Warrior vs. Celtics: Golden State needs more from Klay Thompson ‘challenges to progress in the NBA Finals

Anything written about the Golden State Warriors ’Klay Thompson guards related to the NBA Finale should be touched by his assertion that he is down and interesting, and inspiring.

Thompson missed two full seasons due to a serious physical injury and worked tirelessly to get back on the ground. There were some full-backs if they can come back if they do come back three times in the Thompsons’ Greenh Curry season, then the Finals follow suit.

All of these things happened, and they all deserve to be praised, even celebrated. But, with that being said, the Warriors just need more from Thompson – also known as the second “Splash Brother” – to move forward if they raise their fourth flag under Steve Kerr.

To say that Thompson has been cold in the first two games of the Finals would be absurd. In the 69 minutes he played in both games, Thompson connected with just 10 of 33 shots from the ground (plus four of the 19 in Game 2), and hit just four of the 15 attempts from the distance. He scored just 26 points, five rebounds and four assists. Thompson wasn’t really due in every game. Although Thompson struggled, the Warriors won Game 2 on Sunday night, 107-88, after Game 1.

Now, Thompson’s shooting is different from many other players who need a shot, as his presence on the ground creates a sense of self-defense due to the history he has made in his career. So even though he doesn’t drop himself, he helps open up the players, as he did here:

Thompson is not directly affected by the show, but pulls Jaylen Brown out of the scene. Brown does not want to leave Thompson open, and this opens the way for Curry to run from a dribble handoff. Such a price does not appear on paper, but Thompson brings it. He’s very important for the Warriors, however, when they shoot at the big video – as they did in the Golden State game just before the Dallas Mavericks (32 points out of 12 out of 25 shots) and the Memphis Grizzlies (30 points out of 11 out of 22 shots).

So how can Thompson get back to that? Maybe by delaying things, a little bit. It seems like he is struggling a bit in the Finals so far. It seems like he wants to drop big bullets that we are all used to seeing him hit that sometimes he forces things. He also seems to allow the frustration to get in, as he can be seen clapping his hands together and shaking his head as the misses began to pile up on Sunday night.

Boston’s defense is certainly to be commended for Thompson’s tackle on the list so far. They were not a very defensive team in the league in the regular season for no reason, and they have done a commendable job of reducing their form. However, if you go back and look at what Thompson missed on Game 2, you will see enough shots – especially for Thompson. Like this:

And this:

This is a shot that we have seen Thompson drop several times at his job. So obviously he is capable. While it may be a little trivial to say that they just need to do better to change what they are trying to do, there is some truth to this. Other than that, the NBA is not called a “make or miss league” in vain.

When Thompson shoots, the Warriors are the hardest to knock down. When he is not, well, they are still not easy to overcome, but they are insecure. In addition to Thompson just getting in and finding music, it is also clear that coach Kerr will continue to put him in charge of success. In Game 3, he may also consider running a number of specific sets of Thompson to try to get him to leave.

It is imperative for Thompson to shoot to raise his value to the Warriors at this time, as he did not return to form as a senior defender who was. He may have done so again, but he has come down a little slower than he is now, and that puts him in a position of being a security guard to a very high level. The military chose to protect Boston officials like Al Horford in some ways, instead of putting him in danger like Jaylen Brown. In the past, if Thompson had not made his shot, he was able to make a defense, but that is not the case at the moment.

Again, this does not mean knocking on Thompson, but the reality cannot be ignored. He just needs to be better than he was in Game 1 and 2. He can accept it on his own. Playing alongside the best shooter in the game at Curry, chances are there for Thompson, and it’s up to him to win. His ability to do so would go a long way in determining which team will win the Larry O’Brien Trophy this season.

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