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75 minutes: A well-prepared play from Ukraine is completely discarded by Shaparenko who decided to shoot 30 yards.

Down to the other end … Roberts carries the cross to the back post where Johnson is waiting but his shot goes back to the post.

Mudryk and Dobvyk are coming to Ukraine.

73 minutes: Johnson is working on the left. I would have been pregnant soon, allowing Page to bring in another player.

71 minutes: Sydorchuk and Shaparenko are in Ukraine.

Brennan Johnson replaces James in Wales.

69 minutes: Davies is putting in another good way to stop the attack. He has a tough game in Wales.

Zinchenko finds the wrong defensive part inside the box but his cross finds no one and he goes to score goals.

67 minutes: Malinovskyi pulls the ball over 25 yards, moves it to his left foot and flies away but the ball bounces.

65 minutes: Bale shows what he can do by slipping his pen to the left but his cross is poor and has been removed.

63 minutes: Wales broke and Ramsey overtook James – fired 15 yards that hit the Ukrainian defender and into the net.

61 minutes: “I do not name names to protect the culprits but one of the commenters on the food I see still says YOU-kraine (or EWE-kraine),” he said. maimelo Peter Oh. “Ukraine is doing good things now. Really should he organize?”

They have been a good part of many players.

59 minutes: Yarmolenko was punished for handball inside the box office of Wales and Lahoz, who received the first thrill of the game from the home team.

The Davies ’last win stops Yarmolenko from having the chance to go home from eight yards. Amazing protection.

“A few fans mocked Mike Dean, Jon Moss and smiled,” says Yash Gupta. “Lahoz the other side is rubbish.”

57 minutes: The bar was less prominent in the first half …

55 minutes: Ramsey bows the ball into the box with Davies and then passes through the goal but a blue shirt is there to complete it.

Ramsey has been relegated by Zinchenko but Lahoz plays because he loves life so much.

Ukraine needs v level! Mykolenko sends a low cross into the box; Tsygankov shoots at the goal and just sees Hennessey’s feet and Yaremchuk shakes his lines with a rebound, and sends.

53 minutes: James has started well after the break; winner Williams on the left could cause a lot of trouble in Ukraine.

51 minutes: Lahoz rushes aside to secure a Page of his objections regarding James’ aid to the Ukrainian defense. O Lahoz, you are evil.

49 minutes: Wales get out of their box thanks to a good performance from Williams, who raises James, walks in and picks Moore up at the left, allowing him to cut behind Ramsey who finishes off sending the shotgun. length of 12 yards.

47 minutes: Lahoz has a voice with a Ukrainian coach to tell him to calm down. The Spaniard also gives her a little bit on her stomach.

second half

Here we go again!

“I’ve seen a lot of games that Lahoz leads,” said Joe Pearson. “I don’t think I’ve seen him go to VAR once. It’s as if he thinks ‘every decision I’ve made is right, and don’t bother me with any different evidence.'”

“Why wasn’t that a penalty?” asks Ciaran Brennan. “I know it happened by chance from Allen but Yarmolenko won isn’t it?”

I thought it was a punishment. It may not have been clear and unambiguous or incomprehensible.

Half team: Wales 1-0 Ukraine

Ukraine is the best (only) side but Wales has very important goals and due to the inadequacy of tourists, it could be the second hardest half in Ukraine.

45 minutes: The Ukrainian corner comes from the left and hits Roberts in the buttocks but luckily it reaches Hennessey’s feet.

Two minutes added.

42 minutes: I feel like Wales is only interested in reaching half the time right now. Their best game here is Hennessey which means how the game is going.

Referee Lahoz lambasts James for running to Karavaev and telling the two players to get up. Lahoz is really a bad viewer.

40 minutes: Yarmolenko comes down from the box strangely when he comes in front of Allen and is caught in the heel. The VAR monitors long after Zinchenko’s shot from behind. In punishment!

38 minutes: Moore wins several battles with Zabarnyi to give the crowd another boost. Wales really offers everything for any challenges.

36 minutes: Like I said, Bale is the man of the big tradition.

Meanwhile, in Kyiv …

Currently watching Wales – Ukraine in a bar in Kyiv. A somewhat more subdued experience than I’m used to, but then in this country there are other things going on. Also, not much goal mouth action.

— Dan Sabbagh (@dansabbagh) June 5, 2022


Currently watching Wales – Ukraine in a bar in Kyiv. A much smaller event than I do, but in this country there are some things going on. Also, not a lot of objective oral action.

– Dan Sabbagh (@dansabbagh) June 5, 2022

OBJECTIVE! Wales 1-0 Ukraine (Yarmolenko og, 34)

James wins another free kick. Bale directs the ball from 25 yards out, scoring a goal from the left and the ball being tucked into the net by Ukrainian captain Yarmolenko.

This is going to … Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters
see? Photo: Rebecca Naden / Reuters

32 minutes: Yaremchuk play a beautiful first game on Tsygankov’s path but Hennessey rushes to end the accident at the corner.

Mykolenko enters the book after laying a hand on James to stop Wales running. There is a saying that the elbow is affected but that would be a silly explanation.

30 minutes: Yarmolenko kicks the ball inside the box before carrying the cross in the six yards and out of his shoe, only to see Ampadu’s head straight.

Zinchenko shoots from 25 yards a few seconds later but Hennessey returns. Ukraine is adding things here.

28 minutes: Bale did not bring much to the party here. He hasn’t played much football recently and it shows. He’s the man of the big event, however.

26 minutes: Bushchan walks around his punished spot. Will they be able to continue?

Zinchenko fired a shot into Ampadu’s abdomen and needed several seconds to stabilize.

Georgiy Bushchan seems to be in trouble here.
Georgiy Bushchan seems to be in trouble here. Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

24 minutes: Ramsey sends a beautiful cross from the right but it is above James’ head and Moore cannot get there quickly to return home. Journey to Ukraine.

22 minutes: Bale is taking his first shot at goal; taking a fall from Moore and then shooting very deep from 35 yards. I think he’s just watching.

Fear in the Welsh box. The cross arrives in Karavaev but failed his first attempt and the second was shut down halfway through Hennessey.

Gareth Bale has a keen interest in goal.
Gareth Bale has a keen interest in goal. Photo: Matthew Childs / Action Images / Reuters

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