Which of the 3008, 5008 or 308 will eat the Peugeot 408?

With the arrival of a brand new mannequin from a producer, it is at all times the identical story: will it totally combine into the catalog, merely rising the model’s gross quantity, or nibbling shares from its cousins? The most hanging instance we will recall is Audi’s A5 Sportback. Prior to its creation, the ranges had been fairly easy with the A4 enjoying the position of “standard” sedan alongside the A3. But when the A5 Sportback arrives, the A4 slowly loses floor. So a lot in order that extra A5 Sportbacks are bought right here than A4s. Will we have now the identical environment of inside competitors at Peugeot? This is clearly very tough to foretell since different components come into play, akin to the “novelty” impact and the getting older of some fashions (3008/5008) which may naturally sluggish them down. In any case, the Peugeot 408 ought to very logically intrigue clients who have not requested themselves the query of options to the 308 or 3008.

Spectacular images of our 408 wheel after 600 km!

Which Peugeot 408 will be eaten by?

The 408 inherits the expertise and engines of its C-segment cousins, however in a extra trendy structure.© Bernard Rofignac

A quite simple first aspect can provide us a touch: the place of the Peugeot mannequin in the configuration. 408 leads, 208 and 308 observe. The 3008, which has been Peugeot’s goose thus far, has moved away a bit. Obviously, 408 is forward because it’s innovation! But web customers searching for new vehicles will have 408 in entrance of them first.

Can we assume that 408 will mainly eat 3008 tables? It’s too early to inform, particularly since a slowdown in gross sales of the 3008 has already been noticed. And then, the arrival of a brand new engine in the Lion Star SUV permits it to go a bit downhill, even when the 3008 will have a double mission: to maintain tempo with the takeoff of the 408 and … face the Renault Austral.

Our check of the Peugeot 408

The Peugeot 408 also can beat the 308 SW, since the two fashions’ principal benefit, past very private stylistic issues, is trunk quantity. We measured at 380 dm3 in the station wagon, beneath the shelf and beneath the trunk. A superb worth, which needs to be in comparison with the 408 when it goes by way of our professional fingers as half of our impartial testing. But we will already inform that the 408’s huge and lengthy trunk entry provides it the edge.

As for the 5008 and 308, we have now somewhat extra problem believing that the 408 will hunt on this land. The 5008 is a automobile with a robust household vocation with seven seats and the 308 is a a lot smaller mannequin than the 408, and in addition a lot inexpensive: between the 308 and the 408 there may be a couple of 4000 € distinction between the PureTech 130 EAT8 with iso end. In our comparability train, we opted for the Allure Pack, which is current on all the fashions talked about right here.


Since we’re in the center of the World Cup and making bets will be enjoyable, let’s get somewhat moist. We can assume that the phenomenon of inside cannibalization at Peugeot, The 408 will particularly hit the 3008, which is slowly approaching renewal. Especially since the 3008, with the equal Alu Pack end, is costlier. And let’s not neglect the 508 which already sells comparatively lower than the 308 and 3008and which ought to undergo from the presence of 408.

But nothing is much less sure about this UFO on wheels. It might simply as simply carve out a phase of its personal at Peugeot and easily improve gross sales with out stepping on others. That’s most likely what producers are hoping for, even when, with inflation and a potential slowdown in automotive demand, progress prospects in Europe appear restricted at the second.

mannequin the value
mannequinThe Peugeot 408 PureTech 130 EAT8 packs a punch the value€36,740
mannequinPeugeot 408 Hybrid 180 Allure Pack the value€44,440
mannequinPeugeot 3008 PureTech 130 EAT8 Allure Pack the value€37,210
mannequinPeugeot 3008 Hybrid 180 Allure Pack the value€45,870
mannequinPeugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 EAT8 Allure Pack the value€32,350
mannequinPeugeot 308 SW Hybrid 180 Allure Pack the value€41,320

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