Why Billy Napier of Florida has more limit than LSU’s Brian Kelly in doing well right away in the SEC’s first season.

The 2022 SEC coaching carousel did not run as fast as in previous years, but the two Clydesdales entered the league. Brian Kelly moved south to join the LSU family after a successful 12 years at Notre Dame. Florida decided to go the narrow way with Billy Napier, who has been regarded as one of the country’s youngest junior coaches after being brought back to Louisiana to recognize him as one of the top five programs in the Five Group.

All newcomers are accused of making their schools famous in the country, and in time, all should be well off.

Kelly’s success at Notre Dame, which included two rounds of the College Soccer Playoff and her participation in the 2013 BCS National Championship Game, is unbearable. Her 92-39 record on one of the most well-known and underrated programs in the country has made Kelly one of the top coaches in the country.

Napier, meanwhile, led Ragin ‘Cajuns to three straight two-game winning streams and shared / shared the Sun Belt games. His parents under Alabama coach Nick Saban only increased his rise above the teachers.

So yes, they will all be fine over time, but today we are here to elect the SEC’s first-year coach who shot the best right away. So let us consider the circumstances of each individual to help us make a decision.

Billy Napier, Florida

Napier arrived at one of the most important places in the country – certainly from a depressing mind. Multidimensional quarterback Anthony Richardson shone a brilliant light last season under former coach Dan Mullen. The Redshirt sophomore threw 474 yards, a 374-yard touchdown run and eight touchdowns on six games as Emory Jones ’reins. Despite not knowing much, the Gainesville native reached the first line of the 2023 NFL game, including CBS Sports specialist Chris Trapasso’s. the latest edition.

The back room is four feet deep and Nay’Quan Wright is probably leading the way to the fall camp. Lorenzo Lingard and Demarkcus Bowman are highly regarded in the lineup and have several reps Wright no spring, and the transfer to Louisiana Montrell Johnson is well aware of what Napier wants from behind him after running 838 yards and 12 Ragin touchdowns. ‘Cajuns last year. All four perform well in different areas, which should allow Napier to be a better producer as it enables them to participate in the weekly game program.

Defender Tyreak Sapp looks like a potential star in the spring, Ventrell Miller is back to lead the ever-evolving army and, most importantly, former defender Todd Grantham is no longer with the program.

The section Napier teaches should also be very helpful in this discussion. It’s the most beautiful “Georgia and everyone else” in the SEC East. True, Tennessee crime is getting worse and Kentucky is always getting worse, but it’s not like the second half of the East is closer to the West. Kelly has to tackle the top 10 Texas A&M team, Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss juggernaut as well as the team that is expected to be in the top 20 in Arkansas as part of one of the toughest games in the country.

Brian Kelly, LSU

The good news for Kelly is that she has an excellent quarterback battle going on in Baton Rouge. First three-year-old Arizona State Jayden Daniels moved to bayou last season, former founder Myles Brennan came out on the wall to challenge his former career and Garrett Nussmeier could play a key role in the trio.

A fast and solid game by John Emery Jr. back a year later and Noah Cain coming from Penn State. But the opposition line enters the top four and finishes last in the SEC in last year’s pockets of the game with 2.92. Important note: it will be difficult to connect the fixed drives unless the new interface comes together quickly.

The defensive front should be Matiger’s 2022 stronghold, but the second one has gone through a major overhaul since the end of last season. This is not a good sign for the SEC West which has been a happy top.

Kelly said on the Texas Bowl television show that the LSU list should be expanded from its size. Graduation and downtime have created a problem for the festival, and although the changing landscape has made it easier to resell, it is almost impossible to expect the proliferation of new faces to end abruptly in the West.

Now, good news for LSU. Kelly will win a national title sometime with the Tigers. I repeat, Kelly raised the CFP flag in gold-plated – just like the previous three did.

He had two successful lectures in the last seven years in South Bend although he wrote a challenge that is not available in almost every other school in the country. They remain where Saban left. Plus, as a top program in the world’s most affluent talent, all he has to do is open the door for tough players and five-star players should walk in it. His ability to correct his mistakes for his staff, to develop NFL players in the stadiums, to recognize coaching assistants on the rise and a record of success at every level of college football proves how dangerous he can be at SEC West. The condition he inherited, however, will result in a gradual rise rather than a meteoric rise.

Why Napier has limits

While Kelly has a chance to do well for a long time, Napier has a chance to see well this season. They have a solid foundation and an easy way to get Gators back to the SEC.

If Richardson emerges as a well-known professional as the season progresses, he should be a help in Florida dictating the style and tempo of the multiplayer game. Napier did very well with the quarterbacks in Louisiana, including last season with Johnson and two dangerous weapons Levi Lewis. Also, the process works well. Kentucky, South Carolina and Missouri – who make up the Middle East – have all gone to The Swamp. LSU, on the other hand, has to go to Arkansas, Auburn and Texas A&M.

Fortunately, there will be a head-to-head competition with another opportunity to cross the line between the two. Kelly will fight Napier at The Swamp, and both Tigers and Gators will fight Florida State and Tennessee in 2022. Both are also heading to Texas A&M. But SEC West is full, which makes it difficult for the Tigers to make a good plate game this year.

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