Warrior vs. The Grizzlies have won, imposition: Klay Thompson has exploded with 30 points, leading Golden State to victory in Game 6

The Golden State Warriors head to the Western Conference finals after beating Memphis Grizzlies 110-96 in Game 6 on Friday night. It was the most controversial game all night, the Grizzlies showing off a big fight without star guard Ja Morant on the line. But in the end, the experience was a success, with the Warriors going five minutes to finish the Memphis season and returning to the finish line for the first time since 2019.

The Warriors were led by Klay Thompson who poured in 30 points, while Stephen Curry went late and finished the night with 29 points. On the other hand, Dillon Brooks did all he could to try and force Game 7, dropping 30 points, while Desmond Bane added 25 points. With the win, the Warriors will face the winner of the series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns, which will be decided on Game 7 Sunday night. Once Matchup is established, the final Western Conference will begin on May 18th.

Here are three trophies from the Golden State competitive victory against the Grizzlies on Friday night.

1. Death, Taxes and Game 6 Klay

If you’ve been sitting on a rock for the past few years, then you probably didn’t know the legend of Game 6 Klay, where he often went dangerous in the playoffs in the Game sixes. It all started in the 2015-16 playoffs, when the Warriors went down 3-1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the end of the Western Conference. Golden State was about to be eliminated, and Thompson stepped up to the plate and scored 41 points in the victory. The Warriors won the tournament that season, so Game 6 Klay was born.

I don’t know why Thompson always seems to be finding his way into Game 6, but Friday night against the Grizzlies was no different. Thompson finished with 30 points in an 8-of-14 cold from a 3-point point.

Thompson’s performance in the first half, where he raised 17 points to half time was the main reason why the Warriors had little lead after the first two games. He was on fire at the opening point, scoring 11 points in the first 12 minutes of the game and was not late. It is absurd to think that even after a full two years from the game after a serious injury you can still bet on Thompson to do well in 6 games.

2. It wasn’t pretty, but the Warriors finished the job

Golden State entered the game as fans of eight points for the Grizzlies, which is not surprising as Ja Morant was sidelined since Game 4. for most games. In about 43 minutes of play, the Warriors performed surprisingly carelessly. They finished the game by making 17 turnovers, most of which were careless goods. At some point in the third half, Golden State turned the ball over for three straight points as the Warriors tried to keep playing at home, but it only made things worse.

But with less than five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Warriors finally started to live out their mischief and stopped playing with their food. They continued to be a threat to the defense, stopped turning the ball over and instead turned the many chances of change they found. Andrew Wiggins was a senior in the fourth round, scoring 10 out of 18 points in the final. He was knocking down high-pressure 3s and was aggressive on the defense to keep away from the theft which led to a dunk. His violent game overcame Golden State rule to the ground. But as Wiggins set things straight in the fourth quarter, Curry finished, dropping two 3s to advance to the Warriors’ two-man lead, and Golden State went from there.

3. Applause to the Grizzlies

If anyone can tell you that they expect Memphis to finish as No. 2 West and passing the first part of the game, lying. Despite the results of the season, the Grizzlies have a lot to be proud of especially in the last two games of this series against the Warriors. Once Morant came down with a knee injury the Grizzlies were removed. But Memphis responded well in Game 5 which led to their victory over Golden State, and even in Friday night’s game, they stayed that way until the final five minutes of the game.

This is the best news in a big house that has happened in Memphis over the last few years. While Morant receives a lot of attention – and for good reason! – The last two games in the series showed that the Grizzlies are more than Morant and other good players. Guys like Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Dillon Brooks both climbed several times to help carry the weight on both ends of the floor. What’s even more alarming is that Memphis is a very small team with a very high roof so they can be involved in the playoffs for years to come if the Grizzlies can keep their foundations. We’ll see the team again – with a healthy Morant – and will sometime have post-season events to match some of the old teams.

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