What to do with the kids kurtibate?

The Plural Presents a list with tips on what to do in Kurtiba with children. Whether in good weather or bad weather. (Lastly, you can’t stay in Curitiba and count on a sunny weekend.)

Among the options selected by the newsroom are an amusement park, a planetarium and even a real mummy (!). Yes, you can visit a museum and see a real mummy in Curitiba. Check it out below.

1. Eye-popping: Planetarium and observatory

In the rush of everyday life we ​​lose the beauty around us, but children always keep their eyes peeled for everything. And they do it with charm. Those who lived with them must have been surprised by phrases like “Look at the moon, it’s thin, it looks like a smile …”, or “I saw, I was the first star that appeared”.

Indeed, the sky is striking, even more so for the little ones. So an unusual program, in addition to being good and cheap, took them to the Collegio Estaduel do Paran – – CACEP’s Center for Astronomy and Planetary Observations.

Planetarium sessions open to the public are held once a month, always on Sundays, at 11 a.m. (lasting one hour). And children under the age of six may participate. Also, admission is free, but you must arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to ticket distribution and then wait for entry.

The next date is May 15 and the theme is “The Milky Way”.

Night session

For those curious who don’t go to bed early, there’s another option: go to the observatory after a night session. It takes place on Saturday, at 7 pm, and begins with a projection into the sky at the Planetarium (there at the Collegio Estaduel) which can then be observed.

At the end, at 8 pm, weather conditions allow, the caravan goes to the astronomical observation center of Campo Magro. The full program lasted till 11:30 pm. The next date is 14 May. Admission is free, however, transportation is at the expense of the visitor and among other details (download in offline mode of GPS application) one needs to be aware of the way. Just check the CACEP prospectus or website.

Space events can also be seen in the observatory. For example, during the lunar eclipse on May 15, there is a special schedule for observations starting at 9 pm (this should go directly to the Astronomical Observatory Professor Dr. Lionel Moro). The tip is to check the website, prospectus or call (41) 3234-5612 and get more information.

Mummy of the Egyptian and Rosicrucian Museum, in a photo of a virtual tour of the organization’s website. (Photo: Reproduction)

2. Wow, this is a real mummy

Curitiba is well served by the museum. One of them has a treasure trove of children’s imagination, especially those who love movies like “Night at the Museum” and “Indiana Jones”. This is the Egyptian and Rosicrucian Museum + Tutankhamun, which is a beautiful collection to arouse the taste and curiosity of the history of ancient Egypt among the visitors. The museum even has a real mummy.


Mummy Tothmeyer’s story is full of curiosity and is like telling kids to make the tour more interesting. It is hard to believe that he (the mummy) was not lost to the earth. There’s even a comic about Tothmea, available online.

Four-year-olds are not allowed to enter, but pay attention: the place closes quickly. From Tuesday to Friday, it is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. And on weekends and holidays, it is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ticket office closes an hour before the museum closes. You can buy tickets and see more details on the website.

3. A Classic: Amusement Park

You won’t even see the day you go from one attraction to another in an amusement park. These are great requests to expend energy on the youngest and even the oldest. Touches of nostalgia, which marked the childhood of different generations, are still present in toys such as ferris wheels and bumper cars.

For beginners, most surviving parks have more extreme versions of roller coasters, heart-testing options like kamikaze, and even some high-tech items.

Park Tupa

In all this we do not find Curitiba. However, some parks in the south of Brazil always offer a breeze. The park, for example, is in Tupa and will depart on Sunday, May 1st. “Of course” because the season can be extended, but there is no confirmation. Address at Av. Victor Ferreira do Amaral, in front of the old Pinheiro. Hours are 14:00 to 21:00.

Candy ville

For such beautiful days, Bambam Village may be a good way. There are several toys covered, which can save the ride. The attraction is beautiful for children, but there is no age limit. The park is located on BR-116, 15000 (Linha Verde, south side). It is open from Friday to Sunday, from 14:30 to 19:00.

Ticket prices for children under 13 are R $ 40. Children up to the age of 5 are entitled to a free companion. Adults who want to play pay R $ 20 for tickets, if they do not go to play, they do not have to pay.

gaucho curitiba ice cream
Gaucho Ice Cream Shop: Since 1955. (Photo: Reproduction)

4. For a classic Curitiba souvenir

Curitiba is not the most “tropical” capital, it is not a hot city. However, this did not stop the presence of ice cream in curiosity leisure moments. Trendy options go out of the palette stores that have been buzzing for a while, and inspired by Argentine and Italian creamy recipes reach stores with different flavors, or even innovation that serves cones, cups or bowls with much creativity.

Gaucho Square

But a click or memory engraved in the memory of an ice cream shop that is already part of the history of different generations, has a special taste. It’s nostalgic, no doubt. However, taking the kids to see it can be really great Point When skaters order a scoop of ice cream.

Those from Curitiba already know that the reference came from Sorveteria do Gaucho, in Praça do Redentor. Founded in 1955, the square is better known as “Praca do Gaucho” because of its ice cream shop, which remains active despite the crisis during the epidemic. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 19:00.

The ant

You can also entertain the kids, telling their childhood stories, with an ice cream on A Formiga from 1952. The oldest ice cream shop is located at Avenida Iguaku, 2011, in Agua Verde.

Since there are no tables in the space, the great thing is getting ready for a very strange program. You end up sitting a few steps between the entrance and the sidewalk around the store. Not a drop of ice cream can be avoided here or there, it is part of the journey. About a year ago, a new A Formiga store opened in Rua Geronimo Dursky, 1130, in Bigorilho.

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