View 3 after the Dallas Mavericks were crushed by the Phoenix Suns, 129-109

The Dallas Mavericks were beaten by the Phoenix Suns Wednesday night, losing Game 2 on the road 129-109. Chris Paul did very well, pouring in 28 points, holding six shots, and assisting eight. Luke Doncic led Dallas with 35 defeats.

The game opened exactly like Game 1, the Mavericks looked stunned by the Sun and jumped forward 9-0. Luke Doncic kept Dallas alone in the game, as well as Reggie Bullock’s solid shot, but the Sun punished Maverick on both sides. Both Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith got into trouble first, and the finalists took three in just nine minutes. In other words, Maverick scored four points for himself, following 32-28 for the Suns after one quarter.

With Doncic on the bench, Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans helped Dallas lead the first round 41-38 in eight minutes. The quote was full of bad phones, many of which were in a frustrating way. Jae Crowder sat on the fire to keep the Sun afloat, with three blows and a free kick. Doncic closed the quarter with three senior officers, but Chris Paul and Suns responded each time. Dallas entered the 60-58 half.

Devin Booker went to work early in the second half, shooting three and two, and hitting everything to lead the Sun. The game went into the mud for a while, having done bad things after the bad guys who seem to have everything, including one of DeAndre Ayton’s appearances during a quick break when he grabbed Dwight Powell by the elbow in the face. With Dallas down eight, the third line from Reggie Bullock pulled the Mavericks right back, and tied at 78. The Mavericks lost a bit of interest under the stretch and the other led to a 89-83 follow-up after three points.

Things went awry in the fourth quarter of Dallas, when Chris Paul took both sides down. Doncic was repeatedly monitored by Paul. The sun raced Dallas down, with a 23-2 run after Doncic hit the target three times to make it 99-93. Three after three from most Sun races to finish the game well. Dallas were knocked down 129-109 and returned home to Game 3 Friday night down 2-0.

Luke Doncic is learning another playoff lesson

The Los Angeles Clippers had two of the best defenders in the world and a lot of bodies to throw at Luke Doncic in the last two games. We will never know what would have happened in the first series with healthy Kristaps Porzingis and in the second series, hot shots cooled down and former coaches improved, then Kawhi Leonard played the best basketball games I have ever had. seen in Game 6.

This series, especially all these playoffs, something is happening. Luke Doncic is looking for security over and over again. Fighting Jazz, he stood up, against the Sun, having a very difficult time. By the fourth quarter, he looked very tired and only played 30 minutes until then. While she should continue to improve her fitness, she should continue to improve her cardio form. It is a small but important thing that will benefit, because if he wants to play football, he will not be able to get tired.

Asking for major academic concepts

The Mavericks won 18-to-4 in the first three minutes of Game 1 and Game 2. the whole list. They are selected by the guards at the switches and exit the muscles by all the Phoenix players. They all started in the first quarter and third when Maverick exploded. I don’t know how much more counselors need to see to keep testing what is not working.

In addition, it is important to ask why Dorian Finney-Smith played in the first quarter with two errors. The first was a cheap ball whistle that should not be called, the second interrupted the shooter three points. The third played a loose game with three or more minutes to a quarter and should not have been in it. Mavericks reduced the downturn in solid play from Davis Bertans and others but there was no reason to stay in that position.

Dallas wants Jalen Brunson

This is pretty obvious, but Brunson is now 9-of-28 on the list with the most flaws (8) as baskets made. I hope I will be sorry for his comments that he is not getting enough football and I think Brunson was planted in the corner most of the time in the game, but he is not taking advantage of the offense. He has become increasingly vocal in some aspects of his game and has also defended himself and left a number of frustrating rebounds, which I do not see.

It’s easy to jump into the story we discussed about Brunson fighting for height. But as one person on Twitter told me that everyone in the NBA is taller than Brunson, then what are we talking about? While we mean they are fighting tall defenders who are well versed in defense, I think this is the simplest of all: Brunson just needs to play well.

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