Unicamp 2022 begins the 2nd round of entrance exams and applies essay, Portuguese and English exams. Campinas and regions

Unicamp has started the second phase of the entrance exam of 2022 this Sunday (9) by applying essay, Portuguese and English exams for 12,938 candidates approved for this stage. The five-hour test started at 1 pm. The university offers 2,540 seats in 69 courses. See below for a list of Flu and Covid-19 guidelines and published and prohibited items.

Traffic was heavy in the morning on Campus 1, PUC-Campinas, the largest venue of the second season, but there was no delay. One of the candidates left the room without taking the test but no reason was given.

  • Access the commented comment correction of the test
  • Refrain: The 2nd episode has 12.7% and the commission has blamed it for the new height in the Covid-19 case

At the Unip campus in Swift, the gate closes at 1 p.m. There was no record of late arrivals and no students without masks. Also, there was no freezing.

The test took place in 22 cities in six states. According to the organizing committee (Comvest), candidates were instructed to avoid crowds at the entrance and maintain a social distance of 1 meter. Mask use is mandatory everywhere.

Unicamp 2022, Episode 2: The Unip Swift Movement at Campinas – Photo: Barbara Marquez / G1

According to Comvest, each day of the 2nd episode, the candidate goes through an assessment consisting of essay questions. “In the first option (Biological Science / Health; Proper Science / Technology, Anthropology / Arts), according to the field of knowledge of the chosen course, there is a general part of the examinations and a varied part for all the candidates”, explained the institute.

  • Research Questions: 4 points each
  • Each question has two items: 2 points per item

Sunday: Same test for everyone

  • Text: Two text suggestions for the candidate to select and implement only one;
  • Portuguese language and Portuguese-language literature, with eight questions;
  • Two interdisciplinary questions in English;

Monday: General examination for all candidates

  • Mathematics: six questions;
  • Humanities (interdisciplinary): two questions;
  • Natural Science (Interdisciplinary): Two questions;

Monday: Specific knowledge test

  • Biological / Health Sciences Candidates: Six Biology Questions and Six Chemistry Questions;
  • Accurate / Technical Science Candidates: Six Physics Questions and Six Chemistry Questions;
  • Humanities / Arts Candidates: Includes six geography questions and six history questions, philosophy and sociology subjects;

Students take part in the first round of Unicamp 2022 entrance exams on campus – Photo: Julio Caesar Costa / g1

Organizing Committee Director (Comvest), Jos আল Alves de Freitas, Neto, explained that the prevention protocols applied in the 2021 edition and the 1st episode were maintained, including the use of masks, 1 meter distance between candidates and recommendations for hand hygiene. Unicamp Ventilation, The room is clean, and the desk and equipment guarantee space with sanitation.

Freitas further strengthened the request of a candidate with symptoms like Neto Flu not to take part in the test to preserve the health of himself and other participants. According to him, Comvest will provide a medical teleservices at Campinas (SP) so that the application is directed to the specific cases verified in all the cities. In the previous version the resource was used to assist a suspected Covid-19 infected candidate in Belo Horizonte (MG) and is one of the resources of the special biosecurity protocol.

Unicamp does not re-apply for the exam for those who are barred from participating, nor is the fee refunded. According to Comvest, 100% attendance and test revisions are considered in the budget.

According to Freitas Neto, there are an average of 39 candidates in each test room. He noted that Mogi Guacu (SP) has one student with 15 students, while Piracicaba (SP) has the highest number of 54 students.

When asked about the temperature measurement, the director of Comvest said it would only be done in Curitiba (PR), where it is mandatory under current law. Also, in this city, a distance of 1.5 meters between the participants of the competition is also mandatory.

Although candidates can bring food, there are different rules for eating during entrance exams. Students can only reduce the “transient” mask for this purpose.

“Our orientation is always common sense and to make the examinees feel comfortable and safe to take the test. Finally, if someone eats indoors, then we allow: that they have a snack, a chocolate, a cereal bar, but you can not open a snack and the room. Eat inside. If anyone goes to have breakfast in the room, they must be instructed to leave the room to be able to eat in a suitable place, free, open environment. He will be forced to leave the room and leave the test, “the director highlighted.

In this edition, 58,425 candidates participated in the 1st round in November 2021 and Unicamp recorded the lowest break rate in eight years.

According to Comvest, the city chosen by the candidate in the first round is the same as in the next round, in 14 cases the changes have been made in the public notice of the process – Check it out below.

As a result, assessments are maintained in 17 cities in Sওo Paulo and in the capitals of five other states: Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasilia (DF), Curitiba (PR), Fortaleza (CE) and Salvador (BA).

Cities including Unicamp Entrance Exam 2022

Selected in the 1st episode Exam in the 2nd episode
araçatuba President Prudent
Baruri Osasco
Botukatu Bauru
Bragansa Paulista Campinas
France Ribeiro Preto
Lauren Sao Jose Dos Campos
indaiatuba Campinas
Marilia Bauru
Mogi Das Cruises guarulhos
Santa Barbara D’Oste Pirasikaba
Sao Bernardo do Campo St. Andrew
Sao Joao da Boa Vista Mogi Guachu
About Campinas
Valinhos Campinas

What to bring to the test?

  • Gel alcohol and extra masks, if needed to change the test time
  • Original identity documents indicated at registration;
  • Black pen, black pencil and eraser in transparent material;
  • Transparent ruler and compass;
  • Water, juice, sweet;
  • Wear shorts and light clothing
  • Cell phone (must be closed and packaged as soon as you enter the room; it can be removed after the candidate leaves the building);
  • Electronic equipment, digital watches, correction fluid, mechanical pencils, highlighter pens, bandanas / handkerchiefs, caps, hats or other foreign proof materials;
  • The candidate can use the clock to keep track of time, but he must be on the floor.

The medical course is the most competitive and according to Comest, 11.36 candidates are offered for each vacant post. In all, 977 students are in the second round of entrance exams and are vying for 86 seats.

Regarding cut-off marks, the university distinguishes between general enrolled students, public school students and self-proclaimed black and brown. The highest possible score on the test is 72.

Courses with the highest cut-off mark: Generally enrolled

  • Medicine (Complete): 62
  • Computer Engineering (Complete): 54
  • Computer Science (Night): 52
  • Architecture and urbanism: 49
  • Manufacturing Engineering (integral): 49
  • Chemical Engineering (Complete): 49
  • Biology: 48
  • Economic Science (Complete): 47
  • Social Media – Mediology (Complete): 47
  • Control and automation engineering (night): 46
  • Drugstore: 46

Entrance Exam Calendar

  • 01/9 and 10/2022: Application of 2nd episode test
  • 13 to 15/01: Specific Skills Tests for Architecture and Urbanism, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Dance
  • 02/14: Publication of the first call for those approved for the entrance examination
  • 02/15 to 02/17: Online registration of first call passers
  • The complete calendar is available on the Comvest website

Video: All about Campinas and the region

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