Who is Rodrigo Mores participating in No Limite 2022?

Another participant of No Limit 2022 has been released! Rodrigo Mores, 45, is an ultramarathon and subsidiary project manager. In addition, he believes that strategy and manipulation are among his qualities for the show.

On Tuesday, May 2, the new season of No Limit, led by Fernando Fernandez, debuted on the screens of TV Globo.

So now, let’s get to know the new participant better!

Who is Rodrigo Mores from No Limit 2022?

Rodrigo Mores, 45, was born in Foz do Iguaku, Paran, but now lives in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. She is a subsidy project manager, married and has 3 children. For him, the birth of his heirs changed the course of his life.

In this sense, they are the children of the participant. Source: Instagram @deabertoldo

In addition to being an engineer, Rodrigo is an ultra-marathonner, coaching and monitoring.

Following the announcement of his participation in the reality show, Rodrigo Mores has 18,159 followers on Instagram (rodrigomind). On the page, he shares inspirational messages, as well as pictures of everyday life.

Other participants need to follow social networks:

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Learn more about Rodrigo Mores:

Rodrigo Mores Photo No Limit.
Therefore, see more about Andre Nascimento. Source: Gshow
  • Age: 45 years;
  • Hometown: Foz do Iguaku – PR;
  • Current city: Rio de Janeiro – RJ;
  • Jobs: Subsidy Project Manager;
  • Relationships: married, 3 children;
  • Weight and height: 1.85 m / 78 kg.
Picture of the skill of Rodrigo Mores.
Source: Gshow

In addition to strategy and manipulation, determination is Rodrigo’s strong point. After all, they are your qualities.

I see myself as a strategist. I believe I am ready for this challenge.“He told Gshow after all.

– Rodrigo

Who are the participants of No Limit 2022?

Pictures of No Limit 2022 participants.
Source: Globe
  1. Matthew Pierce: Educational Coordinator, from Rio de Janeiro and 30 years old;
  2. Shirley Gonsalves: Physical education teacher, from Brasilia, 51 years old;
  3. Bruna Negreska: Samba Muse, from Sao Paulo and is 32 years old;
  4. Camilla is romantic: Biomedical, came from Rondonia and is 30 years old;
  5. Adriano Ganam: Psychiatrist, from São Lourenço (MG), aged 42;
  6. Guja Reje: The chief of the Federal Highway Police, is from Salvador and is 40 years old;
  7. Clecio Barbosa: Civil Engineer, from Jaboatão (PE) and age 44 years;
  8. Flavia Assis: Massage therapist, from Santo Andre, aged 42;
  9. Andrea Nascimento: Entrepreneur, comes from Maceió and is 31 years old;
  10. Roberta Terra: Trade Marketing Manager, from Rio de Janeiro, aged 36;
  11. Victor Hugo: Advertising copywriter, from Guyana and 27 years old;
  12. Veronica Krechmann: Real estate broker and soccer teacher, from Porto Alegre and 28 years old;
  13. Rodrigo Mores: Comes from Foz do Iguacu and is 45 years old;
  14. Lucas Santana: PhD student in physics, from Aracaju, aged 30;
  15. Leonardo Correa: Dental surgeon, hails from Santa Catarina and is 34 years old;
  16. Ipozukan Icarus: Circus artist, Minas Gerais and is 29 years old;
  17. Tiemi Hiratsuka: Pharmacist, Mogi Das is from Cruz and is 30 years old;
  18. Charles Gamma: Doctoral student, from Angra dos Reis and aged 29;
  19. Patricia Tom: Government employee, from Nova Friburgo, aged 45;
  20. Vanderlei Ramiro: English teacher, from Sওo Paulo and 30 years old;
  21. Dayan Sena: Teacher, from Belford Roxo and 26 years old;
  22. Pedro Castro: zootechnician, hails from Maringá and is 32 years old;
  23. Ninha Santiago: Underwater photographer, from Parnambuco, 33 years old;
  24. Let them know: Fishing monitor and tattoo artist, he is from Pataxó people, Bahia, and 27 years old.

About No Limit 2022

On the edge
In this sense, check everything about No Limite. Source: Wikipedia

No more days to start no limit! The program premiered on May 3, and Flavia Assis was among the 24 participants

In this sense, the reality show is based on the “Survivor” model of the United States and divides participants into two tribes, competing with each other in resistance and aptitude tests, privilege tests and immunity tests. .

The show will air every Tuesday and Thursday under the direction of Fernando Fernandez. However, there will also be an additional edition on Sunday, where Anna Clara will interview the dropouts.

In this sense, there is only one winner in the competition and he will carry a prize of R $ 500,000.

That way, we’ll follow the reality show closely at Fashion Bubbles!

So don’t miss the website news of the program, information about the participants and much more. Also, stay tuned to our No Limit Channel!

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