When the Celtics (and Jayson Tatum) needed it, Jaylen Brown stepped up. You saw what happened next.


The responses to how the Celtics have changed dramatically and a thrilling victory in their first last game since 2010 are numerous and even more so.

He would like to salute the special effort of the fourth quarter, among others, Al Horford (11 of his 26 points), Derrick White (two of his 6-six points out of 21), and in other words, Tatum, who shared four. of his 13-step support games on the game that did not move in an attempt to play well).

But there was one player who, with a strong and aggressive game in the first of four, lit a match that turned into a comeback storm. Tell us who it was, Mister. Horford:

“I think for us the key was Jaylen Brown,” Horford said from the game podium. “[At the] from the fourth quarter, and how he came out and played, with his strength and scoring, as well as Rob Williams getting dunk. [off a Brown pass]. I just think this was the beginning for us about something there. “

It was the beginning of something, something special and something that will be remembered for a long time if the Celtics win the series. And it came at a time when it was understandable to wonder if the Celtics were gone, at least tonight.

The Celtics led 54-52 to a halt, having completed 21 minutes in the first quarter from Steph Curry. But the Warriors came out on top in the third quarter, beating Celtics 38-24 and leading by 12 points on four.

If your mind turns to Game 2 and what the Celtics would need to do to win the Chase Center series before moving to Boston, hey, you can’t be blamed. The Warriors can make you feel invincible.

But Brown, who shot 66.7 percent from the fourth quarter in the game, did not think so.

“We knew he was coming out [aggressive] in the third, and he did so. It came out well, ”he said. “In that moment, when you realize you are letting someone else do what you do not want to do, once you realize that, you can go two ways: you can let it snow or you can play another game, realize things.”

After shooting 6 of 17 through the first three rounds, he didn’t just think about things – he took it.

About 11 minutes later, he hit a jump on Draymond Green. (The army continued to lead, 92-82). Then, the 3rd point on Jordan Poole’s face, his first performance in six attempts until then from the back of the line (92-85). After Poole’s return, the Brown appointed Robert Williams III to perform the thunderbolts (92-87).

Warriors coach Steve Kerr called the time, but it didn’t end anything. Brown jumped over Andre Iguodala’s pass from the sky and found Payton Pritchard to rest quickly (92-89). Iguodala finished off a 9-0 win over the Celtics with a dunk, but Brown followed suit with a 3-point deficit (94-92).

The Celtics did not take the lead and command the game until a few minutes later, when Horford hit 3 points back to lift the Celtics 109-103 which would have been a 17-0 run. But Brown helped secure the victory with a nifty plate to Horford in the 3rd regular game with 48.3 seconds left.

Horford completely changed the Chase Center team, probably 10 percent of those who can tell you who Nate Thurmond was, after the last Celtics basket last night. But it was Brown who lifted the weight early in the quarter to make it all possible.

Jaylen Brown would not be denied against Draymond Green in the second half.Ezra Shaw / Getty

Brown finished with 24 points – second for the Celtics to 26 for Horford – in 38 minutes of play. His ten points came in fourth, as well as all five of his assistants. The second figure is very interesting because Brown loves to play sometimes he gives him when he is very happy.

“It’s something they grow up learning,” said Celtics coach Ime Udoka.[He’s] they are still learning to play in the group and to read appropriately at times. At the beginning of the game … he had some changes and a hard shot. We showed that during the break that we should not take any of it.

“[He] started well in the fourth quarter. With JT suffering a little, we went to him a lot. He was too harsh to go down. The authorities turned him down and fired what he wanted. ”

Brown shot what he wanted, and helped his teammates also shoot what they wanted. Before the Warriors were aware of it, they were criticized by Celtic for their post-Celtic form, a type of goal that they often give instead of hardening.

Why What did the Celtics do?

Easy: He followed Jaylen Brown’s lead when the deficit turned back, and then a very convincing victory.

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