Europe will be represented by Liverpool or Real Madrid, the kings of football even if they progress. Getting the Sounders into this pool is a big step for MLS to gain the international acclaim it has been striving for since its inception.

For the Sounders, meanwhile, it confirms them as a team heading to the MLS, which has to pay for player acquisition, as well as giving them the trophy that they lost in the last six tournaments. And now they can test themselves with the top ones that the game can offer when the Club World Cup has a competition, probably in early 2023.

But that is a future. Meanwhile, a crowd of 68,741 people – the largest in the CONCACAF Champions League at any given time – did their best to repeat the roar of the Beast-Quake, it was a time of celebration.

“The connection between the fans and the players is the spirit of this club,” Schmetzer said at the end of the game.

After beating 2-2 with Pumas in Mexico City in the first leg of the final, the Sounders dominated the second half despite losing two key players, Nouhou and Joao Paulo, in the first 25 minutes of injury. Raul Ruidiaz scored 45 goalsth a minute with a goal in which a press box was shaken by what happened, and added another goal in the 80th minute behind a clear (and unselfish) show across as you can see, first from Jordan Morris. then Nico Lodeiro. And Lodeiro scored in the 88thth minute, tore off his jersey to start the random part of the night party.

But before Schmetzer did, in a high-profile match that could not be appreciated by team members, he pulled out Ruidiaz, Lodeiro and Morris three minutes into the stoppage to allow them to shout. He also appointed team officials Will Bruin and Fredy Montero to allow them to taste the well-known game inside the pitch.

After the clock, the Sounders team erupted in hugs and hugs, eclipsed by the flood of confetti, the biggest celebration that has not been seen here since the MLS Cup was held in Toronto in 2019.

This was fun, but this was the next step. Schmetzer was stunned by the delay in being asked where the success of the title was placed in the Sounders ’time books.

“I have said in the press, give me six months,” he said. “I will probably continue on that. Right now. I’m living in this moment. And I’m really proud of the team of players, all of them. Because it’s not just the boys who scored tonight. And not only Yeimars and Stefs (Stefan Frei), those guys, but it’s little kids coming out. Schoolboys, all feel the taste of this club.

“I’m great, proud of how the team did in this tournament. Under some circumstances; it’s not an easy race to win. A lot of people ask me about the hidden pressure to come here to play in front of a large crowd. I think they won the test.

Speaking to the crowd after the game, Schmetzer told them that their work to support the team was “amazing”. Speaking to reporters later, he turned the adjectives into “interesting” and “wonderful.”

“You guys heard when the teams came out tonight. You felt power in the house. The players heard this. “

By the end of the last few seconds, the power had increased dramatically. And for good reason. Because this victory was very beneficial for Sounders, Seattle, and North American football.

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