Verona – Spezia: 1-2 Serie A 2022/2023. The last post is a review of the game

  • Thank you for following the broadcast of this match with us, see you in the subsequent spherical of Serie A!17:07

  • In the subsequent spherical of the Championship (after a lengthy break) for Verona away match on the subject Turin, Spezia will play at residence in opposition to Atalanta.17:07

  • La Spezia on the manner again beats Verona 2-1 and will get three heavy factors in a nice rescue, the protagonist of the match Nzola. The outcomes are launched in the thirtieth minute, in Verdi’s purpose. Montipò refuses the similar to the Ligurians a number of instances. At 39 ‘Dragowski’s severe harm. In the second half, Nzola gained.17:06

  • 90′ + 6′

    End of the game: VERONA-SPEZIA 1-2 (30 ‘Verdi, 53’ and 69 ‘Nzola).17:02

  • 90′ + 5′

    Veloso from the flag, Lasagna leads Nikolaou however misses the purpose.17:01

  • 90’+4′

    ELLERTSSON booked a foul play on Kallon.16:59

  • 90′ + 2′

    Free kick taken by Veloso, the ball smashes over the bar.16:57

  • 90′

    Referee Maresca has allowed 5 minutes to recuperate.16:56

  • 88′

    Veloso’s brother in the space, the extra highly effective Zoet makes the ball his personal.16:53

  • 86′

    AMIAN booked a foul play on Kallon.16:51

  • 84′

    When Lasagna is caught on the touchdown, Verona’s motion ends.16:49

  • 82′

    Substitute for SPEZIA: Ellertsson is available in and Agudelo comes out.16:47

  • 82′

    Instead of SPEZIA: Nikolaou joins Bastoni.16:47

  • 80′

    VERONA substitutions: Terracciano comes on, Depaoli comes on.16:46

  • 78′

    TAMEZE warned in opposition to taking part in Ampadu.16:45

  • 76′

    LUCKY VERONA! Set up a strike by Veloso, deflected a few steps from Ceccherini’s purpose, a excessive ball and a beard.16:41

  • 74′

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! Bourabia returns from the edge of the space, Montipò’s response is superb.16:40

  • 73′

    Nzola’s particular dedication after the purpose, the participant confirmed Dragowski’s shirt.16:39

  • 72′

    Doig will get to the floor and positive factors energy. Beaten by Veloso however no win.16:38

  • 70′

    VERONA in place: Kallon enters Verdi exits.16:36

  • 70′

    VERONA substitute: Doig in Lazovic out.16:35

  • 69′

    GOAL! Verona-SPEZIA 1-2! Nzola community. Bourabia’s ball was deflected, Nzola stood on the spot and managed the ball.

    Look at the profile of the participant MBala Nzola16:36

  • 68′

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! Bastoni catches Montipò, the participant intervenes together with his foot close to the post.16:34

  • 66′

    Lazovic doesn’t discover house on the left rail, held again by Holm.16:31

  • 63′

    Tameze closes Agudelo and he additionally suffers, the actions of the visitors cease.16:28

  • 61′

    Verdi tries his proper from the edge, the ball is excessive above the crossbar.16:27

  • 60′

    Instead of SPEZIA: Bourabia joins Gyasi.16:26

  • 60′

    VERONA substitutions: Henry in, Djuric out.16:25

  • 58′

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! On the edge of the space, Montipò with a little exit closes the purpose glass in Bastoni.16:23

  • 57′

    Cross from Lazovic, poor header from Lasagna.16:22

  • 56′

    LUCKY VERONA! Sponda di Djuric, Lasagna enters the space and finishes with the left foot, Zoet opposes the dance.16:22

  • 53′

    GOAL! Verona-SPEZIA 1-1! Nzola community. The motion begins from Ampadu, touches Bastoni, Nzola in the space stabs Montipò with a shot in the direction of the left.

    Look at the profile of the participant MBala Nzola16:20

    Brother Nzola
  • 52′

    A disappointing return for Verdi, ranging from the La Spezia purpose.16:18

  • 49′

    Bastoni crosses from the left, Lazovic heads the ball over.16:14

  • 46′

    Lazovic’s cross, Depaoli’s volley, nook kick.16:12

  • 46′

    The begin of the second half VERONA-SPEZIA. It begins at the rating of 1-0.16:10

  • 46′

    Instead of VERONA: Hien enters as Gunter exits.16:10

  • 46′

    Instead of SPEZIA: Green joins Ekdal on the manner out.16:10

  • Possession of the ball in favor of Spezia in the first half: 61,5%.16:04

  • Verona closes the first half forward. Verdi scored in the thirtieth minute with an help from Lasagna. La Spezia did: Montipò saves on Nzola, Holm and Kiwior. Dragowski’s worst harm.15:56

