Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

A Sessão da Tarde has some films that are virtually fixed in the catalog and, from time to time, takes over the programming of Globo. Many of them feature children who rose to stardom at a very young age and became known around the world.

Some of these former child stars, such as Drew Barrymore from ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) and Lindsay Lohan from Operation Cupid (1998), are still in the spotlight today.

Others, such as Mara Wilson from Matilda (1996) and Mason Gamble from Dennis, and Pimentinha (1993), have left their artistic careers to devote themselves to other areas and have left cinema in the past.

Find out where the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session are:

McLean Culkin

Macaulay starred in classics such as Kulkin Home Alone (1990 and 1992) and Richie Rich (1994) and began acting at the age of four, rising to stardom with the sequel to the Christmas movie where he played Kevin McCallister, a role that earned him a Globe nomination. . Gold

In 1994, at the age of 14 and with a seven-year career, he had already participated in 15 films and decided to take a break to get “a normal life”. In 1998, the actor returned to the artistic world, appearing in a clip for Sunday, the band Sonic Youth and since then, he has made some appearances in films and series, but no work has been able to replicate the great success of his children’s features. .

In recent years, Kulkin’s personal life has been the subject of much controversy over drug and alcohol addiction and even the sexual abuse controversy alleged by Michael Jackson (1958-2009), which was denied by both sides. The celebrity had a daughter named Dakota, who was born in 2021, the result of his relationship with actress Brenda Gane. The 41-year-old actor’s last work was in the tenth season of the American Horror Story series, called Double Feature, where he appeared in six episodes. In 2013, Macaulay formed the band The Pizza Underground.

Drew Barrymore

Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

Drew Barrymore made his debut at the age of eleven months, when he appeared in an advertisement, but at the age of seven he became one of the most famous child actresses in Hollywood, playing the role of Garty in ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). The celebrity had a tumultuous adolescence, involving alcohol, drugs, and suicide attempts, which led to hospitalization in rehabilitation clinics.

The controversies of her youth did not stop the actress from building a successful career and she already has more than 60 films under her belt, including blockbusters like Scream (1996) and Charlie’s Angels (2000).

At age 47, Barrymore has dated several celebrities, but with industry consultant Will Koppelman he had two daughters, nine and eight-year-old Olive and Frankie, respectively. Recently, the actress regretted the difficulty of dating as a single mother. Since 2020, he has hosted The Drew Barrymore Show, distributed by CBS.

Wilson died

Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

Mara Wilson became interested in the artistic world after seeing her older brother Taraka in some TV commercials. The little girl soon appeared in commercials and was invited to star in a number of films, including A Almost Perfect Babysitter (1993) and Miracle on 34th Street (1994). However, in 1996 he stood out as the protagonist of Matilda.

Since then, the 34-year-old actress has done a number of works, the last of which was the 2005 Cinderella drama. Currently, Wilson lives in New York and in 2016, declared bisexual.

Mason Gamble

Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

Unlike Mara Wilson, Dennis star Mason Gamble did not have a very extensive artistic career in Peppermint (1993). After gaining notoriety as a naughty boy, the actor appeared in films such as Peak-a-Bu (1996) and The Power Game (2002).

Gamble dropped out of the spotlight in 2005 and entered college, where he studied marine biology. After graduation, he participated in Golf in the Kingdom (2010), but now, at the age of 36, he is working as a school teacher.

Lindsay Lohan

Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

Lindsay Lohan began her career as a child model and appeared in over 100 commercials, but gained popularity in 1998 through the movie Cupid. As a teenager, actress Freaky Friday (2003), Confessions of a Teenage Girl in Crisis (2004) and Mean Girls, from the same year, were her first features outside of Disney.

Still in 2004, Lohan began his career as a singer, and after Luck in Love (2006), the actress began playing smaller and more adult roles. In recent years, the famous name has become the headline of controversial news, involving allegations of justice, drug use and even the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store.

At 35, his last film was the 2019 thriller Between the Shadows. While on TV, Lindsay starred in an episode of the 2021 animated series Devil May Care. Currently, the artist is involved with investor Bader Shammas.

Travis Tedford

Where are the kids who succeeded in the afternoon session classics

Travis Tedford is best known for playing the potato in Little Rascals (1994). The actor did not have a very long career, but he did appear in other films, such as Slappy and the Gang (1998). Her last film work was A Final (2010), nine years after not appearing in a feature film.

He is currently 33 years old and had a small appearance in a TV series like All That in 2002.


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