US Crackdown Targets Boxing Photo Prosecution Prevention

The US government announced a major crackdown on Tuesday against Daniel Kinahan, who is accused by an Irish terrorist group that has been involved in boxing, including one of its top experts, Tyson Fury.

$ 5 million was donated to publicize Kinahan’s arrest and prosecution; his father, Christy; and his brother Christy Jr. The U.S. Treasury Department also announced monetary sanctions against Kinahans, other members of their group and several affiliated businesses, including a sports company in the United Arab Emirates, where U.S. officials now call Kinahan. life.

Credit …US State department

“The Kinahan Organized Crime Group smuggles drugs, including cocaine, into Europe, and threatens to recover all its legitimate assets through its international financial activities,” said Brian Nelson, secretary general of terrorism and finance at the Treasury Department. his words.

Kinahan has been sued by British law firm Brandsmiths on defamatory charges. Adam Morallee, a Brandsmiths colleague, said in an email that he had “received instructions” but had never heard of Kinahan. Kinahan’s lawyers in the United States did not respond to a request for comment.

At a press conference in Dublin, Greg Gatjanis, head of Treasury of Foreign Assets Control, compared the Kinahan and Camorra groups in Italy to Japan and Los Zetas in Mexico.

Outside of Ireland, Daniel Kinahan, 44, is widely known for his boxing skills. In 2012, he founded MTK Global, a boxing and martial arts company representing British boxers such as Fury, Billy Joe Saunders and Michael Conlan.

MTK Global, which has not been approved by the US government, said it severed ties with Kinahan after a 2016 shooting at the Regency Hotel in Dublin in a boxing match between Jamie Kavanagh and Antonio João Bento. According to reports in an Irish newspaper, Kinahan is believed to have been the one who shot, which killed Kinahan’s colleague.

John O’Driscoll, Assistant Commissioner of Police in Ireland, said the shooting was a momentous event that prompted police to dismiss Kinahans as “a terrorist group operating in Dublin” and begin to think of them as “militants”. the world’s richest terrorist group. “

Even after the 2016 shooting, Kinahan’s connection to boxing is over. In February he posed for a photo with Fury in Dubai, and last month he posed for a photo with Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council, a sports body. Kinahan also took part in negotiations that failed to secure a successful two-war deal between Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Athletes and sports officials were urged to end all ties with Kinahans and Drew Harris, the Irish police chief.

“As for other people, well-known players in the team, I would say you have to look at your games, your fans, and think about your history,” Harris said.

Harris also warned British broadcasters who have shown fights with Fury and other MTK Global affiliates to “look after their business” and consider whether they want to stay with them.

The sanctions imposed by Kinahan and its allies Kinahan, which officials say are worth more than $ 1 billion, are aimed at removing them from the global economy. All their goods and services in the United States are closed, and American citizens, as well as anyone else in the US, are strictly forbidden to engage in trade.

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