Violence is coming to European airports

Can Julyists go on trip with their aircraft? Nothing is much less sure. Irish low-cost airline Ryanair is the consultant union of Europe “Call the hostesses and stewards (2) Quit work “ In late June and early July. A strike on a European scale, which threatens to current itself very effectively, as staff stand up in opposition to the unhealthy habits of their administration.

In France, Cabin Crew (PNC) has been requested to keep in Tarma on Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June. In Italy, the battle is scheduled for a single day on June 25. On the opposite hand, will probably be prolonged to three days in Belgium from June 24 to 26. The award goes to the Spaniards, who submit a two-stage strike discover, first from June 24 to 26, then on Thursday, June 30 to Saturday, July 2.

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Ryanair is not the one firm affected by the social motion. Another low-cost, strike name filed by British EasyJet, Union Syndicate Ovier (USO). The union has focused the primary departure day for the vacations. It supplies the primary salvo of a 24-hour walkout at 1 p.m.Of, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 29, 30 and 31 July. The plant targets the airports of Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Majorca (Balearic Islands), that are the busiest for vacationers on vacation in Spain. “We hope a coordinated strike may have the impact the corporate deserves and expose what it is mendacity about.”Explain a commerce union group.

Surprisingly, the central commerce unions are demanding improved working circumstances and staff’ wages in each Rainier and EasyJet. It should be stated that the every day lifetime of the flight attendants of the 2 low-cost European airways is removed from the picture hooked up to the air hostess of the appinal.

In France, the fundamental wage of a cabin crew member of Ryanair doesn’t exceed 854 euros monthly, with the addition of 8.50 euros per flight hour. In whole, a hostess or a steward typically painfully receives 200 1,200 a month internet, underlining Damien Morges, union consultant of the National Union of Commercial Flight Crew (SNPNC-FO) in Ryanair.

In Spain, cabin crew members aren’t actually good: “The base wage for EasyJet cabin crew in Spain is presently 950 euros monthly. Minimum wage (2) In all European bases “USO condemned.

“Inactivity of Labor Inspector”

The most worthwhile firm in Europe, if not the richest, appears to be essentially the most stingy and the toughest in the direction of Ryanair and its workers. Thus, regardless of repeated complaints, he, till not too long ago, refused to give the hostesses and stewards a bit of water and meals on board.

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