Winter is half over and says she has given up street militancy – 05/24/2022 – Panel

Right-wing activist Sarah Giromini, 29, decided to drop the nickname by which she was introduced to Brazil in the winter, replacing her with her Texan husband Huff. According to him, he also left behind street militancy, from which he says he has retired permanently.

“With him [o codinome] I had many mistakes and successes, but it was definitely time to bury and honor my husband’s name and start a new phase in my life, “said Sarah on the panel.

She says that despite marrying an American, she will continue to live in Brazil for the time being, because her son was traumatized by his arrest in 2020 and will need to improve his mental and emotional health to be able to leave the country.

The fictional title has followed him for 14 years, he says, inspired by singer and violinist Emily Atom. [autumn, em inglês, significa outono, e winter quer dizer inverno]. Therefore, she argues, she has nothing to do with Sarah Winter (1870-1944), a high-society English woman who allegedly spies for Nazi Germany, as is often speculated.

Sarah says she met her husband, Joseph Huff, 39, on a dating app during a business trip to Mexico. He said he has four children and works as a technician in a chemical factory.

“She fulfilled my dream of getting married on the day of Our Lady of Fatima [13 de maio]. One of the wedding gifts he gave me was a poem he wrote to us about Our Lady. In fact, he wrote me a poem while we were away, a book containing a total of 34 handwritten poems, “he says.

Sarah has been running a strange political wheel in recent years. Until 2012, she was part of the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen, which she later described as a former feminist. Women leaders criticized her a few years later, saying she had been expelled from the movement for spreading lies.

She then joined the fight against abortion and began lecturing critically on feminism, describing her path as a former member of the cause.

Most recently, Sarah Zaire went to the Bolsonaro (PL) government and even in 2019 was appointed National Coordinator of Maternity Policy in the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights under the management of then Minister Damares Alves. The same year, in November.

In 2020, she was a leader of the 300 Movement for Brazil, formed by the Bolsonarists and suspected of organizing and raising funds for anti-democratic activities and crimes against national security law. During the protest, members of the group threw fireworks at the STF headquarters in Brasilia.

He became the target of fake news investigations and undemocratic work, was arrested and had to wear an electronic anklet. He says he was released on precautionary measures in July last year. During this time, he moved away from the Bolsonaristas.

Sarah says she and her family “bear the mark of being closely involved in politics” and need to take care of themselves now.

“I am following the election from afar. I think people believe a lot in the biased politics of both the parties. I believe that the efforts made by both the parties to support their candidates can be better spent through charity at the local level. “Brazil will change, not through political symbols, but through the acquisition and development of qualities in the individual and in the family,” he replied.

He further added that his role in politics would not be biased, adding that he did not wish to be involved in the final run-off dispute between Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

“I am Catholic and conservative and I wish good luck to my country and the people of Brazil who have lost power. I do not want to campaign for anyone,” he concluded.

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