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12.14 OVER THE MET – The certainty is that amongst males and girls we could have a blue battle for the gold medal.

12.12 ARCHERY – The striker is 5-1 up towards Nespoli.

12.11 VOLLEYBALL – ITALY WIN TURKEY 3-0 AND ENTER HIGH! Game with no historical past: 25-15. 25-16, 25-15.


12.07 ARCHERY – Launch semifinals and blue derby in males between Federico Musolesi and Mauro Nespoli; Lucilla Boari meets Anaelle Florent.

12.07 WATER POLO – The match between Spain and Italy is over, worthy of bronze: the Iberians received a medal, beating the blues 8-16.



12.01 WATER POLO – 8-15 in Spain, a bronze medal appears to belong to the Iberian individuals.

11.59 BICYCLE MAKING – WHAT A TIME TO OVERCOME GUAZZINI IN ONE PERIOD TEST! Blue completes its efficiency in 24’24 “, France’s Cedrine Kerbaol is second solely to 1 minute late (1’28”)!

11.57 WATER POLO – Spain stretch, 8-13, lacking 4 ‘.

11.55 WATER POLO – Spain returns to +4, 8-12.

11.53 WATER POLO – Matteo Bragantini objectives, 8-11.

11.53 ARCHERY – With the identical rating Lucilla Boari received towards Greek Evangelia Psarra, 6-4 (26-27, 28-27, 24-29, 24-27, 29-26).

11.52 ARCHERY – Federico Musolesi defeats Spanish Miguel Alvarino Garcia 6-4 (29-30, 29-28, 28-28, 29-25, 28-28).

11.51 ARCHERY – The semifinals additionally embody Federico Musolesi and Lucilla Boari!

11.50 WATER POLO – Third spherical ends, Spain leads 11-7. It will take a serious comeback in the final 8 ‘for the Azzurri to attempt to win the bronze medal.

11.49 ARCHERY – Mauro Nespoli is in the semifinal! French Romain Fichet beat 7-1 (30-27, 29-28, 28-28, 30-28).

11.48 TENNIS – Spanish Bouzas Maneiro forward of Brancaccio, 5-3.

11.48 VOLLEYBALL – Azzurri received second set! 25-15, 25-16 in Turkey, 2-0!

11.46 WATER POLO – Bring to Spain with the identical quantity: the amount of numbers was additionally used very properly, 7-11.

11.45 WATER POLO – The blues have shortened it by utilizing two excessive numbers, 7-10 factors in favor of the Spaniards.

11.44 ARCHERY – Quarter-finals start: Federico Musolesi faces Spaniard Miguel Alvarino Garcia, who has changed Alessandro Paoli; one other downside is Frenchman Mauro Nespoli, who opposes Romain Fichet. Finally, Lucilla Boari meets the Greek Evangelia Psarra.

11.42 WATER POLO – Lopez Duart scores objectives, 5-10.

11.40 WATER POLO – Italy in turmoil, Spaniards take benefit, 5-9.

11.38 TENNIS – The girls’s semifinal is being held by Nuria Brancaccio in the blue towards Spain’s Jessica Bouzas Maneiro: finalist in the first set, 4-3.

11.37 WATER POLO – Extend Spain! First Robert Lopez Duart for 5-7, now Marc Frigola Navarro objectives, 5-8 for the Spaniards.

11.36 VOLLEYBALL – The Azzurri take the first set, 25-15 towards Turkey.

11.33 FLYING SHOOTING – Eligibility for Skeet Mixed Teams: Cyprus and France will compete for gold, whereas blue household Martina Bartolomei and Gabriele Rossetti will compete in bronze with two Cypriot runners-up.

11.30 WATER POLO – The second spherical additionally ends right here, Spain main 5-6 on the Azzurri.

11.27 WATER POLO – Spain makes use of a quantity of numbers, 5-6 by Robert Lopez Duart.

11.26 ROAD PLANNING – Individual girls’s testing is additionally underway: Arianna Fidanza and Vittoria Guazzini in search of medals.

11.24 WATER POLO – Pairs with Hugo Castro Fernandez, 5-5.

11.23 WATER POLO – Giorgio Giacomone wins, 5-4 Italy!

11.22 WATER POLO – Spain reaches the Azzurri, 4-4 in the center of the second half.

11.21 ARCHERY – In brief, Federico Musolesi and Mauro Nespoli in the males, Lucilla Boari in the girls enter the home. They eradicated Alessandro Paoli, Tatiana Andreoli and Chiara Rebagliati.

11.19 ARCHERY – Lucilla Boari wins quarter-final, 6-2 towards Cypriot Kourouna (25-26, 28-25, 28-27, 27-25).

11.17 ARCHERY – Tatiana Andreoli doesn’t make the spherical of 16, dropping 2-6 to Fernandez Infante (28-28, 26-27, 26-28, 27-27).

11.15 ARCHERY – Dismissed Alessandro Paoli and Spanish Alvarino Garcia, 1-7 (26-29, 28-28, 27-29, 28.29).

11.14 PALALVOLO – The last phases of volleyball start, Italy are on the area towards Turkey, main 15-10 in the first set.

