Week 1 – Buffalo Bills for the Los Angeles Rams to open the 2022 season; Denver Broncos at the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Ball

The NFL will open its 2022 season when last season’s final kicks off – at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, while the Super Bowl-champion Los Angeles Rams host Buffalo Bill on Thursday, Sept. 8, the teams announced.

The Bills-Rams mentions play a key role play between Matthew Stafford and Josh Allen, who directed the Bill to appear in a series. The game reflects the plight of the Rams, whose opponents are the most successful in the league than last season (56.7%). NBC will broadcast the game.

Monday Night Football opener gives some breaking news – Russell Wilson is making the Denver Broncos first appearance for his former club, the Seattle Seahawks, at Lumen Field. Wilson led the Seahawks to two Super Bowl appearances and nine successful seasons in 10 years. The game kicks off Sept. 12 on ESPN.

Other key Week 1 highlights include the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, a re-opening of Thursday night; the Los Angeles Chargers hosted by Las Vegas Raiders, re-launching the final 2021 regular season with playoff results; of the Cincinnati Bengals in the Pittsburgh Steelers, a rival protest against AFC North; and the Kansas City Chiefs to make the west trip to play the Arizona Cardinals, two of the most powerful cases in the wilderness.

The Buccaneers will face firefighting in the first month of the season, with Sept. 25 opener at home against Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers as well as a clash with Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs next week.

Other Week 1 games include the Jacksonville Jaguars, with new coach Doug Pederson, the Washington Commanders, and new quarterback Carson Wentz. Pederson coached Wentz in Philadelphia and won the Super Bowl with the Eagles, although Nick Foles was at center-back when Wentz suffered an injury.

A few more old quarterbacks will start with new teams. With the Cleveland Browns opening season for the Carolina Panthers, Deshaun Watson could join in after his trade from the Houston Texans this season, although the potential suspension for rape is significant.

New Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan faces Houston in the 1st week. Several key matchups, meanwhile, are also available on Sept. 11: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots in Miami Dolphins (and recipient where Tyreek Hill is starting work to expand the potential of Tua Tagovailoa), and Packers in the Minnesota Vikings.

“I hope to have an incredible team there,” Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell told Vikings’ website. “I’ve talked a lot about being on the sidelines, so I know what the Packers will be preparing for the opening. This week. I’m looking forward to seeing the stadium full of purple paint. It’s a great opportunity for us and a challenge.

“What a way to start your season – challenging and a good way to start what we hope 2022 will be a good one.”

Also, it will be the Browns at the Panthers, the San Francisco 49ers at the Chicago Bears, the Eagles at the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens at the New York Jets and the New York Giants at the Tennessee Titans.

The Jets, one of the biggest wildcards of the first season, open the season with four straight games against AFC North – vs. Batlimore, in Cleveland, v. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

The Week 1 game features 10 home underdogs, the most in NFL history in the first week of the season, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Teams that will be unveiled along the way and will be home in Week 2 include Kansas City hosting Chargers in the first Amazon Prime Video game on Thursday night.

Planners will have a Falcons flight to the rest of the year with games in Los Angeles (Rams) and Seattle in Weeks 2 and 3.

It has been revealed in the past that one of the three Christmas games, Denver in the Rams, will be aired by Nickelodeon and CBS. Another Christmas game is Green Bay in Miami in the 1 pm slot, followed by Tampa Bay in Arizona tonight.

Christmas will also be a competition, with the Raiders at the Steelers.

The traditional Thanksgiving games will feature Detroit hosting Buffalo, Dallas home for the Giants, and New England in Minnesota tonight.

More holiday money: 14 games on New Year’s Day, which will force other plate games to change from Jan. 1. The games expected to start in 2023 include San Francisco in Las Vegas, Miami in New England, and Denver in Kansas City.

Thirteen NFL teams – 49ers, Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Buccaneers, Charger, Chiefs, Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Patriots, Rams and Steelers – have the first five games. The Lions are the only team without a first-team, while the Patriots have four straight – since Nov. 24 to Dec. 18, three on the road and home game against Buffalo.

Also announced earlier was a global game. The Bucs and Seahawks will take part in a regular NFL match in Germany, on Nov. 13 in Munich. Green Bay will be the last team to play in Europe, facing the giants on Oct. 9 at the home of Premier League football team Tottenham in London. The same page also features Vikings and Saints last week.

Other international games include Broncos vs. The Jaguars at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 30, and the 49ers and Cardinals fought in Mexico City on Nov. 21.

Week 15 has a tripartite Saturday, Dec. 17, even five games scheduled for Sunday will not be considered until the end of the week. Possible with Miami in Buffalo, Baltimore in Cleveland, Indianapolis in Minnesota, Atlanta in New Orleans, and Giants in Washington.

Last week, Jan. 7-8, 2023 – all mid-phase matchups – will also have two games on Saturday. This will be confirmed at the beginning of Week 18.

“For months, we knew who we were playing for and where,” said Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, “but to see how it goes, where our last week is and where our opponents are happy with our coach. for their collaborators, to understand what they did and try to get the game started. ”

Nine teams will enjoy three game reserves: Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Panthers, Buccaneers, Rams and 49ers. Four key trips are three games: Kansas City, Miami, Green Bay and Philadelphia.

The game starts in week 6.

Teams have known their opponents since the end of last season, but the NFL is making a play around the release of the schedule, announcing the schedule, starting times and broadcasting all 272 game networks every single night in May. This will be the second season of the NFL following a 17-game plan, as the NFL and football players have agreed in recent staff discussions.

The fixed period lasts until Jan. 8, with Super Bowl ready for Feb. 12.

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