Why the Steelers Were Not Arrested by Stephon Tuitt’s First Retirement Decree

Last week was an exciting one for the Pittsburgh Steelers not because their second week of OTA performances took place. It was the case because at the end of the defense Stephon Tuitt announced his departure from the NFL at the age of 29. In the wake of Tuitt’s announcement of retirement on June 1, many Steelers fans are now crying over the timing of his election. In short, many seem to feel like they left the group on top and dried up in the middle of summer and thus tied the band in their hands in an attempt to get him involved. I personally do not see it that way, and I will explain why.

At first, it seems there are rumors that the Steelers have been aware for several months that Tuitt will not resume his career and that the front office is hoping to change his mind due to the length of time. Think about it, or maybe you have a couple of friends pressuring you to play one season. Some or all of these may be true.

Assuming that some or all of the rumors were true, it was logical that the Steelers, along with Tuitt in the case, should wait until June 1 for a final decision on his future. Why? Because even though Tuitt decided to retire months ago, the Steelers would not move him to the Reserve / Retired list until June 2 in order to take advantage of his two-season death row through a post June 1. sale. Other than that, the team did not need a paycheck during training before preparing for camp to be able to carry its 2022 salary of $ 9,048,560 to date. The only thing the Steelers lost in carrying Tuitt through OTAs was one place in their 90-person crew.

So, what about being able to deal with potential successors to Tuitt? Personally, I do not believe the Steelers have been waiting for Tuitt’s idea to get there. In addition, the team recorded DeMarvin Leal in the third line of the 2022 NFL Draft. Leal, if you were careful about the planning process, it was easy to act as a defensive line that could follow thanks to Karl Dunbar who was a defensive line coach presenting on the day of the Texas A&M pro. In short, no one would be surprised that Leal enlisted in the military especially with the future of Tuitt being the air this season.

Leal’s writing aside, the Steelers would still try to deal with a free defender at any time throughout the season. He did not, as we know, except to sign Montravius ​​Adams to a two-year deal in March. Remember, while Tuitt was still on the list, the team had more space to use at a higher free defensive line from mid-March onwards. Had he seen the need to do so, and even if he thought Tuitt could choose to play, he could have gone that route even if he had written Leal.

Living here today, the Steelers now have six defensive players with a team that could form a team of 53 men if all of them were healthy this summer. The list of players includes Cameron Heyward, Tyson Alualu, Chris Wormley, Isaiahh Loudermilk, Adams and Leal. They usually keep only six people in their group of 53 men, so if Tuitt had decided to resume his work this summer, the list of 53 candidates would have been seven out of six. It is understandable, then, that they have not yet granted foreign rights to the extent of their assistance. Will he progress at some point? It may depend on whether the injury is serious.

In closing, there is no reason to assume that the Steelers were well caught by Tuitt this summer and especially during the magical events of June 1. It is not surprising that Tuitt was placed on the Reserve / Retired list on June 2, an important day on the NFL calendar, and a day after announcing his decision. Looking back, June 1 must have been a line in the sand that was pulled along both sides at the beginning of the season. It gave Tuitt more time to think about his future. It also gave the Steelers time to prepare for their future knowing that they probably would not be with them, which was the case.

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