11.13 WATER POLO – The first leg ends with Italy main 4-2 to Spain; do not forget that a bronze medal is attainable.

11.11 ARCHERY – Federico Musolesi wins 16, 6-0 towards Croatian Remar (27-26, 30-25, 29-28).

11.10 ARCHERY – Chiara Rebagliati eradicated, 0-6 instantly by Turkey Gulnaz Coskun (23-28, 24-28, 26-28).

11.09 WATER POLO – De Simon did nothing fallacious towards them, 4-1!

11.08 ARCHERY – Lucilla Boari leads, 4-2 at Kourouna.

11.07 WATER POLO – Riccardo De Simon solutions! 3-1 Italy!

11.07 WATER POLO – The Spaniards shortened, 2-1, Hugo Castro Fernandez objectives.

11.05 WATER POLO – The bronze last between Italy and Spain has begun! The Azzurri instantly took the lead, 2-0 due to objectives from Matteo Bragantini and Andrea Nuzzo.

11.02 ARCHERY – Start the draw for Tatiana Andreoli who meets Spain’s Leyre Fernandez Infante, 1-1. Under 0-2 the different two blues took half in the second spherical, Chiara Rebagliati (towards Turkey Gulnaz Coskun) and Lucilla Boari (towards Cypriot Mikaella Kourouna).

11.00 ARCHERY – begin for Federico Musolei, 2-0 towards Croatian Alen Remar; Alessandro Paoli is at risk after the first spherical, 0-2 towards Spain’s Miguel Alvarino Garcia, in addition to Mauro Nespoli, 0-2 in favor of French Iban Bariteaud.

10.58 ARCHERY – 6-0 with Lucilla Boari at Egypt Israa Yassen (26-18, 29-16, 27-15). Round 16 begins now.

10.56 ARCHERY – Same outcome of Chiara Rebagliati towards Yasmine Bellal of Algeria, 6-2 (28-26, 26-22, 24-26, 26-20).

10.54 ARCHERY – Tatiana Andreoli ahead, 6-2 towards Egypt Nada Azzam (26-27, 28-25, 28-24, 27-23).

10.52 ARCHERY – There is no pleasure in place of Mauro Nespoli, dry 6-0 towards Algeria’s Ayoub Rahlaoui (30-29, 29-23, 27-22).

10.50 ARCHERY – The last spherical is a certain one, however Alessandro Paoli is advancing towards Kosovar Valmir Gllareva, 6-4 (28-25, 29-25, 27-30, 26-27, 25-24).

10.48 ARCHERY – Let us briefly summarize the outcomes of the Azzurri: Federico Musolesi beat Bahaaeldin Aly of Egypt 7-1 (28-28, 26-23, 28-26, 28-19).

10.45 ARCHERY – The proper circle has crossed all the blue, males and girls!

10.42 ARCHERY – Andreoli leads 6-2 on Azzam; Same outcomes for Rebagliati on Bellal.

10.39 DIFFERENCES – The coach combines his benefits, 7-1 per Aly; properly positioned between Paoli and Gllareva, 4-4.

10.36 ARCHERY – Everything is beneath the management of Mauro Nespoli, 6-0 towards Ayoub Rahlaoui of Algeria.

10.34 ARCHERY – Chiara Rebagliati additionally leads 4-2 on Yasmine Bellal; Lucilla Boari forward strongly, 6-0 at Israa Yassen.

10.33 ARCHERY – Third spherical shot between Musolesi and Aly, 5-1. 4-2 as an alternative between Paoli and Gllareva and, by girls, between Andreoli and Azzam.

10.30 ARCHERY – Similar state of affairs, 2-2, between Andreoli and Azzam; as an alternative Boari and Rebagliati, each 4-0 on rivals.

10.28 ARCHERY – The benefit of Alessandro Paoli 40-0 (28-25, 29-25).

10.25 ARCHERY – Federico Musole leads Bahaaeldin Aly, 3-1 (27-27, 26-23).

10.22 ARCHERY – After the first shot, Chiara Rebagliati leads 2-0 (28-26); Lucilla Boari additionally leads 2-0 (26-18), with Nada Azzam forward of Andreoli, 0-2 (26-27).

10.19 Federico Musolesi and Alessandro Paoli meet subsequent to Bahaaeldin Aly of Egypt and Kosovar Valmir Gllareva. Tatiana Andreoli competes towards Nada Azzam of Egypt, Chiara Rebagliati of Algeria Yasmine Bellal and Lucilla Boari of Egypt Israa Yassen.

10.16 An applicable line for archers, each males and girls, has additionally been ready.

10.13 The first Italian in the competitors will likely be the main staff in the taking pictures vary: for the Skeet Mixed Team skeet shoot we could have blue pairs, one facet Diana Bacosi and Tammaro Cassandro, on Martina Bartolomei and Gabriele Rossetti.

10.10 Skeet taking pictures, goal taking pictures, tennis, monitor and area, judo, water polo, biking and extra: even at the moment is a day full of nice sports activities.

10.07 With our dwell broadcasts, till midnight (virtually), you possibly can observe the entire day with real-time updates at the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria, so you don’t miss something and observe the Azzurri, from the applicable competitions to the finalists who might have medals to take.

10.04 Today 22 titles are confiscated, Azzurri searching for extra medals.

10.01 One day ready for us to outlive, in an occasion the place the Italians are gathering constructive outcomes.

9.58 Friends of OA Sport, good morning! Welcome to the LIVE LIVE model of the seventh day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games!



Greetings and welcome to the dwell broadcast of the seventh day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games. In Oran, Algeria, he will likely be despatched at the moment different obligations 22 after 65 divisions to date: he guarantees a number of medals in Italyand In 7 gold medals, 4 in judo, 2 in badminton, 2 in desk tennis, 2 in taking pictures, 2 in tennis, 2 in biking and 1 in water polo..

OA Sport offers you a dwell preview on the seventh day of the 2022 Mediterranean Games: real-time information, minute by second, race, so do not miss something. It begins at 10.00 and continues till midnight. Have enjoyable.

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