Visa Premier and Mastercard Gold travel insurance


This article on travel insurance for Visa Premier and Mastercard Gold bank cards is there in addition to my complete article for choosing the right travel insurance (whatever the trip and its duration; tourism, backpack, world tour, digital nomads , etc.).

The idea is that you have a much clearer idea of what bank card travel insurance covers (or not) (of which this is not the primary role).

We often try (less the first a few years ago) to rely on this idea that we do not necessarily need dedicated travel insurance.

In some situations (which we will see), your Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold card may be sufficient, but in others, absolutely not.

“Classic” Visa/Mastercard card insurance vs. Visa Premium/Mastercard Gold cards
I specify from the outset that I am only talking about insurance for the following 2 types of cards: Visa Premier & Mastercard Gold, and not the “classic” visa / mastercard cards that most people have.

The latter offering really limited and insufficient coverage in my eyes (ceilings limited to 11 and 12,000€ (but, in the event of a real problem abroad, this is largely insufficient).

Another major drawback in my eyes is the fact that standard visa / mastercard cards do not offer any civil liability cover abroad, but if there is one thing that can ruin someone for life, it’s is an accident / incident that would seriously injure a third party.

Visa Premier & Mastercard Gold travel insurance: the essentials
In most cases, only the first 90 days abroad are covered
You must have paid / reserved (totally or partially) your trip with your Visa or Mastercard for the cover to work
What is included (or not) in travel insurance with your Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold card depends on the bank you have your card with.
The primary role of Visa & Mastercard is to offer payment solutions, not (travel) insurance; therefore, logically, the conditions, exclusions and limits of coverage have many more “traps” than a company whose primary role (and the satisfaction of their customers) is to offer comprehensive insurance.
Also, I noticed real differences between the Belgian and French cards, hence the following (in any case, by browsing the general conditions of which you have the links below).


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