Virada Educação – The center of the capital will be occupied by children in the City Hall activities

Seven municipal colleges for early childhood schooling positioned in the central space of ​​the metropolis of São Paulo will, between September 12 and 17, promote Virada Educação. It is an act of training and occupying academic territory that entails children, educators and college communities, associate cultural establishments and collectives of territory. The work week will finish on Saturday (17) with a procession by way of the streets.

Virada Educação is in its ninth version and this 12 months it’s related to the Heritage Journey of the Secretary of Culture, whose theme was “So Close, So Far” and which reconnects the area after the most important interval of the pandemic Covid19. The intention is to develop a relationship with the metropolis and at the similar time search a dialogue with native reminiscence.

The proposal dialogues with academic practices that exist already in the day by day lives of EMEIs concerned in motion and ensures the proper of children to occupy the streets. Throughout the 12 months, crossings are created, moments when children, accompanied by faculty lecturers, journey on foot or use public transport to study and expertise locations of curiosity in the metropolis.

This 12 months the seven models which are half of the group of Virada Educação 2022 serve about 2,000 children. They are EMEI Armando Arruda Pereira, Monteiro Lobato, Gabriel Prestes, Patricia Galvao, João Teodoro, Angelo Martino and Alceu Maynard.

The program is intensive and will function varied simultaneous activities developed in colleges, parks, squares, museums, libraries and cultural facilities of the center for children, educators and members of the family. Check out some highlights:

  • monday (12) EMEI Gabriel Prestes will have expertise with hammocks, cat’s beds and musical wheels;
  • tuesday (13), from 10 a.m. and three p.m., the children of EMEIs Patricia Galvao (Pagu) and Gabriel Prestes will plant timber in Park Augusta and there will be literary creation workshops for children at the Monteiro Lobato Library;
  • on wednesday (14) The children of EMEI Monteiro Lobato and Patrícia Galvão will journey a bike and play with their households at the Palace Roosevelt, the children of EMEI Joao Teodoro will go to the Casa do Povo in Bom Retiro;
  • Thursday (15) EMEI Monteiro Lobato to stroll in Buenos Aires park with children to find its biodiversity;
  • Friday (16) EMEI Alceu Maynard will go to Galeria Fortes Vilaça.
  • saturday (17) There will be a procession of about 2 km. Participants will collect at EMEI Gabriel Prestes (Rua da Consolação, 1012) at 9:30 am, depart at 10:30 am and proceed to Saracura Vai-Vai. The route will cross by way of Rua Caio Prado, Praça Rooselvet/Parque Augusta, Rua Martinho Prado, Jewish Museum, Rua Santo Antônio, Rua Treze de Maio, Teatro do Incendio, Rua São Vicente, Rua Almirante Marques Leão and Rua Cardeal Leme. Throughout the tour there will be breaks for specialists to speak about the curiosities and historical past of the area.

Click to see the full schedule.

This 12 months, in specific, the actions will give visibility to Memoria do Saracura/Vai-Vai, which, in quick, refers to the wrestle of the residents of the center over the historical past revealed in the Bixiga neighborhood. Discovery of traces left by the Quilombolas on the banks of the Corrego da Saracura – a river that empties into the Tiete River. The motion presently consists of black motion collectives, samba dancers, researchers, lecturers and different activists from the area.

Education is historical past

Since 2014, these activities have been happening by way of raids and marches in the area. In 2020 and 2021, attributable to the Covid-19 pandemic, the occasion befell remotely with dwell broadcast by way of social media. There have been storytelling, lectures, workshops and cultural activities the place interplay between the faculty group befell on-line. In the first 12 months of the distance, Virada promoted motorcades that reproduced extensively by way of audio, the children’s speech by way of loudspeakers in vehicles broadcast on the streets. The director of EMEI Gabriel Prestes, Joao Kleber, stated that some children have been standing at the home windows of the constructing and waving flags as the motorcade drove away.

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