Why a Miami GP laughing at the last of Marina memes’ lies

The collection of 10 yachts inside Turns 6, 7 and 8 of the Miami area, which is surrounded by special solid ‘vinyl’ water, has caused a flood of photos and video recordings.

An updated Twitter video, of a man who is seen jumping out of the water from a solid surface, has spread and has attracted more than three million people.

Opinions from fans on what Miami has done are, not surprisingly, divided.

Some have admitted that it is unique, as the railway has tried to offer something very different, others have been particularly alarmed by the madness of the increase in all of it over the weekend when ticket prices have been clearly visible to high-end consumers.

But for fellow Miami GP supervisor Tom Garfinkel, vice-chairman and CEO of Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, fans laughing at what the song has done with the marina is not a concern at all.

First of all, he loves it so much that it means everyone is talking about the Miami GP. But, most importantly, they feel like they are in the middle of a competition laughing a little bit and being able to offer something very special.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Garfinkel said: “I think we’m not thinking about ourselves. We’re enjoying it, aren’t we?

“I think people are enjoying it. I think the people behind the boats watching the race will be happy, and I think the people who are laughing with it, I think it’s funny, and it’s really good.

“We don’t consider ourselves very important. We’re trying to enjoy it.”

Marina Storm

Photo by: Jon Noble

Garfinkel says the idea of ​​a marina on the stadium came after plans for the first Miami GP in the city – and the real marina – collapsed.

“Initially, we were looking at the town, F1 had a plan to shoot the yachts,” he said.

“When we moved here [to the Hard Rock stadium] for a number of reasons, mainly because we did not think we could have the fastest race in town, I told F1 that if you get a yacht shot, you will have your own yachts.

“He looked at me like I was crazy. Then I went back and painted on the white board and said: ‘I want a marina with boats here, and we’ll do it.’ And we did. And that’s very exciting. “

What is important to understand is that fake marina yachts are not useless things that just make the community look good on television.

Instead, it is the recreational area for the fans. Marina sits next to a yacht club with lots of bars and restaurants, and is surrounded by a false beach with stairs, games and bedrooms.

So even though around 400 guests will have the opportunity to spend the weekend on yachts alone, the entire area will be surrounded by thousands of guests who enjoy the sunlight and what is offered.

Marina Storm

Marina Storm

Photo by: Jon Noble

Repairing a fake marina was not easy for Miami, it is a way to find yachts and bring them into the area that takes 10 months.

With permits that only allow yachts to be carried at night, as well as the railway that needs to be placed on the ground to prevent damage to the train when it is loaded, the largest boat took five hours to depart from Miami marina. to be in a position on the road.

While the effort may seem daunting, it is closely related to the Miami vibe, which does not do halfway.

But, more than anything else, Garfinkel sounds great on one thing. Doing things like a marina, or a Hard Rock Beach Club with real sand at the other end of the area, would not be justified if they were sitting on the side of a railway with no chance of running.

That’s why, since the region drew positive feedback from the drivers and seemed to be able to get a good look, they think it was right that Miami went the extra mile to make sure there was something special around it.

And based on the number of people sold, those who hit to get tickets even though they were put on expensive prices, trying to look good.

“First, the most important thing was to create a bigger competitive environment,” he said. “So we believe that if it’s an area where drivers want to drive, and teams want to come to the competition, it would be good for the fans. Then this was the first.

Water Advertising Agency

Water Advertising Agency

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / Motorsport Images

“Then after this, why not make Miami? Why not bring a part of Miami culture out here to create a better experience for fans?

“If it’s the right running area, first of all, then we can get out of there and do other things to make it better. So that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

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Asked if he expected the marina to have media coverage around it, Garfinkel promptly responded.

“I did not know if that would be the thing, or the beach club would be something with its own sand, or the podium itself,” he replied.

“But as long as people say we did a very fast race in the beginning, and people came here and enjoyed it, then everything else, we could enjoy it.”

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