Vaccination of children in Joinville will be carried out by schedule – Joinville City Hall

In the coming days, children between the ages of 5 and 11 are expected to be vaccinated against the vaccine against Covid-19. In Joinville, this public vaccination will be done through a schedule, just as the first dose was administered to other populations.

“We are going to resume the schedule for giving the first dose to the children in order to repeat the successful strategy of vaccinating the adults,” said Regen Gambin, Mayor of Joynville in the office.

Doses for children will be administered at the Basic Family Health Unit in Bucharest (Rua Inácio Bastos, 555), which will only serve as a child immunization center for the care of this public.

For adults, vaccination will continue at the Centerventos Cau Hansen Immunization Center (Avenida José Vieira, 315 – América), with spontaneous demand, by administering first and second doses and booster doses.

Pre-registration opens on Friday (1/14)

Pre-registration can be done from Friday (1/14), 15:00 Joinville City Hall website, In the same way that it has been done by adult viewers. When entering data, the child’s CPF number must be used.

As soon as the dose amount is made available, Joinville Prefecture will announce the opening of the schedule, which will be done in an astonishing way, starting with the priority group and by age, in the following ways.

Considering the Ministry of Health and the Health Secretary’s forecast for distribution, vaccination of children in Joynville should begin early next week.

How to apply for CPF

Those responsible for children who do not yet have a personal taxpayer registration (CPF) must arrange for the issuance of documents, which are issued by the Federal Revenue Service. The CPF can be requested online, on the Federal Revenue Service website or in person, at a unit of the revenue or authorized network.

– Through the Internet

1. Access the website
2. Fill out an electronic form, report and send the requested documents. Required documents are: Identification documents of parents or legal guardians; A photo of the face of the person responsible for holding the document, open, or two in the case of a layered document; Proof of birth certificate or child’s identity card and address or address declaration.
3. Follow the process online until the information is verified and the CPF number is published
Who does the CPF request process through the website does not have to pay any fee, which means there is no cost of the document.

– Personally

Directly to the IRS
1. Schedule an appointment through the revenue website at the link.
2. A legal representative (parent, guardian) must go to the Internal Revenue Service (Rue Prefeito Helmuth Fallgatter, 221, Boa Vista) on the specified day and time with the password information (printed, noted or applied).
3. Submit the required documents: Proof of identification document of parent or legal guardian, birth certificate or child’s ID and proof of address or address. Documents must be original or certified copy.
4. The document number is given on the spot and you do not have to pay any fee, i.e. the document is free.

Using partner networks
1. The legal guardian must visit a unit of the authorized network, including the Civil Registry Office, the branch of Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal or Correios.
2. Submit the required documents: Proof of identification of parent or legal guardian, birth certificate or child’s ID and proof of address or address declaration. Documents must be original or certified copy.
3. Pay a fee of BRL 7.
4. Document number is provided on the spot.

In all cases, a protocol for the user is provided with the publication of the card with the CPF number (proof of registration) for printing in digital format or PDF. Old blue cards are no longer issued. The legal value of printed registration voucher and digital CPF is the same.

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