Verstappen leads Red Bull 1-2, Ferrari enters

The defender increased his lead from nine points to 34 points over Leclerc – who started when he was sixth this season – when he won his fourth victory in five races against teammate Sergio Perez by 20.8s.

Verstappen’s 25 F1 victory came after former leader Perez took the lead for a while, while Leclerc was not connected for singing in response to the VSC before its engine exploded surprisingly.

Since Sainz was also dismissed as part of Ferrari’s worst-case scandal, the process was set for Verstappen to win when George Russell finished the podium.

Most of the grid was connected by C4 tires, bar Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen (used tires) along with Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas and the back row of Lance Stroll and Mick Schumacher who wore strong C3 rubber.

Perez was urged on the radio to release his “nipples” in Turn 1 “and given the appropriate.

Leclerc’s first run was perfect but the wheelspin in the second half allowed Perez to take the lead alongside Verstappen who was brought in after a well-established lot.

The Ferrari driver then closed his left front with a 90-degree opening to run all the way straight and ensure Perez led the race.

Verstappen was able to look inside Leclerc but thought better when Sainz tried to get in with them before crashing into three leading cars.

Perez finished the first half with a 1.3s in Leclerc’s hand to immediately escape the DRS zone and add another half-second in the next two rounds to secure the first place.

With Leclerc moving around, Verstappen was able to stick within 0.7s of his header competition.

Leclerc tightened the Turn 16 turn, the last corner, to allow Verstappen to close further with the DRS before the yellow flag appeared and the safety car interrupted the play.

The Ferrari attack was under a single vehicle as Carlos Sainz raced into the Turn 4 off the run with a potential failure as 5s behind Verstappen and 5s ahead of Russell.

Ferrari rolled the dice to get a cheaper price by calling Leclerc to get solid tires on the lap 10 but while there was nothing wrong, Scuderia took 5.4s to serve Leclerc.

Red Bull did not comment on the route, giving Perez a 2s lead over Verstappen while Leclerc started the 11s behind the duo – but from the late 13s began to stop the fast-paced competition.

Verstappen was able to take advantage of Perez’s chances before the Mexican, who dropped 2 yards on one leg, was told “no fights” to allow his DRS-assisted teammate to lead on lap 15 in Turn 1.

At the end of the next round, Perez fired a soft shot but as a front-runner Leclerc, he was blocked by a slow stop of 5.7s led by a right-hand wheel problem.

Red Bull called up Verstappen because they jumped on just two shots later, and also tightened the 3.5s lesser work to lead to Leclerc’s 13s reduction – overseeing back-burning tires – while Perez ran faster. Ferrari is running 4s behind Verstappen.

But the hottest tires were Leclerc’s minor problems just before the end of the lap 20, his engine exploded at the end and he went to the edge of the pit to end the Ferrari disaster.

After MGU-H’s turbo failure in Spain, it became the second stoppage of Leclerc’s engine in three races to add a Ferrari lost 1-2 – from a clever error – to Monaco.

This left Verstappen leading with 5.2s over Perez while Russell VII entered the fray ahead of Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton.

Verstappen negotiates with his engineer to be able to track the entry time as he tries to find a way to keep the car in place without allowing the tires to get too cold.

Then a defensive vehicle appeared again to count Kevin Magnussen of the 16th, who rode up to 11 to fight Ocon to get points.

But the Ferrari engine behind Haas crashed again, to go with Ferrari customer Alfa Romeo to stop Zhou Guanyu eight times earlier.

Magnussen stopped on the way to Turn 15 and swerved the crew to help restore the Haas VF-22, which began to descend the hill to the top.

Red Bull reacted by striking Verstappen again to secure a solid tire at the flag, finally nailing the 2.7s suspension, before Perez stopped the pressure on the same level 34.

But a back-to-back delay meant more time was lost in the pit due to a 4.4s suspension, to give Verstappen a 10s lead when the four-minute VSC expired.

Although it was Perez who could have walked the fastest in the evening, Verstappen’s second-speed margin widened the gap in the northern 20s on the flag.

Russell ran a lonely race but benefited from Ferrari’s dangers to seal the exhibition space even though the weekend was a nightmare for the Mercedes W13.

Despite back pain, Lewis Hamilton climbed fourth because of a powerful car with the likes of Ricciardo, Yuki Tsotaka and Pierre Gasly.

Gasly managed to steer his solid tires for a long time, with the fifth seal as the fierce Sebastian Vettel recovered from the first mistake of climbing up to sixth place.

Even after he started using medicine, Vettel fought Hamilton for the seventh time before hitting hard to chase Ocon.

Aston Martin passed Alpine in ninth place on lap 13 before closing in on Turn 3 to turn the corner and turn around in the runway, missing Tsodo slightly at the start of the 12th.

Fernando Alonso was also a steep climber, scoring seventh in Alpine while Ricciardo only managed to be eighth above Lando Norris and three out of 10 points, the McLaren duo had to make their debut starting with the final round of the race. he ran the split paths.

Ocon’s long-range opener on hardship brought to a close the point as Valtteri Bottas in 11th minute showed off his Ferrari-driven car.

Alex Albon climbed to the 12th in front of Tsafuna, who had to play tape on his hind wings after his DRS ankle split in half. Schumacher crossed the 14th line.

Latifi’s car crashed before the Williams driver was awarded a 10s stop-go penalty when the team mechanics returned his car, grabbing it illegally.

He was later fined 5s for failing to follow the blue flags.

Stroll joined the two Magnussen, Zhou and Ferraris as they rested.

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