Volleyball, Poland-Italy: Azzurri win the second set. World final at 1-1

Poland-Italy, the third set stays

Poland-Italy 8-9: assault outdoors of Kurek.

Poland-Italy 8-8: Bieniek misses a straightforward ball.

Poland-Italy 8-7: the first half of Anzani, who in favor of the digicam says: “Take this”.

Poland-Italy 8-6: battle administration, pointing to Poland. But now Italy cannot name the bother.

Poland-Italy 7-6: Lavia knocks down the Polish wall.

Poland-Italy 7-5: Giannelli, as a pilot, instantly reorganizes issues.

Poland-Italy 7-4: three laborious factors, it is time for De Giorgi to go away.

Poland 5-4 Italy do not look with Giannelli, closed dry.

Poland 5-3 Italy Polish Ace.

Poland-Italy 4-3: Romanò instantly solutions the wall instantly.

Poland-Italy 4-2: Sliwka Wall, Poland at +2.

Poland-Italy 3-2: and Janusz.

Poland 2-2 Italy Lavia misses the joke. The sixth mistake.

Poland 2-1 Italy after taking motion for a very long time, Romanò writes.

Poland 1-1 Italy Michieletto’s reply was unsure.

Poland-Italy 0-1: the first level is blue, the image of Romanò.

Poland-Italy, second set 21-25

Italy gained the second set 25-21.

Poland-Italy 21-24: Giannelli! Longest feats, two recoveries from Balaso’s world, in opposition to the legal guidelines of physics. Italian certification. Which comes after an infinite drawback, which lasted a number of minutes.

Poland-Italy 21-23: Giannelli is working amazingly. Semeniuk scored once more.

Poland-Italy 20-23: Michieletto wall, all Poles beneath.

Poland-Italy 20-22: assault outdoors Semeniuk.

Poland-Italy 20-21: Road! A rushing automobile that leads to a parking zone. Poland is looking time.

Poland-Italy 20-20: Giannelli’s deputy.

Poland-Italy 20-19: Fornal’s service error.

Poland-Italy 20-18: Semeniuk’s candy spot.

Poland-Italy 19-18: Anzani is determined, he was about to defeat his enemies.

Poland-Italy 18-18: there’s a Polish contact after the Punto Italia disaster.

Poland-Italy 18-17: protection Poland, how protection. Then Kaczmarek factors.

Poland-Italy 17-17: Michieletto, dunk in the center to signal.

Poland-Italy 17-16: Kaczmarek can go by means of the arms of our wall.

Poland-Italy 16-16: draw Italy! Romanò touches the wall together with his fingers. Poland is looking time.

Poland-Italy 16-15: Giannelli places it down from the midfield.

Poland-Italy 16-14: Micheletto’s profitable assault.

Poland-Italy 16-13: Lavia constructed by Sliwka.

Poland-Italy 15-13: good blue wall, however the ball comes out. Poland returns to +2.

Poland-Italy 14-13: Bieniek assaults with out leaping, one other good level.

Poland-Italy 13-13: Another nice wall, this time with Anzani.

Poland-Italy 13-12: Semeniuk places it on, with out complaining.

Poland-Italy 12-12: the blue wall in Kurek! Fly Balaso.

Poland-Italy 11-10: Poland is defending higher than Italy and is benefiting from it in offensive areas.

Poland-Italy 10-10: Giannelli drops Semeniuk on the server.

Poland-Italy 10-9: lovely blue pipe, closes Lavia. After the difficulties, nevertheless, the level stays Polish.

Poland-Italy 9-8: Galassi service fault, fifth blue foul.

Poland-Italy 8-8: this time Sliwka’s fireball will finish.

Poland-Italy 8-7: Sliwka reveals his class.

Poland-Italy 7-7: tremendous wall and Micheletto.

Poland-Italy 7-6: A pleasant break from Italy, Lavia brings us again to the backside of Poland.

Poland-Italy 6-4: Slewka error.

Poland-Italy 6-3: Kurek seeks and finds a option to win.

Poland 5-3 Italy Semeniuk finds Romanò’s fingers on the wall.

Poland-Italy 4-3: Lavia once more, despatched by Anzani.

Poland-Italy 4-2: Lavia crushes mercilessly.

