What Brown needs to do next: Baker Mayfield’s perpetual speech – Terry Pluto

CLEVELAND, Ohio – I’m talking about Mr. Brown. It’s Baker Mayfield’s free site, because I doubt everything will change on QB for a while.

Q: What is Brown’s biggest need today?

Answer: It is the same thing they need to register: runner.

Q: What about Alex Wright?

A: The Browns opted for the Alabama-Birmingham third round of trade. He is a very good example. Brown loves his ideas. But he was not prepared to be a regular starter in the gymnasium. They can also play some games inside. Height, love him. In 2022, I want another old man across the D-line from Myles Garrett.

Q: Jadeveon Clowney?

A: It is a natural process. But when it comes to Clowney and contractors, who knows? He did not rush to sign, although he had a contractor during his minicamp last season in Cleveland.

Q: Who else?

A: I heard the Browns have an eye on another free veteran. I wonder if it’s Justin Houston. He just signed the so-called Tender Free Agent Tender. It is difficult, but it does mean that he may return to Baltimore.

Q: Another one?

A: There are names like Jerry Hughes (Buffalo) and Jason Pierre-Paul (Tampa Bay) who are now on the market. I like little 33-year-old Hughes. Assuming that Brown is right about Wright, he needs someone for a year to help.

Amari Cooper seems to be in a good position with the Browns.

Q: What about the recipient?

A: The return rumors of Jarvis Landry have been hot and cold for several months. My guess is that it ended for Landry when GM Andrew Berry spoke at a press conference on March 1 about being “grateful” to a former recipient. It sounded like goodbye then.

Q: Who else?

A: Losing in the story of Deshaun Watson / Baker Mayfield is a great opportunity for Amari Cooper. This can be flexible. I don’t see Cooper as a star, but he’s very good. Assuming Watson can play like he did in Houston, Cooper could be a good fit for the team. The Bleacher Report recently voted for Dallas trade Cooper for the Browns to be selected in the fifth round as one of the 7 Worst Moves of the offseason.

Q: Do they need another recipient?

Answer: Let’s find out now. Cooper and No. 1. Last year, many of us were thrilled that Donovan Peoples-Jones (DPJ) was making progress in WR. I still live in that camp. Mayfield’s physical problems and other problems at QB ended without the recipient being a benefactor.

Q: What about David Bell?

A: Brown loves this person. He is believed to have found the stone late in the third round in the Big Ten Receiver of the Year from Purdue. He could be the Rashard Higgins of the inconsistent race.

Q: Do they not want speed on the site?

A: The Browns have Anthony Schwartz, who loves the front office. Schwartz has an Olympic-caliber speed. He is a wise man. But he must stay healthy. I’m not a rider on him compared to Peoples-Jones. He also signed Jakeem Grant, a 5-foot-7 returnee who holds 100 passes (seven TDs) in his NFL career.

Tennessee Titans great host Julio Jones

Julio Jones has missed 13 of 33 games in the last two years, largely due to a hamstring problem.

Q: What about Julio Jones?

A: There are a number of reasons why the future Hall of Famer is still in the free market. He has played just 19 of 33 games in the last two years. She is 33 years old and suffers from severe hamstring injuries, a plague on elderly recipients. He caught 31 in 10 games in Tennessee, about 14 yards in touch. One was for TD.

Q: Can you take him on a business contract?

A: Probably. But you can’t bring him to expect more production. Some of me think Mr. Brown would have been better off with the team on the list right now. Another name is Ja’Marcus Bradley, entering his third season. It could be a time of opportunity for DPJ, Bell, Schwartz and others behind Cooper. The Browns selected Oklahoma midfielder Mike Woods Second in the sixth round, but I believe he is a developmental player who should go to the test team.

Q: Can you do nothing for the recipient?

A: Suppose Kareem Hunt remains healthy, as he was before 2021. Running in the back is a very important factor in passing. Still with Demetric Felton, another passerby returning. With either Watson, the Browns will receive a lot of revenue from strong teams David Njoku and Harrison Bryant. I do not see the urgency of the group to add another recipient.

Q: What more do they need?

A: I am very concerned with security. I want an old one in the end. I know he added Chase Winovich from New England, but he is coming into the season with a lot of pressure.

Q: What about security?

A: Here are some ways to protect yourself right now: Taven Bryan, Sheldon Day, Jordan Elliott, Glen Logan, Tommy Togiai and Perrion Winfrey. They can use another soldier on the spot, but the need is not so important as a means of self-defense. This could be a great opportunity for someone like Elliott or Togiai to establish themselves. Winfrey had the largest press conference in decades, so she was able to enjoy it.

Q: I want to say something offensive, and you keep talking about self-defense.

A: That’s why he needs to improve.

Q: What about Baker Mayfield?

A: Don’t go there today. This remains a Baker-Free Place, for at least 24 hours.


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