Ukraine’s hopes of reaching the World Cup this year end with a defeat against Wales

Ukraine has failed to qualify for this year’s FIFA World Cup, a well-known football tournament, losing 1-0 in Wales, but when your country is at war it doesn’t matter. Bloodshed continues, lives are lost.

However, for 90 minutes on a rainy evening in Wales, the game was worth it, because there was hope, dreaming and excitement.

The Ukrainian players gathered in the changing room before the final whistle to qualify for this year’s World Cup, doing so with the national flag sent from the front row hanging from one wall.

These were matches where war and football were intertwined. There was no forgetting why Ukraine was politically neutral.

It was after a thrilling 3-1 win in Scotland earlier this week in the final match that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the team for “two hours of fun.”

Winning the World Cup would have given the people of Ukraine a lot more than this, but Gareth Bale’s tackle guaranteed Wales a place in Europe’s finals in Qatar in November.

‘Human friendships’

The importance of the game can be seen by the situation outside the stadium in the opening hours of the game. This was a type of game that had all the game teams following the lines to get in and just walk around a few hours before. The winner will receive everything and, in Wales, make history.

The Ukrainian fans, almost all of them in different colors, blended in warmly with the house helpers and talked about the warmth they were given from Wales fans.

“It’s a human relationship,” said Nely Sushereba, who left West London. “We hear help, even from the people of Wales.”

The Ukrainian fans were mainly from London, and among them were professional footballers.

For Andriy Grabar from Essex and his wife, Maria, the Scottish games earlier this week were the first to go.

The couple talked about wanting to help the group, based on what was happening in their country.

“Our people in Ukraine are looking forward to happiness,” Andriy said, as Mariia briefly described what happened before the game. [would be] a small victory is a great goal. “

Ukrainian fans hoist their national flag at Cardiff City Stadium.

One very emotional night, the Ukrainian players climbed the stadiums with their flags on their shoulders.

Shortly before the performers began singing, Wales singer Dafydd Iwan sang “Yma o Hyd,” a song that Welsh fans took to heart. Her catchy lyrics – the song, translated into English, “even if everyone is anything, we’re still here” – would also have been loved by tourists.

In most of the games, Ukraine had a great reason to rejoice, although the bag of 1,000 or more Ukrainians inside the stadium did not sound like the noise made by home fans.

Wales first World Cup in 64 years

Wales has talented player Wayne Hennessey to thank for his place in Qatar. In the first half Roman Yaremchuk and Viktor Tsygankov kept Wales together, and later lost the best of their chances after a goal but failed to hit.

And late, Hennessey’s fine save – directing Artem Dovbyk’s head to replace the risk – put his team ahead.

Also Hennessey, another key player in Wales, as is often the case, was Bale, and it was his free ball that was netted by Captain Andriy Yarmolenko.

Although the Bale star disappeared a few years ago at Real Madrid, the player continues to be the most powerful player in Wales, scoring two goals in success earlier this year against Austria to shoot Wales for the last time.

Bale celebrates Wales' time to win against Ukraine.

On a positive note – Wales fans also praised the Ukrainian national anthem – this was a game that would allow Wales to exterminate its World Cup demons.

Man had less than a month left last for Wales to qualify for the biggest football tournament, with young Pele scoring a goal that put Wales out of the quarterfinals of 1958. It has been a long wait, with many qualifiers close to error.

Undoubtedly, this will be the last chance for the “Golden Generation” in the country – including Bale and Aaron Ramsay – to qualify to take part in a game show.

The home had to dig deep and, at times, red-clad men climbed the ladder, but the last whistle was Bale, who was ushered in after the break, who rushed into the pitch to cheer on his teammates as the Ukrainian players fell for their games. knees in frustration.

The guests offered everything and, appropriately, both teams were entertained by the fans on the final whistle.


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