Waterpolo: World League, Settebello commits to the United States

The Americans received 13-9 and closed the first stage of Strasbourg so as, the Azzurri in the quarterfinals towards Serbia. Campaign: “We did the reverse of what was deliberate”

The first defeat comes (13-9) and the crew leaders go to the United States. In the Final Eight of the World League, in Strasbourg, Settebello produces properly and enters the quarter-finals as second. He will cross Serbia, third in the different group, who arrived in France with experimental coaching with out Olympic champions. The assistant Sandro Campagna doesn’t need to scale back the suspension: “We didn’t enter the water to play a superb sport. We did every thing towards our plans, and that’s what I remorse the most, when the opponents performed with enthusiasm. This younger crew, clearly, can not play three consecutive video games so shut in these teams. We have made many errors of nature and concepts. But there are difficulties that may exist on the path of development”.


Returning from a non-public faculty in California with the plan of three buddies, Americans and Blues give life to life’s issues. Campagna leaves Di Somma and Presciutti to relaxation, contemplating a few of the defensive pains that really happen. From the highway it’s clear that it isn’t the day of Italy, compelled to chase. We maintain for 2 halves (7-4 for the USA, Renzuto burdened by two negatives already in the 9′) even with a horrible shot 25%, then we submit to an accident, and likewise pay for some unlucky rebound and the expulsion of Sinamoni throughout the protest : 12-6 at the time the final one, Cinnamon out of protest, on Settebello pages although two failed to management double digits. In the final 8′ of the Academy, Dolce has been saved in grayness when amongst the winners (sixth at the Budapest World Cup) posillipino Stevenson shines, giving as mvp. For the remainder of the world, after the goleada with Canada (17-5) and a painful victory over France (9-8), a step again that may be redeemed tomorrow on the 14th towards Serbia, in the center of the seventh interval of ache. adjustments to the Fina program. Stay on RaiSport.

United States: Weinberg, Dodd, Abramson 1, Gruwell, Daube 2 (1 rig.), Ehrhardt 1, Hallock 1, Woodhead 2, Bowen 2, Stevenson 3, Farmer, Irving 1, Turner. Udovicic teams. ITALY: Del Lungo, Alesiani, Damonte 2, Iocchi Gratta, A. Fondelli, Cinnamon 1, Renzuto, Martial, F. Condemi 2, F. Ferrero 1, F. Cassia 1, Dolce 2, Nicosia. Everything. Campaign. SUPPORTERS: Peris (Cro) and Teixido (Spa). NOTE: sup. num. USA 10 (5 objectives), Italy 10 (3). Exp. Sinamoni at the protest at 18’013″. Exit 3 f. Renzuto 23’05”. At 7’18” Del Lungo saves a penalty from Irving. At 28’46” Weinberg saves a penalty from Damonte.

Friday the twenty second: group A, Spain-Australia 13-10, Montenegro-Serbia 16-8; group B, Italy-Canada 17-5, France-USA 19-17 on penalties (14-14).

Week 23: group A, Australia-Montenegro 9-8, Spain-Serbia 20-15. Group B, USA-Canada 15-13, France-Italy 8-9.

Sunday the twenty fourth: group A, Spain-Montenegro 12-10 on penalties (8-8), Serbia-Australia 14-7. Standings: Spain 8; Montenegro 4; Serbia, Australia 3. Group B, USA-Italy 13-9, France-Canada 12-8. Rank: Usa 7; Italy 6; France 5; Canada 0.

Monday twenty fifth: quarter Serbia-Italy (14), Spain-Canada (16), Australia-USA (18), France-Montenegro (20).

Semifinals Tuesday twenty sixth, finals Wednesday twenty seventh.

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