Warriors-Celtics teams, vessels: Stephen Curry, Golden State returns to winning list 2 Game 2

The Golden State Warriors’ performance against the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night was the meaning of the “response.” After throwing the first game of the series in front of their home fans for a poor performance in the fourth quarter, the Warriors knew they had to come back quickly, and that’s what they did.

The game was very close in the first 24 minutes, but in the third quarter, the Warriors did very well and separated a lot. Golden State won Boston 35-14 this season and did not look back. He continued the coast until the 107-88 victory, and tied the series 1-1 on the way.

Stephen Curry led the Golden State route with 29 points, 6 rebounds and four assists, while Jordan Poole added 17 points from the bench. As a team, the Warriors forced 18 turns in Boston and scored 33 points from the game. That was a major factor in the results.

Jayson Tatum climbed the Celtics with 28 points and six rebounds, but his performance was not enough as two other Celtics players scored two points. Now, the series goes to Boston for Game 3 and 4. Here are some of the biggest picks from Game 2.

Regression is a cruel master

After Boston fired a 21-of-45 shot behind the arc in Game 1, Draymond Green was not impressed. “He hit 21 3s with Marcus Smart, Al Horford and Derrick White plus 15,” Green. he said. “Those guys are good shooters, but what did they add …. 15-for-23 from those guys? Eh. We’ll be fine.”

Other than that, he had an idea. Green spent a lot of time Game 1 leaving Horford to focus on assists, but in Game 2, he put a new tone on what started. Green played Horford so aggressively that he was forced to jump the ball.

Boston still managed to score 10-of-19 starting from behind the arc, but finished 3-of-14 in the second half. Horford and Smart added 44 points in Game 1. They only got four in Game 2. In fact, despite the rainy season, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown still managed to add more than half of Boston’s points (45 of 88). The players who shot Boston in the Game 1 victory were much colder in Game 2.

It’s in the middle here. Boston is better than 3-of-14 from the bottom and worse than 10-of-19 because every team in NBA history falls somewhere between the two risks. But besides White and sometimes Grant Williams, the Warriors were very fierce in their search for the Boston bombers. In that sense, the number of 3-pointers Boston does not even mention the subject here. That is, the Warriors held the Celtics to 12 tries a bit (45 vs. 33) in Game 2. The Celtics had no counter. He could not reach 90 points as a result.

We are getting to know who these teams really are

The flexibility decreases as the game series goes on, and tonight was a good example of why. The Celtics would love to play four big men. Robert Williams III is playing poorly and Al Horford just turned 36. Anything Daniel Theis can offer them will be greatly appreciated. The Celtics team managed to move on with 12 points in the seven minutes they played in the match. The moment he decided to try to play with Stephen Curry must have been the time that Ame Udoka decided to cancel the entire series.

Steve Kerr’s revelations were forced on him. Andre Iguodala was released before Game 2 due to a knee injury. This prompted him to release Gary Payton II, who was DNP-CD in Game 1, 25 especially in the clear minutes. Not by accident, the Celtics turned 18 in Game 2, five more than they did in Game 1. Statistically, this was an obvious development. The Warriors produced 3.3 more out of 100 items during Payton’s regular season than he had played without him. In theory, this is the exact line between Boston’s success and loss. The Warriors scored 33 points in 2 games, 18 more than the Celtics. They won the game by 19 points.

The problem with Payton’s biggest moments is that Boston has no interest in watching him around. Payton accomplishes this in other ways. He’s a smart cutter and runner, but Golden State still needed to be differentiated in other ways, especially considering Green’s weaknesses as a shooter, so they tested Nemanja Bjelica, whose defensive weaknesses seem to be overstated. He did well against Luke Doncic in the final round and did well against Boston in Game 2.

As they tend to go into the Finals, after two games against each other, the Warriors and Celtics seem to now have a good idea of ​​the players who can survive in this series and those who can’t. Boston appear to have reached eight: Tatum, Brown, Smart, Horford, White, Pritchard and two Williams. Golden State has eight of its own members: Curry, Green, Payton, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Kevon Looney, Otto Porter Jr. and Jordan Poole. Bjelica made a compelling argument for slot No. 9 tonight. The history of Iguodala may interest him. But the Golden State days of punishing Theis seem to be over. From now on, we can only see the best players that these teams have to offer.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Thompson

Klay Thompson fired 4-of-19 off the field in Game 2. That was a difficult night but not a bad one. Thompson shot just under 40 percent off the field in 15 of his 32 regular appearances. They’re releasing a sms or two in each game series, and although the full game lines look good, they often need to save the first half of the tragedy and the second half better.

This is not to say that Thompson is some kind of train wreck. Rides have been as high as ever. His 32-point explosion to close the Mavericks was former Klay. He would still score about 20 points in each game in the postseason. But the Warriors are desperate for a second straight. Jordan Poole was absent and struggled for Game 1. Andrew Wiggins started slowly in the Finals. In the meantime, Curry is making almost every comeback in Golden State. Thompson is not a big fan of the ball, but the error goes very well when the Warriors can rely on him to create open shots and make his appearance inside the arc.

He has not been able to fight Boston defense in the Finals, and so far the series, shooting only 30.3 percent off the field. The Warriors could have better defended themselves from defeating Boston tonight, but will not win three more games with Thompson shooting like this. Their competitive hopes depend on the best type of him appearing more often than the worst, but night after night, the Warriors seem to have no idea who they have won.

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