UPA Barreiro has only one pediatrician to care for children, the staff said

Despite the promise Increase in the number of pediatricians Made by City Hall in Belo Horizonte (PBH), Emergency Care Unit (UPA) The situation is reversed in Barreiro. Its report Time This Saturday (11) was on the site and was informed that only a pediatrician was taking care of the children and even then, only for serious conditions.

“They are only serving at-risk children. [casos] Lighter is being advised to look for another location, “said a source close to the UPA, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Temporary pediatric centerWhich will be open for the next few months on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 8am to 6pm.

Those who went to the UPA Barreiro in search of child care said they were doubly patient. “I already understand that I’m going to rot here for a long time. We haven’t even been called for a screening yet. We pay taxes for that,” said Daniel de Lassarda, a telemarketing attendant who was with the 4-year-old. Family member who was suffering from vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

The long wait time extends to adults as well. Cashier Kellen Hellosa, 27, spent more than 12 hours making appointments at the Barreiro unit. “I arrived at 11pm on Friday (10) and went to see him at 11:15 am today. Now I have to wait for the test. The health condition in Belo Horizonte is serious. I spent the night in a chair feeling pain and cold”, exposed.

In addition to hiring doctors, what Kellen needs to say. “There is a lack of empathy for others. It is very difficult to wait 12 hours.” Autonomous Andrea Costa, 25, was with her mother and had been waiting six hours for a call. “We want the least help. Depression lasts a long time. You have to be practically dead here for treatment.”

What does PBH say?

Asked through the report, the PBH clarified that “the UPA Barreiro has three doctors responsible for child care”.

Regarding the waiting time in other consultations, the municipal executive reported that “this Saturday, according to unit records, the average waiting time for adult patients classified as green (non-emergency) was 4 hours 08 minutes”.

Secretary’s promise

In an effort to reduce the impact of the shortage of pediatricians on the city’s public health network, the PBH has announced that the three UPAs will begin to focus on child care this weekend.

According to Health Secretary Claudia Navarro, care is provided at the UPA in Barreiro, Oste and Norte, in addition to Odillon Behrens Municipal Hospital, from 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday (12).

While the UPA will focus on child care, other patients will also be taken care of. The same thing will not happen in other UPAs, which should only serve adult patients.

Physicians will focus on caring for respiratory diseases, which are increasing at this time of year. Despite questions, the secretariat could not say how pediatric teams would be formed in the UPA.

Rua Aurélio Lopes, 20 – Diamante

Avenida Risoleta Neves, 281 – Novo Aarão Reis

Avenida Barão Homem de Melo, 1710 – Jardim America

Rua Formiga, 50 – São Cristóvão

PBH note

The town of Belo Horizonte, through the Municipal Health Department, reported that three doctors were responsible for pediatric care at the UPA Barreiro.

According to the Manchester Protocol, UPAs work with the risk classification and reception process, prioritizing the care of the most critical patients. Risk classification is the color red (emergency), which has immediate attention; Orange (very urgent), yellow (urgent), green and blue (not urgent). The purpose of the protocol is to establish priorities for medical services according to the severity of each evaluated patient. Depending on the needs of patients classified as more severe, the waiting time may be longer for less severe patients.

This Saturday, according to unit records, the average waiting time for adult patients classified as green (non-emergency) is 4 hours 08 minutes. “

With information from Pedro Nascimento and Raquel Penafort

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