Vaccines have not killed children, the ministry says. Will Bolsonaro apologize?

No child or teenager has died from being vaccinated against Covid-19, contrary to the lies shared by the president of the republic – which has put the lives of young Brazilians at risk. Will Zaire Bolsonaro apologize to the country or will he pretend to be incompetent again?

A report by Carlos Madiro on UOL, an organization under Marcelo Quiroga, a trusted square in Zaire, brought in data from the Ministry of Health. Technicians have investigated 38 deaths reported by state and municipality involving citizens under the age of 18 and ruled that they were caused by a vaccine against Kovid-19.

In September last year, the president shared the message via WhatsApp that “young people are dying with Pfizer”, including a reproduction of a Bolsonarista speech quoting the deaths of five teenagers to cast doubt on the vaccine. The allegations are proved false.

Dr. Zaire Bolsonaro, an immunology expert at WhatsApp University, did not stop there and pressured the health minister to stop vaccinating adolescents against Kovid-19 the same month, based on rumors. Since he showed more love for his position than medicine, Quiroga was present to him.

The technicalities of the National Immunization Program (PNI) were not consulted before the decision, indicating that public interest and collective health were set aside to please the president’s followers with scientific terraplanism. As a result, for some time, vaccinations were only recommended for adolescents with disabilities, comorbidities, or disenfranchisement.

The three measures taken by the President of the Republic and his party also prevent children between the ages of 5 and 11 from being vaccinated, putting them at risk. First: Bolsonaro has worked hard to discourage fathers and mothers from protecting their children, raising doubts about the safety of the vaccine. In this confusing battle he used his own 11-year-old daughter, saying he would not vaccinate the poor thing.

“I hope the judiciary does not intervene because my daughter will not be vaccinated,” he said in December.

Second, the health minister and advisers did their best to delay the start of the vaccination process, backed the president’s rejected version in the name of retaining their jobs, and even created a useless public consultation when Anvisa had already allowed it to proceed. Immunizer application.

And third, the federal government has delayed the purchase of vaccines and the delivery of supplies to national territories. Agreements with Pfizer and the Butantan Institute could have been advanced, but there was a lack of vaccination – which was desperate for many families.

The president’s denial sounded like music to the ears of biological flat-arthurs – even people who fought in court for not vaccinating their children, as “myths.”

The statute for children and adolescents states that “vaccination of children is mandatory in cases recommended by the health authorities”, which is part of the PNI for products developed. At the same time, the Constitution explicitly recognizes the responsibility of the state to protect children from any form of neglect and at the same time to ensure their right to life, health, community and family coexistence.

The Federal Supreme Court has agreed that compulsory immunizations do not constitute a violation of freedom of conscience and that in a judgment held on December 17, 2020, immunization by law may impose manpower on citizens who reject immunization. Court into an enemy to be defeated.

Balsonaro defended that children and adolescents would not be vaccinated. “Once contaminated, the probability of having nothing is 99.99%. Is it worth the cost of the vaccine?”, He asked in October last year.

Pay it off. According to the Covid Transparency portal, Covid-19 is already responsible for the deaths of at least 2,933 people between the ages of 10 and 19, according to the Covid Transparency portal, according to Carlos Madiro from UOL. What is the main cause of normal death of people of this age in the country?

During the presidential election, thousands of fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers may try to convince them that the lives of dead children and grandchildren are worthless. After all, as he always said, “death is the destiny of all.”

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