Video: A man married to a trans woman is attacked by co-workers; Police investigate homophobia Parnambuko

A mechanic’s assistant, who is married to a trans woman, has filed a complaint after being attacked by colleagues at Igarasu in Greater Recife. Klebson Gouvia Silva, 28, is on vacation and found a video where colleagues showed her a vibrator and said she forgot the “little toy” at the company (Watch the video above)

Known as “Gallego,” he registered an incident bulletin with the Polista police station in Greater Recife on May 6.

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The case was sent to the Cruz de Rebokas police station, near Igarasu district, where Viacon is located, the company where Klebson works and which provides services to Igarasu City Hall.

In a statement, Civil Police said it was investigating “a case of homophobia” and an investigation had been launched. Klebson and his wife, Danielle Manuel, 29, have claimed to be victims of homophobia and transphobia.

“I’m down, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t have a job to do, after all. My wife has already gone after me to hold me, so I don’t. I mess with my life,” said the mechanic’s assistant.

Klebson said this is not the first time he has faced prejudice at work. He wanted justice and said he decided to condemn so that other people would not go through the same situation.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve married a trans woman. The manager wants to hurt me and his co-workers in every way. Just because of that. And it goes to a point where we don’t know what to do. Do it. It’s for me.” It doesn’t work anymore, “he declared.

Klebson and Danielle decide to sue after homophobic and transphobic attacks – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Danielle Manuel says that before sending the video to Vibrator, her husband’s co-workers discovered her given name and used it before converting to a trans woman and started using it to annoy her husband.

“The person in charge discovered my old name, started promoting it in the company and became a laughing stock, joking. He wanted to argue, he wanted to fight, but I always told him to give it up so that he would not lose his job, which is very “It simply came to our notice then.

She further added that her husband had received a homophobic nickname and that the video was “the last straw”. “A disgusting video, talking obscene and saying it will be his. ‘The vibrator is still here and it’s full …, they said. And this video has gone around the company and the group. He was very embarrassed and so I. I was very embarrassed. And of course it’s not his, “she said.

Igarasur City Hall said in a note that it rejects any biased work and is available to help clarify what happened to the outsourced company.

The municipal executive added that the human rights department had held a meeting with the management of the outsourced company to request a response to the case.

The g1 also requested a response from Viacon, but received no response until the last update of this report.

Studies show that homophobia and transphobia are less reported

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) ruled in June 2009 to allow homophobia and transphobia to be criminalized. The ministers considered that superstitious acts against homosexuals and transsexuals should be framed as racist. Law enforcement, however, faces a number of hurdles, resulting in less case reporting (Watch the video above)

This Friday, the G1 sought data from the Secretary of Social Defense (SDS) on reports of transphobia and killings of trans people in the state and questioned whether state police officers have specific training to deal with these cases, but no response has been received so far. Last update of this report.

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