Video: After the accident, the man attacks the bus and beats the driver; According to the victim, the assailant used a brass braid Rio de Janeiro

Security camera footage of a bus captures a man’s aggression against a driver on Line 476 in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro.

The video shows the moment, after a beating, The attacker throws a string of punches Against Luis Carlos Ribeiro69 years old (See above).

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The case was filed on Tuesday (15) morning. Luiz said he did not see the assailant’s car forcibly crossing the road and, therefore, he locked the car door. After that, the man jumped out of the car and got on the bus – Luiz opened the door to talk.

The man approached the old man and hit him several times. A woman who enters after the assassin tries to stop the action.

According to the victim, the driver of the passenger car used a brass nose ring, which he did not see at first.

Luiz Carlos Ribeiro, driver attacked after crash – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

“I was on my way to the Rue Rio Grande do Sul, towards LeBlanc, where the traffic was light. [o do agressor] Give way to those who wanted to enter, “Luiz described.

“He threw the car onto the sidewalk, half the car onto the sidewalk, half the car onto the road, and forced his way. And I did not see. We have a blind spot. When I pulled it out, I knocked on his door, “said the driver, at the door of the 23rd DP (Meyer).

From there, the bus driver reported, the assailant threw the car in front of the bus and got out of the car and headed towards the compound.

“She came and attacked me. He punched me first. I pushed to the side of the car. When I returned, he gave me the second one. I covered her and she hit me on both arms with her brass nose ring. The passengers jumped on the wheel of the roulette and started shouting cowards. He saw the situation and fled, he ran and got down, ”said the bus driver.

Violence erupted after a minor accident, according to Rio Bass, who represents the agencies. The union said it regrets and condemns any violence against road workers.

Luiz says that in 37 years of his career, he has never faced a situation like violence. The driver’s job is not to be blown away.

“I was thinking of giving up because we were scared. But I will talk to my family, to my children, to my colleagues, to my friends, to my visitors. But I will see. I do it because I like it. I love. I feel good there, ”said the driver.

The bus driver, beaten with a brass knot, recounted his moments

The driver was seen at the Mayar Family Clinic and then went to the 23rd DP to document the incident the day after the attack. He moved on and made a point to thank all the professionals who took care of his injuries.

“Stay calm. I’ve always been calm. I’ve never been tense about anything. So much so that I’ve been here. I’ve been with the same company for 22 years. Above all, peace,” said the bus driver.

In a note, the Road Workers’ Union said it regrets and rejects the aggression suffered by Luis Carlos Ribeiro and is pursuing the case to take appropriate legal action.

“The constant robberies on buses, especially those that run between Campo Grande and Bonsuso in Ave. Brasil, force large numbers of drivers to seek directions from companies to change their lines, as this insecurity puts a lot of pressure on those professionals,” said union president Sebastiao Jose.

The man attacked the bus driver after the accident – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Bus driver attacked in Rio – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

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