#Verificamos: It is a lie that Senator Randolph Rodriguez married Charles Akar Chelala

Information has spread in the WhatsApp chain that Senator Randolph Rodriguez (Red-AP), Vice President of the Covid-19 CPI, will have a husband named Charles Akar Chelala. The publication, which includes a picture of a person, suggests that Chelala, the alleged husband of the politician, receives a salary of R $ 23,000 in addition to R $ 2,700 rent and water and electricity bills. By WhatsAppIts reader Magnifying glass Advised to analyze this content. See the verification work below:

“Charles Acker Chelala, husband of bouncy Senator Randolph Rodriguez! (2) ”
The text is being circulated in the WhatsApp chain


Analyzes data Magnifying glass It’s fake. Economist and professor Charles Acker Chellala is Randolph Rodriguez’s (Red-AP) chief of staff, not the senator’s husband. He is married to co-economist Claudia Chelala, not to Randolph. Inside In 2019, Charles and Claudia published a book together On soybean production in our state. In you Twitter profile, Chella identifies herself as “married to Claudia”. Samir and Nader’s father. Economist. Professor, Master in Regional Development ”.

Randolfe Rodrigues is not currently married. Wanted by Magnifying glassA The senator’s press office said That he is separated and he has a girlfriend. He is the father of two children and has one grandson.

Salary 23,000.00 (…) ”
The text is being circulated in the WhatsApp chain


Analyzes data Magnifying glass That’s true. Charles gets the pickle chelala The total salary of BRL 22,943.73, According to the latest salary data. This information is available Federal Senate website.

Chelala went Randolfe was first appointed in 2011 And served as parliamentary adviser until the end of 2012, when he moved to Macapa (AP) to serve as government secretary. He returned to the Senate in January 2015 to work with the senator.

“(1) Plus rent 2,700.00, water, electricity … little daddy’s sugar daddy ”
The text is being circulated in the WhatsApp chain


Analyzes data Magnifying glass It’s fake. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues’ Chief of Staff does not receive any housing allowance or extra cost to pay rent. Also The total salary of BRL 22,943.73The only benefit listed on the sheet is food allowance in the amount of R $ 982.28.

When using expressions Sugar Dad At the end of the text, an English term used for older men who financially support a girlfriend or boyfriend, leads the publication to the misconception that Charles Size Chelala will be responsible for the MP’s rent, which is also not true.

In July, Randolfe was False allegations of involvement in a cracking scheme With your advisor. At the time, the confusing pieces included pictures of the rent slip provided by Chelala and the misleading claim that he had financed the senator’s personal account, including renting a house.

However, the rent in question refers to Randolfe’s support office in Macapá, the capital of Amapá. This data is available on the portal Transparency of the Senate. As a rule, senators are entitled to parliamentary quotas to cover the cost of renting and maintaining their own offices in their respective states. Chelala at this time Talked about the matter on Twitter And he says that as Randolph’s chief of staff, one of his responsibilities is to pay the rent and bills of the mandate’s regional office in Amapa.

Wanted by Magnifying glass, Chelala informed Who took office for the first time during the tenure of Randolph Rodriguez between 2011 and 2012 and then returned in 2015. “This is another attempt to attack the honor of me and Senator Randolph Rodriguez,” he said. Messages sent via WhatsApp.

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Edited by: Mauricio Mores

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