  • 45′ + 7′

    End of the first half: VERONA-SPEZIA 1-0. Verdi at 30 ‘opens the rating.15:52

  • 45′ + 5′

    La Spezia is nonetheless attacking, Holm is nonetheless holding Montipò.15:51

  • 45′ + 3′

    Spezia insists: Kiwior tries from outdoors the space, Montipò saves properly.15:49

  • 45′ + 2′

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! Nzola’s left to the edge, Montipò stretches and heads into the nook.15:48

  • 45′ + 2′

    LASAGNA warned of foul play on Caldara.15:47

  • 45′ + 1′

    Referee Maresca dominated out six minutes of harm time.15:46

  • 45′

    Dangerous Verona and Lasagna, the attacker waits for Caldara however raises his purpose together with his proper.15:45

  • 44′

    Spezia objects to the influence of Gunter’s arm in the space of ​​Holm’s shot, the referee doesn’t intervene.15:44

  • 43′

    Instead of SPEZIA: Zoet joins Dragowski.15:43

  • 42′

    Dragowski comes out on a stretcher, all the gamers on the subject are shaken after what seems to be a severe harm.15:42

  • 39′

    Dragowski’s worst harm after a breakup with Lasagna, the participant in tears.15:40

  • 37′

    Bad for Djuric’s assault, Verona’s motion stalled.15:38

  • 35′

    HOLM warned in opposition to unlawful habits.15:35

  • 32′

    AMAPDU warned in opposition to foul play on Verdi.15:33

  • 30′

    GOAL! VERONA-Spezia 1-0! Verdi community. Lasagna passes between Kiwior and Caldara and serves Verdi, quantity 7 in the space and a candy contact under knocks Dragowski out of the image.

    See the participant card Simone Verdi15:33

    Simon Verdi
  • 28′

    The aircraft explodes between Gunter and Amian, each down in ache.15:30

  • 26′

    Djuric protects the ball and makes the group go up, dangerous for Ekdal.15:26

  • 23′

    LUCKY VERONA! Lazovic shot the edge of the post from inside the space, the ball not a lot.15:24

  • 22′

    Spezia forward: Lazovic waits for Holm, Montipò finishes off.15:22

  • 20′

    LUCKY VERONA! Depaoli expects Bastoni to heart, Lasagna with a header from a good place misses the goal.15:21

  • 18′

    Verbal warning from referee Maresca to Nzola and Dawidowicz.15:19

  • 16′

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! The finish of Ekdal from outdoors the area, Montipò solutions right here.15:17

  • 14′

    Lasagna’s likelihood, however the potter is in peril.15:14

  • 13′

    Gyasi doesn’t management the ball, Ceccherini leaves.15:13

  • 11′

    The studying curve of the game, Djuric receives a penalty.15:12

  • 8′

    Chidendene reduce to Nzola, sweeping Tameze with out toys.15:08

  • 5′

    Dawidowcz’s downside, the medical workers at the stadium and the game stopped.15:05

  • 3′

    Tameze is in the space pushing in the direction of the purpose, after the shot is blocked by Agudelo.15:04

  • 2′

    In Spezia Amian in protection, Ampadu in the center of the subject, Bastoni and Holm in the outfield.15:03

  • 1′

    First half VERONA-SPEZIA. Referee Maresca is directing the game.15:01

  • Verona are unbeaten in opposition to Spezia in Serie A.14:20

  • Gotti’s choices: forwards Nzola and Gyasi, Green on the bench. Sticks, Ekdal and Agudelo in the midfield. Holm and Amian on the wings.14:12

  • Bocchetti’s choices: Djuric leads the assault, behind him Lasagna and Verdi. Tameze and Veloso in the center, Lazovic and Depaoli on the outdoors.14:20

  • SPEZIA bench: Zowet, Zovko, Sala, Hristov, Ferrer, Nikolaou, Bourabia, Beck, Ellertsson, Sher, Verde, Nguiamba, Maldini, Strelec, Sanca.14:10

  • VERONA bench: Chiesa, Berardi, Perilli, Magnani, Cabal, Hien, Ilic, Hongla, Hrustic, Doig, Sulemana, Kallon, Henry, Praszelik, Terracciano.14:39

  • SPEZIA formation (3-5-2): Dragowski – Amian, Caldara, Kiwior – Holm, Ampadu, Ekdal, Agudelo, Bastoni – Gyasi, Nzola.15:02

  • VERONA formation (3-4-2-1): Montipò – Ceccherini, Gunter, Dawidowicz – Depaoli, Tameze, Veloso, Lazovic – Lasagna, Verdi – Djuric.14:18

  • It’s nearly time for Verona-Spezia to start out. Barring salvation, the groups are separated by 5 factors in the standings.14:03

  • Welcome to the stay match on the fifteenth day of Serie A, Verona and Spezia meet.14:03

  • Where the game is performed:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39211 viewers14:03

    Marcantonio Bentegodi
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