Why the number of deaths in road accidents is not lowering?

Earlier this month, ONISR (National Inter-Ministerial Observatory for Road Safety) launched its 2021 report. In the midst of the Legislature (and Donbass) marketing campaign, the media not often talked about it.

Surprisingly, the number of deaths has risen since a 12 months 2020 file marked by Covid. But the results of the epidemic are nonetheless being felt and three,219 folks have been killed, with the demise fee 8% decrease than in 2019.

Evidence of the covid impact is that 15- to 24-year-olds who’ve been disadvantaged of events and nightclubs for some half of the 12 months, and people over 75, are usually restricted, having recorded the highest drop by 23% and 16%, respectively.

In different phrases, we’re not shifting ahead anymore. Even 80km / h, though it definitely saved dozens of lives, did not dwell as much as its nice promise.

And for as soon as, I can solely approve of the Drivers’ Defense League which factors to this stalemate: ” The number of road deaths in 2013 was 3,495. This was in 2019, simply earlier than Covid, 3,498.

I agree with them on this conclusion that including extra environment friendly and even on-board radar does nothing extra. The big and sudden impression they’d from 2002 to 2006 is behind us, not an opinion, however an statement.

Of course, I do not think about that they are going to be withdrawn – this could be a assure of a real butcher, and even the League, irrespective of how extremist, will not need it – however it is time to comply with the coverage.

We are again to the 1926 stability sheet

At this level, we will take two sides.

1 / Consider that since the peak in 1972 and its 18,000 deaths (in 30 days), we’ve divided the number of victims by about six and even contemplating the dimension of the fleet of automobiles, its chance of leaving by eighteen. Leather on the asphalt. Road Safety discovered pre-war statistics in a drawer: We return to the stability sheet of 1926, when there have been 50 instances fewer automobiles in circulation.

In brief, to imagine that we will cease there, human drain tolerable, snowboarding, paragliding, downhill mountain biking, kite man toll is rather more tolerable in this sense resulting from social utility and financial significance of motorized vehicle. -Surfing and different enjoyable and unskilled occupations.

2 / Yes Consider that the destruction of the equal of the inhabitants of a big metropolis yearly is not tolerable and saving each life is counted. It has all the time been my imaginative and prescient however I not know what to do with it.

Does ADAS assist?

Why the number of deaths in road accidents is not decreasing?

Slow down? The velocity of 80 km / h on the road did not save as many lives as was promised for the easy motive that it was not revered. Honorable, I do not know, however it’s clear that we cannot be capable to cram the Mesta divisional roads.

We are already betting that the AIV velocity limiter (clever velocity adaptation) which will probably be necessary in the new mannequin from subsequent month and can not change a lot in all new automobiles by July 2024. And at a velocity of 80 km / h on this road it is first that it’ll typically be disconnected by the driver.

More superior automobiles? I do not imagine it: the semi-generalization of airbags, strengthened interiors and ABS between 1990 and 2002 solely had a weak impact. In two years, from late 2002 to 2004, automated radar has saved many extra lives than in earlier many years.

The identical statement at this time: the more and more large distribution of ADAS that, in our place, displays blind spot, corrects our trajectories, and brakes in emergencies with out affecting the demise curve.

Again, this is not an opinion, however a statistical reality.

In brief, we have to discover different options and why motorbikes, vehicles and all the time safer automobiles, safer roads and a society the place the numbers of the 60’s now exceed the 20’s, we will nonetheless conflict with each. The different, crushed and topped one another.

Obviously, this is what occurred to us.

Why the number of deaths in road accidents is not decreasing?

Stapledar principle

I can speak to you about the rise of individualism, the loss of civic feeling and respect for others, the brutality of society, which throughout me emphasize. But I do not imagine it. Because I’m like St. Thomas and do not see it. Anyway, not on the road.

Those who behave like pigs, cheat with demise, rush, detached children who commit organized crime, have all the time been and all the time will probably be. More than earlier than? Much much less in my opinion.

What has modified is our notion of danger.

We know, we see that we die much less on the streets. As we all know, we discover that our automobiles are infinitely safer and extra “thoughtful” than they have been ten or twenty years in the past, and that, as a normal rule, the site visitors has decreased and calmed down.

And what can we do with this realization of much less hazard? The identical factor with the handman we’ve with the extra secure stapler: we break our necks to be extra inclined, to climb increased, to pay much less consideration, or to descend or climb sooner. This phenomenon, skillfully baptized danger homeostasis, is sadly verified in the actions of the fewest human beings and helps to know why a secure automobile is no much less harmful.

Why the number of deaths in road accidents is not decreasing?

Will not resolve with the police

Especially since at the identical time, our supply of distraction has multiplied from GPS to smartphones with multifunction screens, we should acknowledge that we’ve much less eyes on the road, arms on the steering wheel and heads in direction of driving.

This cocktail of over-distractions of our brains and automobiles that humiliates and reassures us can solely be deadly.

What politicians can react to this statement, actually, I do not see and as a bonus it is not my job.

I nonetheless have a bit recommendation for the new transport minister: that he’ll get well shortly in his lap.

Because the police will not discover one other answer to the stagnation in the number of deaths on the radar than earlier than. We now know that it not works.

This can be an ideal demonstration of the fourteen years of police road security, the place the curve of demise has been leveled.

Why the number of deaths in road accidents is not decreasing?

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