Volunteers bring literary and recreational activities for children to Porto Trumbatas

With the themes “Reading Uncovers Unknown Worlds” and “Join this Meeting to Develop Your Student Feelings: Super Interdisciplinary Skills to Help Understand the Fields of Learned Knowledge”, the event was aired last Saturday (30/04) morning), Storytelling , Including literary workshops, competitions and theater. The move points to World Book Day, celebrated in April.

“The idea of ​​our volunteers was to employ students in both writing and acting and storytelling. So, the volunteers launched activities that allow students to be an integral part of the story, create different possibilities in reading and discover new worlds through imagination and creativity, “stressed Natasha Khoshnevis, community relations analyst at MRN.

Juliani Maia, coordinator of Elementary School II at Colégio Equipe, emphasizes the importance of students’ learning in the school and social environment. “This exchange of experiences with the help of reading clubs and volunteers is an added stimulus for our students, as the process of socialization begins with everyone: those who listen or tell stories, those who drive, those who teach well and practice interaction, among others. All of these actions contribute to the development of our children, “he added.

Joaci Lima, director of Colégio Equipe, emphasized the importance of partnering with companies to stimulate knowledge exchange. “On this day we shared a moment of partnership with the MRN volunteer team. If I may sum it up in one word: this day was an opportunity. We have the opportunity to share, to get to know each other, to discover and express talent because reading is the world of imagination. We are deeply grateful for the school and the family’s partnership with MRN. Let many things happen and we can do, every day, the best for education, “he said.

According to Silvana Polachini, a volunteer with the Volunteer Program, the group’s goal is to work in coordination with the neighboring MRN community, through the pillars that support this initiative with all stakeholders involved. He emphasizes that managing volunteer projects means creating conditions for the work to be done, taking care to involve a network of conversion agents.

“The program was created out of our commitment to run a program that encourages participation in social responsibility activities, develops a spirit of solidarity and citizenship among those who take the initiative, with a passionate and welcoming approach,” he noted. Among the pillars of MRN’s volunteerism program are: Encouraging civic practice and a sense of sustainable social responsibility, through organized volunteerism, encouraging our employees and community commitment to social issues, a transformative agent.

“Partnership with MRN was essential for this event, as it provides support for action. As this is a very important month for our students, in the context of celebrating Book Day, we realize that this support has made a big difference, as it has encouraged our students to read and write, as well as triggering their imagination. We are thrilled to have this partnership, “said Camilla Mendes, Coordinator of Colégio Equipe Elementary School I.

News – For this year, the program team has already created a schedule of activities with details of several projects created throughout the year and hopes to bring together 200 more volunteers for this work. In addition to dynamic readings, school tables and chairs will be renovated which will be donated; The educational work of cultural competition “proud to grow up with the nature around us”; English classes for children; Volunteer library; National Volunteer Day, including sports competitions; Assistance in Unified Health System (SUS) card revocation and registration with the National Social Security Institute (INSS); Handicraft fair; Community marriage; Action on Children’s Day and action to celebrate Christmas.

Created in 2019, the group expanded its activities by donating more than 500 masks, gel alcohol during the epidemic, and donating toys in December 2021 with more volunteers in the first face-to-face action. The initiative benefited about 400 children and distributed about 980 snack kits, 603 toys and 100 school supplies kits during Christmas.



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