Warrior vs. Celtics: Steve Kerr after Stephen Curry to finish third could destroy Golden State Game 3

Let’s say the next: Boston Celtics are a better team than the Golden State Warriors. I chose the Celtics to win the series at the start because they have a chance, albeit a small one at times, in almost every aspect of the game. Defensively, they are bigger and faster, and that goes twice until the end, when they stunned the Warriors with a 33 percent chance and a 26-point difference in drafting in their Game 3 victory.

The Celtics have a number of flaws that they would like to fight against Golden State junior defenders, and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown could take advantage of them. taking advantage of the head, the failure of the Warriors to lead the way. He goes down by scoring himself or pulling a shot and pushing to open the 3rd shot.

Golden State actually has one horse to ride.

His name is Stephen Curry.

Curry has been the best player on the list. He looks like his old man, a shooter all over the field as the Warriors go on a rampage to get his hot hand and not compromise Boston’s defense of the ball. Curry delivers, and was performing again in the third quarter Wednesday when Golden State turned a 12-point halftime deficit into a one-point lead in more than eight minutes.

That was the quintessential Curry flurry. Boston was stunned when the two-time MVP went for 15 points on a 4-of-5 3-point shot in those eight minutes before Steve Kerr made the decision to bench him with 2:53 remaining in the third. There were two reasons Kerr did: First, he wanted to give Curry a break so he could play the entire fourth quarter. Second, Curry had four flaws and Kerr did not want to make his fifth chance.

You do not hear much about this election. It was not even introduced in postgame game publishers. But I have a feeling that it was a wrong move, so it would just take the Golden State game.

Of course, I cannot say for sure. When Curry went off the bench, the Warriors were bottom two, and just lost two points in the final 2:53 to start the fourth to fourth place. But everything about the decision – to protect Curry in the fifth round, to give him a break even though he only played 27 minutes until then – was self-fulfilling, and revived the one team that Golden State should play in the series.

Once again, in the long run, Boston has opportunities almost everywhere. But Curry sitting on the heater could get rid of it all, and he was doing exactly that when Kerr threw water on the fire. There is no question that Boston was happy to see Curry go off the bench, and every time you do what your enemy wants you to do, you are not doing the right thing.

As far as Curry did, there is a real chance that the Warriors, instead of sitting four, could have entered the fourth round to six or eight. In theory, this is very different from both sides. Also, you can not just cool the flame retardant and wait for it to reheat three minutes later. Curry opened the fourth inning with a 3-yard touchdown run, and the Warriors were nine points down in the first two minutes of the quarter.

Boston did not look back.

The stories are told as parallel, but in most cases this does not seem to be the case. The Warriors are playing mountain. Standing close to the Celtics, they are few and far between. And as you strive to win the battle against the great enemy, the runner, it becomes necessary for you to face a great challenge when you get the chance.

The Warriors had a chance to finish third, with Curry starting in fourth, and Klay Thompson – who also had a third-place finish – for nine minutes.

This is six minutes, during the most important time of the game, with no brothers in the same court. When the splash bros did it right away, the Warriors had all the power. The Celts were on the ropes. And Kerr decided to play well and let them go.

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