What to do with the kids on vacation

Got a weekend off to enjoy with the kids and looking to do something on vacation? So, that’s the right content, because we’ve come up with one Amazing tip for holidays with kids.

Busy routines prevent you from enjoying leisure time with the little ones, even on weekends. So, when it is possible to reunite with your kids, it is important to try to make the most of it.

So start planning your trip and its schedule without wasting any more time Holidays with kids.

What will be the destination?

The first thing is to choose your travel destination. At this point, the ideal is to set aside a place with attractions for fun and relaxation for the whole family.

Beach Park is one of the perfect destinations for kids to enjoy the holidays. Just 20 minutes from Fortaleza / CE is on the heavenly beach of Porto das Dunas, in the municipality of Aquiraj. The place has attractions for children and adults.

And it doesn’t matter if you want to live strong emotions or like “shade and fresh water” moments, complex all styles are happy.

Attractions to enjoy with children

With a structure of more than 200,000 m² Ceará Beach Park In addition to a gastronomic space on the beach combines a water park and 4 resorts. Everything you need to survive your fun moments with plenty of sunshine and beach.

The attraction of Aqua Park (Water Park) is divided into three sections: Family, moderate and fundamentalist.

Also, each device has specific rules, such as minimum and maximum height, mandatory adult supervision, weight limitation for pregnant women and / or patients with heart disease, among others.

Therefore, before choosing toys for children to enter, check the signs and follow the staff instructions. In your case, as you want to ensure fun for your kids, family attractions are more appropriate.


With 4,400 m² and 3 million liters of water, this attraction is made up of two huge pools, the deepest part of which has a gentle slope, which is 1.80 m deep.

So, one pool is ideal for those who want to enjoy the waves as if they are on a beach and the other for people who just want to float in the waves. The infrastructure includes three islands with chairs, a bar, a rest area and 250 coconut trees.


This eight meter wide water slide is located on Treasure Island. Here, you and your kids can glide smoothly and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Aqua Baby

This attraction is limited to children 1 m to 1.5 m tall. The toy has a 25-meter course for lots of adventure and fun. Your kids will be able to slide in a float until they reach the pool at a speed of 13 km / h.

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Aqua show

More than 78 rides and water jets make this attraction the most fun for children. You and your kids will be able to try out a variety of activities at the attraction complex, the giant bucket that pours over 1,800 liters of water at a time.

Aqua Circus

Here, the little ones can turn into titrotrop walkers or ballerinas. With a rubber floor and two tarps, the stables became a fun and safe place for children to have fun. Around the attraction, there are comfortable loungers for you to watch your kids play.

Noah’s ark

The attraction includes 10 water toys, three baby ramps, two cascading mushrooms, a huge waterfall and several water jets. Equipment is limited to children up to 1.50 m tall.

Enchanted flow

Here, you can even relax and have fun. A mesmerizing stream for you and your family to enjoy all the power of Beach Park. Next to the equipment, there is still a restaurant and children’s area.

Wealth Island

In this place, your kids will be able to discover the secrets of the pirate world and control the fierce aquatic snakes. A lighthouse with a water cannon, a castle wall with six pieces of artillery, and a spiral water slide is part of the high seas sports world.

What you need to have the best vacation with kids

Beach Park also offers There are four resorts for your stay inside the complex. Wellness Beach Park Resort has three swimming pools, a kids club with a toy library, a painting studio and supervised activity, a sports court and other entertainment options for all ages.

If your family is large, resorts are a great option, as the rooms can accommodate six to nine people. In addition, it has the option to relax in areas such as whirlpools, spas, saunas and Zen tents.

Beach Park receives more than 1.3 million visitors worldwide annually. It is no less that this Perfect setting for surviving pure fun moments with family.

Click to see the full structure of Beach Park and plan a vacation with the kids!

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