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The lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife has a new twist: the actor’s psychologist says Amber Hard has a personality disorder. The trial also includes recordings of ex-couple fights, allegations of violence on both sides and even incitement using stools, which is being held in a court in Virginia, USA.

Although the marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Hard lasted only 15 months from 2015 to 2016, court cases related to this disputed relationship are ongoing. Currently, the actor is suing his ex-wife for $ 50 million, who is suing him for $ 100 million. The current court battle began on 11 April.

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Johnny Depp X Amber Hard Case: The Beginning of the Fight

Depp and Amber met on the set of “The Diary of a Drunken Journalist.” In 2012, they started dating and three years later they got married. However, in 2016, their separation occurred. Amber filed for divorce and a defensive order against the actor, claiming he had assaulted her violently. The actress has also complained of harassment and mental torture. Depp has denied all allegations.

A judge granted Amber a temporary restraining order, but the ex-couple later released a joint statement claiming that the issue had been resolved and Amber withdrew the complaint as part of a divorce settlement, where she received $ 7 million, which she promised to donate. Half of the children’s hospital is in Los Angeles and the other half is with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

However, ACLU executive Terrence Dougarty testified that the company received only $ 1.3 million from Herd, including $ 500,000 from a fund linked to Elon Musk, with whom Hard had a brief relationship.

Dougarty added that the ACLU was told in 2019 that the actress would not be able to fulfill her remaining promises due to financial problems.

Johnny Depp v. Amber Hard case: retrial

No further lawsuits were filed until 2018, when Amber wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post describing her experience as a “public figure targeted by domestic violence.” “I feel the full force of the resentment that our culture speaks to that shelter for women,” she wrote. “I’ve had the opportunity to see in real time, how organizations protect men accused of abuse,” he said.

Amber did not name names in the article, but Depp claimed that the content had shaken her career and damaged her reputation. He also started a defamation suit against his ex-wife on April 11 of that year.

Psychologists say Amber Hard has a mental disorder

On April 26, Shannon Curry, a forensic psychologist and witness for Johnny Depp, told the judges that she believed Amber Hard was suffering from two diseases: Borderline Personality Disorder and Hysterionic Personality Disorder.

The psychologist was hired by Depp Amber to perform a psychiatric assessment and after spending about 12 hours with Hard in December last year, checked his mental health and confirmed his conclusions after reviewing his medical records.

Recordings of Court Fights by Johnny Depp and Amber Hard

Also on April 25, Johnny Depp brought the audio recording of his wedding to Amber for trial. The content shows the actress being aggressive and affectionate towards Depp, which reaffirms the psychologist’s assessment.

In the audio, Amber challenges Hard Depp to publicly report being abused: “Tell the world, Johnny,” he said. “Tell them that I, Johnny Depp – a man – are also victims of domestic violence.”

Johnny Depp claims that Amber left the stool on the couple’s bed after a hard argument

According to the Insider website, Depp said that in addition to the physical abuse he suffered, his ex-wife was responsible for stooling in the couple’s bed after an argument.

According to the actor, Amber blamed their pet dogs, but Depp denied the justification: “I lived with those dogs. I defecated them. It wasn’t a dog.” Still in that statement, the actor also blamed his ex-wife’s friends for what happened, as they kept him company the day before.

Johnny Depp was fired from Disney after Amber Hard’s allegations

After the April 25 attack allegations against Amber, Johnny Depp was fired from Disney, where he worked for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

According to Depp’s former agent, the actor had a “traumatic effect” on his career, leading to his loss in the lucrative series Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the issue was never explicitly discussed, the film industry understood the allegations of abuse.

This testimony has benefited Johnny Depp, who wants to prove that Amber’s 2018 allegations have damaged his career and mental health.

Johnny Depp: Alcohol, drug abuse and fainting in front of the boy

One of the important themes in Johnny Depp and Amber Hard’s current trial is the actor’s drug and alcohol use. He claims he has been quiet since 2014, but Amber’s team has described him as prone to drug abuse.

On Wednesday (27/4), the actress’ lawyer received a statement from Johnny Depp’s private island manager, who claimed he was unconscious on the beach (as a result of chemical abuse).

The lawyer asked the actor’s son if he had seen the scene and he confirmed it.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Hard of assault

On April 20, Depp allegedly assaulted his ex-wife with a bottle of vodka. According to the actor, during the couple’s argument, Amber threw the object at him. The incident cut off the tip of a finger.

Testimony from Johnny Depp’s sister

Johnny Depp’s sister Christy Dembroski said the ex-couple was in a toxic marital relationship and the young woman was “always conflicting” when talking about her brother’s drug and alcohol problems. (Collaborated by Anna Flavia Marquez)

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