Poland-Italy 4-1: Michelto can also be flawed.

Poland-Italy 3-1: Polish ribbon on the beat.

Poland-Italy 3-0: the first half of Bieniek. At the similar time Italy was referred to as by De Giorgi.

Poland 2-0 Italy outdoors of Michigan’s assault.

Poland-Italy 1-0: Kurek lands the first ball of the second set.

Poland-Italy, the first positioned 25-22

Poland gained the first set 25-22.

Poland-Italy 24-22: Poland is doing effectively in all the pieces at this stage of the sport. Put-a-point.

Poland-Italy 23-22: what a participant Kurek, even the Azzurri’s protection was not excellent.

Poland-Italy 22-22: Kaczmarek will get his first level at a vital second.

Poland-Italy 21-22: Poland does not discover any deviations in the assault, Italy put its head again in entrance.

Poland-Italy 21-21: ace from Bieniek. De Giorgi calls once more. A tricky time for the Azzurri.

Poland-Italy 20-21: Lavia’s assault ends outdoors.

Poland-Italy 19-21: De Giorgi referred to as time.

Poland-Italy 18-21: Ribbon and ball out, Italy is unlucky.

Poland-Italy 17-21: ace from Michigan, Italy at +4.

Poland-Italy 17-20: Semeniuk’s humor is out, the odds show it.

Poland-Italy 17-19: finest assault anybody.

Poland-Italy 16-18: second blue foul of the sport.

Poland-Italy 15-18: Error by Semeniuk, Italy at +3.

Poland-Italy 15-17: Romanò’s immutable type.

Poland-Italy 15-16: Many intelligent video games with each groups, in the finish Kurek’s energy ends.

Poland-Italy 14-16: Poland, down by two, referred to as the first trip of the sport.

Poland-Italy 14-15: stopping Janusz from rushing with Giannelli.

Poland-Italy 14-14: invasion of Italy.

Poland-Italy 13-14: Lavia curls her fingers in opposition to the Polish wall.

Poland-Italy 13-13: Kurek’s reply comes out.

Poland-Italy 13-12: protection organized blue, Romanò shortens the distance.

Poland-Italy 13-11: break in favor of Poland, the first time at +2.

Poland-Italy 11-11: Lavia up, tie knot.

Poland-Italy 11-10: Kurek once more pierced the blue wall.

Poland-Italy 10-10: Kurek’s fireball, unshakable.

Poland-Italy 9-10: Anzani raises his fingers, you’ll not go.

Poland-Italy 9-9: Another Polish error in the service.

Poland-Italy 9-8: Bieniek, 2.10 meters tall, breaks with out leaping.

Poland-Italy 8-8: Bieniek opens Lavia’s fingers.

Poland-Italy 7-8: Poland’s third mistake.

Poland-Italy 7-7: Long motion, enjoyable sport. Poland threw a heavy penalty after Michieletto’s foot restoration.

Poland-Italy 6-7: one other blue wall outdoors.

Poland 5-6 Italy Giannelli’s wall is air.

Poland-Italy 4-6: Romanò folds his arms at the free pole.

Poland 3-5 Italy Romanò joins for the final time.

Poland-Italy 3-4: Central assault by Kochanowski.

Poland 2-4 Italy Italy’s high protection, then Michieletto falls to the floor.

Poland 2-3 Italy response to our critics ends.

Poland 2-2 Italy Lavia places in her first ball.

Poland 2-1 Italy Italy calls it tough, however the level is Polish.

Poland 1-1 Italy Poland’s aim in the strike, the first level of the blue comes once more.

Poland-Italy 1-0: lengthy actions at the similar time, first pointing to the crowds.


Italy with a diagonal that introduced us this far: Giannelli-Romanò. Lavia and Michieletto going through one another, Anzani and Galassi in the center. Free Balaso.

It’s time to sing the nationwide anthem. It shall be performed in Katowice, Poland. Tonight the Azzurri will play in opposition to the crowd. One level to think about.

Italy will play the World Cup, tonight, beginning on the twenty first in opposition to Poland. De Giorgi’s males in the final sport of the match in opposition to the hosts after beating Slovenia 3-0. The nationwide workforce has not gained since 1998, the yr they final performed. On the discipline, like the gamers, there was our coach.


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