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Free legal and psychological assistance and seeking victims’ rights in court. These are some of the features of both NEDDIJ (Nucleo de Estudos e Defesa dos Direitos da Infância e da Juventude) and Numape (Nucleo Maria da Penha), UEL (Universidade Estadual de Londrina) expansion projects which are 16 years and 9 years respectively. In all, the centers involved 28 individuals, professors, professionals trained in law, psychology, and students of this course.

Together, the centers have already created 121,551 activities. This year alone, NEDDIJ had 4,829 shares (as of May) and 9,200 Numape (first four months). “These are legal aid centers where anyone can come.” There is no vacation time, it is extra-curricular and works from January to January and Monday to Monday. Anyone who doesn’t know where to look for justice comes to Brussels (UEL’s legal office) who will be assisted and will have information, “said Professor Claudette Carvalho Canezin, who coordinated the two projects.

In the case of NEDDIJ, the services are intended for children and adolescents who are in conflict with the law. “This is for children or adolescents whose custody, food, adoption, removal of family capacity, inspection, payment that the father is not paying. For adolescents who are responding to the law in conflict with the law, we work in the process of their illegal work, ”he explained.

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Most requests are forwarded by the Justice, MP-PR (Paran পাব Public Ministry), the Civil Police and the Security Network. “We have a lot of drug trafficking cases in criminal areas. Our adolescents are in a state of extreme weakness, inadequacy, so the drug traffic gets too close to them, it is at the door and many are tempted, ”said lawyer Sara Regina Brusersko, who was part of the nucleus. Years

Image Figure UEL projects add 121,000 activities to protect children and women

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Violence against women

Numap’s goal is to help women who have been victims of violence in criminal cases and those who are being processed in a firm court, such as divorce situations, property sharing and breaking up a stable union. “We give access to justice, follow hearings, provide psychological care. Victims in Londrina no longer go to court without the presence of a lawyer, ”said Claudette Canezin, a valued professor and lawyer responsible for the mapping in Londrina.

As well as nuclei related to children and adolescents, Maria da Penhar has also received a lot of demand from a safety network. “We serve all possible classes and ages. We already serve women over 70 years of age. “Most of them are women who are financially dependent on their husbands, they are housewives and when they come to us for divorce, they are the most economically weak and have little access to their information,” said lawyer Leticia Casimiro.

The work of the two centers was presented at an event at UEL’s legal office this Monday (6th) and brought together authorities from the legal and academic world.

People’s policy

The two projects are part of the state government’s ten-year plan, meaning their funding is guaranteed annually, which has raised the nucleus for state public policy through SEJU (Secretariat of Justice, Family and Labor). According to the coordinator, the initiative has empowered the victims. “When the woman came to the hearing, she was already here and asked for food, custody, we applied for divorce. He has reached Vara Maria da Penha, knowing his rights, what he needs and wants, and so, do not give up and continue the process so that the aggressor is punished. ”

Recovering mental health for trauma relief and empowerment

At the same time when it finds support to assure their rights, people who come with NEDDIJ and Numape are welcomed so that they can recover from trauma and start a mentally healthy life. For example, many women already come from a history of domestic violence, abusive to parents, and in romantic relationships they experience trauma again with abusive and violent partners.

“We work to restore the mental organization of a woman who has reached a state of mental emergency, emotional distress and often does not know how to name what she is feeling or what she is feeling. Our job is to listen to her, to welcome her and to work with her, to understand the effects of domestic violence and how it is structured. It is about restructuring and dissociating oneself from aggression, empowering autonomy and recognizing oneself as a woman, “highlighted psychologist Laura Franciel Duart Dias.

At the Center for the Study and Defense of the Rights of Children and Youth, the family is assisted in addition to the minor. “These are children and adolescents who come into a risky situation. Children and adolescents are most emotionally affected by being separated from family members, being separated from their parents, or sharing custody. He has brought conflict and social helplessness “, reports Guilherm Severo Linz de Almeida, a psychologist.

Appointments are weekly, but in case of emergency, there may be two sessions per week for children and adolescents. “If the judicial process is over, but there is still an inter-family claim, we will be present,” Almeida insisted.

Service – NEDDIJ and Numape works Rua Brasil, 742, Downtown Londrina, Monday through Friday. Further information is available at (43) 3344-0929 and (43) 3344-0927 respectively.


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