Who is BIA DORIA? How old are you Learn all about João Dória’s wife

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Beatriz Maria Betanin DoriaMore known as Married, A 62-year-old Brazilian plastic artist. However, she is also known for her marriage to the former governor of So Paulo, Joao DoriaAnd some Debate In the couple’s public life.

Born in Santa Catarina, Bia Doria was the second daughter of Italian immigrants and lived in Sওo Paulo in 1980. It is also in the Villa Nova Consece that he maintains it. Studio Active

Visual drawing

When it comes to art, Beatriz is inspired by Doria Nature, Its form and fauna. One of the sources of his work is discarded wood, such as stems and roots, where he recovers and regenerates.

“I identify with that Feedstock, It is a permanent exchange, which begins with touch and remains when I discover the form that nature transmits to me and is hidden in dialogue “, explains the artist.

The sculptures, instead, seek “expansion of consciousness,” as detailed by the portal Catálogo das Artes.


Married Joao Doria Jr. While working at Embratur. At the time, he worked with the company’s public relations, while he was head of the organization.

The two have been married since 1987 and have been together Three children: Carolina, Felipe and Joao Doria Neto. All in all, they 35 years of marriage.

Elite controversy

Sometimes, Married Due to which the media has been affected Statement Considered elite or inappropriate. One of them happened in 2016, shortly after Joao Doria won the mayoral election in Sao Paulo.

On the occasion, artist Folha de Sao Paulo announced that The city center is not known – and its famous spots such as Parque Augusta and Minhocão.

The statement, of course, did not resonate well with her and her husband. Even her personal website was hacked and since then, Bia Doria has avoided giving interviews.

When asked, Beatriz said she gets along well with “more humble” people and even compares herself to Eva Perron – an Argentine actress and political leader.

Another controversial incident occurred in an interview with Val Mercury, where Bia Doria stated that she was unwilling to help the homeless with food, water or clothing. His argument was that it would be a way out of human responsibility.


In 2018, a new scandal hit the Doria family. That’s because an alleged intimate video with six other women in Joao Doria’s bed was leaked on the web.

It didn’t take long for the then Sao Paulo government candidate to speak out. In one video, Joao Doria appeared next to his wife and classified the recording as “fake news.”

Bia, in turn, goes silently beside her husband during the 1 minute and 11 second video. In the end, she hugs her partner. Even his behavior has been questioned on social media.


Already in 2020, Bia Doria One has to deny Rumors That he would distinguish himself from the political. “I was shocked by the news of the divorce and I contacted my husband to find out,” she explained to Veja.

At the time, the couple was facing a perceived crisis as Joao devoted himself more to his work than to his family. “It’s true, But it was a ‘difficult’ one. My way of drawing attention and analyzing what the family wants, “explained Bia.


Today is Monday (23) morning. Joao Doria It has been officially announced that To give up Will run for president in 2022 The politician issued a statement announcing his decision.

“I understand that I do not like PSDB leadership. I accept this reality with my head held high. I am a person who respects common sense, dialogue and balance,” he declared.

“The PSDB will know how to make the best decision of its position for this year’s election. I moved away from the conflict With a wounded heart, but with a light soul, the feeling of accomplishment and the mission is well done “.

Coincidentally or not, about a month ago, Bia Doria talked about the possibility of her husband running for president. This is what the artist said in an interviewWas not in favor of the idea.

I don’t want him to be a candidate, I want him to come home. My kids miss him a lot, but we can’t interfere in a man’s head, “he said.

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