Volleyball, Italy-Slovenia dwell: Azzurri win the first two sets of the international semifinal

Italy-Slovenia, the third set stays

Italy-Slovenia 20-18: Cebulj fearlessly.

Italy-Slovenia 20-17: Michieletto’s assault twists the fingers of the Slovenes.

Italy-Slovenia 19-17: its similarity to Romanò, +2 Italy.

Italy-Slovenia 18-17: Italy is making a call after a dialogue between Giannelli and the choose.

Italy-Slovenia 17-17: Urnaut finds Giannelli’s little finger.

Italy-Slovenia 17-16: assault exterior of Urnaut.

Italy-Slovenia 16-16: Lavia’s shot goes large, De Giorgi calls time.

Italy-Slovenia 16-15: Two alternatives are thrown away by Italy, which complicates life a little bit.

Italy-Slovenia 16-13: Romanò has a fence, however the ball is in.

Italy-Slovenia 15-13: this time Urnaut hits the mark.

Italy-Slovenia 15-12: Urnaut chooses to shoot the seashore, alternative doesn’t pay.

Italy-Slovenia 14-12: Italians are impatient to shut and typically make the mistake of being too fast.

Italy-Slovenia 14-10: Romanò corrects the profile with a stone that breaks the parquet.

Italy-Slovenia 13-10: Italy is sweet to interrupt the Slovenian music.

Italy-Slovenia 12-10: Unfortunately for Slovenia’s protection, De Giorgi retires.

Italy-Slovenia 11-10: defensive error by the Slovenian wall, the recreation opens once more.

Italy-Slovenia 11-8: Italy loses Pajenk’s reward.

Italy-Slovenia 10-8: Mozic misses.

Italy-Slovenia 9-7: Balaso’s protection has failed.

Italy-Slovenia 9-6: Galassi places down the ball that was wanted to get again to +3.

Italy-Slovenia 8-6: blue safety shouldn’t be all the time good.

Italy-Slovenia 8-4: Lavia is forgiven.

Italy-Slovenia 7-4: Good assault by Mozic, nicely finished. Skill.

Italy-Slovenia 7-3: the different aspect of Campo Romanò shouldn’t be incorrect.

Italy-Slovenia 6-3: Lavia opts for a wall lob, it does not work.

Italy-Slovenia 6-2: Pajenk offers us a degree.

Italy-Slovenia 5-2: blue wall bug.

Italy-Slovenia 5-1: Italy was nicely positioned on protection.

Italy-Slovenia 5-0: Slovenia’s period is over, cruel.

Italy-Slovenia 4-0: The eighth blue wall, Anzani indicators poker.

Italy-Slovenia 3-0: as in the second set, Italy begins like a rocket. Slovenia nervous and in bother.

Italy-Slovenia, second set 25-22

Italy gained the second set 25-22.

Italy-Slovenia 24-22: the finest wall of Cebulj.

Italy-Slovenia 24-21: Mozic is the final Slovenian to drop out.

Italy-Slovenia 24-20: Romanò offers us 4 sets.

Italy-Slovenia 23-20: Mozic seems and finds a blue wall. This time he was not prepared.

Italy-Slovenia 23-19: Lavia, Lavia, once more Lavia. Crazy second set final time.

Italy-Slovenia 21-18: Kozamernik enters with out asking permission, Lavia does the identical.

Italy-Slovenia 20-17: Michieletto brings Italy again to +3.

Italy-Slovenia 19-17: Cebulj on the signal.

Italy-Slovenia 19-16: Slovenia feels the stress and misses a simple ball.

Italy-Slovenia 18-16: Slovene error in service.

Italy-Slovenia 17-16: Michieletto’s quick automotive, however the Slovenian doesn’t hand over.

Italy-Slovenia 16-15: Pajenk flows between Galassi and Michigan.

Italy-Slovenia 16-13: The Italian wall opens, then Balaso breaks by way of the Slovenian defence.

Italy-Slovenia 15-12: Lavia will get a deflection, Italy goes again to +3.

Italy-Slovenia 14-12: Good first half of Galati.

Italy-Slovenia 13-11: Kozamernik caught the ball.

Italy-Slovenia 12-11: Lavia’s good assault.

Italy-Slovenia 11-11: blue wall, is Michelto’s mistake in comedy.

Italy-Slovenia 10-10: a candy shot of Urnaut.

Italy-Slovenia 10-9: Romanò brings us again to the entrance.

Italy-Slovenia 9-9: Slovenia closes the longest streak of the recreation with a draw.

Italy-Slovenia 9-7: good is Micheletto.

Italy-Slovenia 8-6: Romanò will convey Italy again to +2.

Italy-Slovenia 7-6: Mozic’s largest assault.

Italy-Slovenia 7-5: spectacular dunks on either side.

