Warrior vs. Nuggets, goals: Golden State survives Nikola Jokic, Denver in Game 5 to become the winner

The Golden State Warriors head to the Western Conference semifinals after defeating Nikola Jokic and Denver Nuggets 102-98 in Game 5 to complete their first series. Stephen Curry finished with 30 points for the team, while Gary Payton II climbed the top spot in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors stuck to the Nuggets ’late goal, causing them to have just 20 points in the quarter and a 20-8 lead in a close-knit game under Steve Kerr. He is now 16-1 at all times with a 3-1 lead – the only loss to come in the 2016 Finals.

Michael Malone’s Nuggets did well in the past in the playoffs and won 3-1. However, Denver failed to impress Game 6 and extend his postseason time. Jokic finished with 30 points, 19 rebounds and eight assists in the loss. The Warriors have advanced to face the winner between the Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves. Here are the great carriers of Game 5.

1. He may be a Nugget, but he is a warrior

While Nuggets head coach Mike Malone He spoke to reporters after Game 5, he had nothing but praise Nikola Jokic. “The boy is the definition of a warrior,” Malone said of the ruling MVP. The words may have been absurd considering their opponents from the Golden State, but the idea was heard at the end of the game, and in fact, throughout the season.

It was almost poetry. Jokic, playing almost all season without star player Michael Porter Jr. and Jamal Murray, was due to carry the Nuggets to a degree in history this season. The team that did not have the job to smell the playoffs managed to get the numbers. 6 seeds for their MVP. He stopped sweeping in Game 4 with a 37-point explosion. But with his season on line Wednesday, his body broke. He could no longer carry his friends. He left the game with a hip injury. If he had not played another minute all night, his leisure time would have been better.

Instead, he did not simply return, he ruled. Aside from the Monte Morris debut, Jokic is the only Nugget to score in the last eight minutes and six seconds into the game. You cannot ask for an explanation of his weather. Jokic carried the Nuggets as best he could. They were unable to carry the last few steps needed tonight, and their season ended that way.

But if the teams meet again next season, Murray and Porter are back in the fold and maybe some changes that have been scattered among the rest, don’t be surprised if the results are different. This fight was not fair. Despite this, Jokic watched the 15th highest-scoring player ever in Stephen Curry and was his equal. If his team can match Curry next season, then this could be one of the best results of the 2023 postseason.

2. Boogie Group

The past four seasons have not been kind to DeMarcus Cousins. During this time, he managed to play with the Curry-era Warriors, LeBron James Lakers, James Harden Rockets, Kawhi Leonard Clippers, Giannis Antetokounmpo Bucks and Jokic Nuggets … without winning a competition. He has been in four teams in the last two years alone, and has never played in a game. The NBA loses 31-year-old All-Star.

But as has proved this, the Cousins ​​still have a place in the league. Instead, they can have a home in Denver. More was revealed from the time he signed. He may not be a 30-minute player and his defense could be in jeopardy, but the numbers don’t lie. Before the Cousins ​​arrived in January, the Nuggets won by 217 points in the 823 minutes they played without Jokic. After that? This dropped to 38 points in 662 minutes.

He was very good at Game 5, scoring 19 points in an 8-of-12 shot to keep Denver from moving in the minutes that Jokic had to rest. Once again, Denver went beyond non-Jokic minutes. For the entire series, the Nuggets won the minutes Cousins ​​played by three.

He is a direct player at this point in his career, but that assurance is very important for Denver. Nuggets are built around Jokic’s special gifts. There are no repositories on Earth that can explain them. But for Cousins, they have a very close approach that they can ask for from low pay, playgrounds that can be frustrating and potentially confusing. He is no longer a great player. He doesn’t have to start. There are matchups where he will never be able to play. But Cousins ​​has insisted he will not have to wait until mid-season to find a job next year. If so, Denver should dedicate itself to its immediate storage space.

3. Power in numbers

Andrew Wiggins is making high-paying payments. Jordan Poole is heading there. There’s a reason why the Warriors are now starting all along with their three regular professionals. Most teams want players as much as they run on the ground. If Denver had Wiggins or Poole tonight, they would have played 45 minutes each.

Steve Kerr used 50 … plus. No one closed the game. Instead, they relied on Kevon Looney, a middle-income earner, Otto Porter, a low-wage earner, and Gary Payton II, to the surprise of a training camp, as their fourth division. That decision was very wise. It helps the Warriors defend themselves against the invading Jokic. Payton hit the biggest shots in his career. The Warriors progressed.

Golden State records since Steve Kerr’s arrival “have been strong on the numbers,” but they always sound like compulsion. You could say that Anderson Varejao’s extra minutes in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals ruined the Golden State competition. Their beginners have always played a few minutes in the name of participating in the entire team. With the exception of Kevin Durant’s age, it helped chemistry, but the statistics said it probably didn’t do much good for them in court.

But this team is something else. There is no compulsion in the depths of this season. The Warriors are in need of many star fighters so they shouldn’t use all of that. The amount of talent they have is so great that they are able to select and select players for certain events without worrying about the lack of talent. Even rookie Jonathan Kuminga gave them a very good second half. Andre Iguodala will be responsible for waiting for him to return. The depth of the Golden State is perhaps its greatest tool. The Warriors can play any way they want. A few other critics have not said the same thing.

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