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Grayson, a senior Orioles senior, has been diagnosed with lat muscle problem, the vice-president and general manager announced Thursday Rodrigue Mike Elias announced the MRI in Baltimore.

The exact cause of the trauma is still unknown, and there is no time for Rodriguez to recover. The only confirmation at the moment is that Rodriguez is running out of time, a major obstacle as the 22-year-old prepares for promotion to the major leagues.

“We can’t say he’ll miss the time, and maybe a little better time,” Elias said. “Obviously very disappointing according to the 2022 calendar and our hopes are his, but it is something we can overcome.”

Rodriguez gave up his start Wednesday night for Triple-A Norfolk after 5 2/3 innings and what the right-hander initially said felt like a backbone, a company source well aware of what was going on said The Baltimore Sun. One source said Rodriguez felt dehydrated.

Orioles announced after the game that Rodriguez had suffered a “concussion” and the club flew Rodriguez to Baltimore on Thursday morning for a re-trial. An MRI revealed the final complication, although a source close to Rodriguez said doctors told him it was “not as difficult as it looks.”

It is a known time for pitchers to recover from lat and moon muscle problems. Elias could not estimate the time from Rodriguez, who could meet with other doctors in the next few days to receive additional information.

Whether it orders Rodriguez out in the 2022 season remains unclear. Elias said he was on his way to a spring training center in Sarasota, Florida, to renovate.

“It ‘s not something that I think right now seems like a long time ago,” Elias said. “Guys, we’ve been pulling our muscles all the time. But it is a timely challenge for him and Orioles. “

Rodriguez passed the first 5 2/3 innings of the Tides, but threw what looked like a fastball that landed on a game radar shot at 89 mph, a sharp drop from its normal speed. Rodriguez’s running ball usually travels in the mid-90s and can jump up to 97 mph.

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The competition came from coach, director Justin Ramsey and manager Buck Britton. After lengthy negotiations, Rodriguez was removed from the game. He allowed himself to be beaten twice and did not run and be beaten four times until then, continuing the high-stakes game.

“A 22-year-old boy at the end of his career I think he counts all sorts of things that take a long time instead of rushing him back,” Elias said of the return to the hill.

Rodriguez, ranked No. 1 Three games in baseball America, won the International League Pitcher of the Week award on Monday for a good start last week, when they beat 10 strikers and stopped twice in seven games without a tie, throwing 88 high pitches. .

Rodriguez’s first major league game looks set to come out on Wednesday. He stayed last month at 85, but the limit was raised to 95 before starting last week. He didn’t reach out because of how effective his exit was, but it was another sign that his growth was progressing well.

Rodriguez is expected to reach 100 stadiums in small groups before receiving promotion. He finished on 63 Wednesday before the injury. Elias has preached the importance of a gradual approach, saying earlier this year that Orioles should “pay close attention to this child’s work, because of who he is.”

A possible call for Orioles would take place next week. Instead, Rodriguez will need to strengthen himself, slowing down his appearance in the major leagues.

“This time it stinks,” Elias said. “We looked at his beginnings carefully and meticulously and prepared him, from the hard work to whatever you could think of to a job that would be long and rewarding. Obviously, this will be delayed.”

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