Italy-Slovenia 6-3: ball from Mozic.

Italy-Slovenia 5-3: Galassi, the impenetrable wall is doing this.

Italy-Slovenia 4-3: Lavia brings Italy ahead.

Italy-Slovenia 3-3: Some blue errors convey Slovenia into the recreation.

Italy-Slovenia 3-1: Lavia instantly takes the anger out on the conflicting and shedding level.

Italy-Slovenia 2-1: the assault of the blue.

Italy-Slovenia 2-0: Italy returns to the subject with the identical willpower that closed the first half.

Italy-Slovenia, was first established 25-21

Italy wins the first set 25-21. Italy took half with diagonal Giannelli-Romanò, Michieletto and Lavia spikers, Anzani and Galassi in the center and free Balaso. Slovenia on the different aspect of the web with Ropret dribbling Stern T. dealing with one another, Cebulj and Urnaut spikers, Pajenk and Kozamernik in the center and Kovacic free. The first set-up and the Azzurri’s flying begin flew to 7-1. The passage of minutes, nevertheless, favored the return of the Slovenians who improved to -1 (8-7). De Giorgi’s boys, nevertheless, didn’t lose coronary heart and after a number of smears they returned to take management of the recreation by managing a slim benefit that was between 2 (15-12) and 6 lengths (20-14). Cretu in the meantime put Mozic in place of Stern, a change that contributed to a slight restoration for Slovenia: -3 (22-19). Italy, nevertheless, continued to current themselves at an excellent stage due to Giannelli’s ordinary preparation of altering the recreation by serving in the center and in his aspect always. Finally, the Azzurri are too good to withstand Slovenia’s makes an attempt and closed 25-21 to go 1-0.

Italy-Slovenia 24-21: Anzani offers Italy the first level.

Italy-Slovenia 23-21: Kozamernick and his ace, settled on the stage.

Italy-Slovenia 23-19: After the Slovenian place, Giannelli instantly turns round and brings Italy again to +4.

Italy-Slovenia 22-18: Lavia hurts the opposing setter.

Italy-Slovenia 21-18: Romanò misses, Slovenia at -3.

Italy-Slovenia 21-17: Giannelli flies by way of the air and smashes the floor with out mercy.

Italy-Slovenia 20-17: incorrect with Micheletto.

Italy-Slovenia 20-16: Pajenk is a incorrect blue wall, Slovenia is resting.

Italy-Slovenia 20-14: Giannelli defends, Romanò closes. The Italian exhibition in Katowice.

Italy-Slovenia 19-14: which performed on Romanò’s wall.

Italy-Slovenia 18-14: blue foul, then Anzani instantly places issues proper with an unimaginable dunk.

Italy-Slovenia 17-13: Italy spreads with Lavia, +4.

Italy-Slovenia 16-13: The second drawback known as Italy, this time the level is ours.

Italy-Slovenia 15-13: Cebulj continues to harm Italy.

Italy-Slovenia 15-12: Peers imitate one another.

Italy-Slovenia 14-12: the fundamental wall is Giannelli.

Italy-Slovenia 13-12: the level of opposition, known as problem. This article is from Slovenia.

Italy-Slovenia 13-11: Galassi is serving on the net.

Italy-Slovenia 13-10: the first half of Galatians.

Italy-Slovenia 12-10: first Lavia then mani from Slovenia, blue +2 rejects.

Italy-Slovenia 11-9: after some time Cebulj mocks the blue wall.

Italy-Slovenia 11-8: and Romano.

Italy-Slovenia 10-8: The blues can maintain two benefits. Battuta in Romanò.

Italy-Slovenia 9-7: Lavia crushes with out concern.

Italy-Slovenia 8-7: Back in Slovenia, De Giorgi known as time to finish the opposition’s chants.

Italy-Slovenia 8-5: huge ball beneath Cebulj.

Italy-Slovenia 8-4: Italy will return to make factors.

Italy-Slovenia 7-4: Kozamernick nonetheless hurts on serve.

Italy-Slovenia 7-3: Slovenia tries to pay.

Italy-Slovenia 7-2: There comes a flaw in Giannelli’s humor.

Italy-Slovenia 7-1: Italy additionally hurts the center, Lavia loads.

Italy-Slovenia 6-1: palms to Anzani. The first wall of the race, instantly win.

Italy-Slovenia 5-1: Slovenia in problem, known as a break: double mistake in response to Giannelli’s joke.

Italy-Slovenia 3-1: once more Michelto, win the dunk.

Italy-Slovenia 2-1: Michieletto introduces himself by putting a big ball on the floor.

Italy-Slovenia 1-1: ball down, right here is the first blue level.

Italy-Slovenia 0-1: first place in Slovenia, wall staff.

Italy in the subject with Giannelli, Michieletto, Romanò, Anzani, Lavia and Galassi.


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